Monday, December 26, 2005

Roomie Problems

I arrive back to the dorm this evening, books in hand, it being cold outside, and I see a sock tied to the doorknob. Thomas must be visiting my roommate. Come on, Lisa, I have to study; please stop banging your boyfriend. Argggggg.

Instead of going to my room (where I actually pay for the room, part of that monthly room and board I am just not getting accustomed to paying), I go down the hall. I knew this was a mistake – I mean, the first time I met Lisa, I thought, "crap, she is Lisa, I am Leesa, and people are just going to confuse us, or worse, call us the two Lisas." The worse part was the phone calls – sometimes it is hard to tell what people are really saying. Even without marbles in one's mouth.

So I go down the hall and knock on a neighbor's door.

"Come in," Deb offers.

"Can I crash here tonight?" I ask. It is not the first time I have slept in their room on the floor.

I change into a borrowed t-shirt, clean my face and fall asleep on the uncomfortable floor.

Half-way through the night, I awake. Yeah, I always have to pee half-way though the night. I gather my things, because I am sure Lisa and Thomas have said goodnight, and he never spends the night (our little rule). I go to the community bathroom, pee and then off to bed.

Sock is off the door; and I use my key and sneak inside, trying carefully not to wake up Lisa (not sure why, the little bitch, I mean witch).

As I am placing my things on my side of the room, I hear Thomas saying – more like mumbling, "Is that you, Lisa?"

"Yes," I instinctively say, my ears hearing Leesa. "Thomas, why are you still here?"

I cross my arms, partly because I am angry, partly because I am wearing a t-shirt and panties, and I don’t want him to see my nipples.

It is not that I didn't like Thomas. I did. He was a very attractive guy – and he was smart. Lisa was dating him because of this, and partly I think because he was rich (or his parents were). I know, when you major in Psychology, you analyze everyone. I just was peeved because he and Lisa had been encroaching on my time in the room. Plus I had not been getting any for a while, and I was a little bitchy.

Thomas, after looking me over, replies, "Lisa will be back soon. She and I will be spending the night together. Just the three of us."

His comment was pure saccharine. He know I did not want him spending the night. And it was like he was rubbing my nose in dog doo. Son-of-a-bitch.

"Move over then, Mr. Thomas," I said as I started taking off my shirt. If he is going to tease me, I am going to get him in trouble with roomie.

His eyes nearly bugged out. It was so funny, I thought.

"Hey, bitch, I was just joking," was Thomas' comeback.

"Thomas, didn't Lisa tell you that she wanted to share you with me?", I lied. I was going to get him caught for good.

"W-what," was his only response. He was virtually speachless.

I told him that the reason I did not want him to stay overnight in the past was because I was jealous. And Lisa agreed to share when Thomas spent the night. Not sure if he completely would have bought it if I did not have my shirt off, but he bought it.

He started sucking my breasts so quickly. And I was counting on Lisa coming back soon. Where the crap was she, the little bitch?

"Wow, big guy. What is the hurry," I offered.

He took a step back, and said, "Hey, I am already ready," as he was reaching for his condom. He slipped it on in an instant.

"How do you want me?" I asked. Surely roomie would come in soon.

"Doggie style, on Lisa's bed," was his curt answer.

So I assumed the position and it took him a minute to put himself inside me. Truth-be-told, it felt damn good, once he was inside.

Still waiting for the door to open, he starts doing me doggie style. I did not get a good look at Thomas' penis, but he knew how to work it once he was inside.

I kept my head near the bed, not wanting to catch the look once Lisa bolted through the door.

His thrusts got faster and faster, bringing me closer and closer. Then he slowed down a bit, but continued fucking me from behind. He grunted once, twice, and then I knew he was coming. The condom caught his load, and my roommate did not enter the room.

I asked him to stay in, but he reminded me that he needed to come out before he got soft. And he was right.

Afterwards, he continued to kiss my breasts, squeeze them, and I started just wanting this to end.

Then he asked me to get my shirt back on.

He dressed completely, telling me how incredible the fuck was to him.

And then he said, "Leesa, I think you lied to me. I don't think Lisa wants to share me."

"Why is that, Thomas."

"Because I am suppose to meet her at my apartment in 30 minutes. I was just taking a little nap."

Son-of-a-bitch, got my ass and I didn't even get him in trouble. Lisa would never believe he nailed me in her bed.


Prata said...

Like this one as well. *nods sagely*

Leesa said...

prata: thanks, sage.

Joe said...

That's a funny and original story, Leesa.

I've been reading these one day at a time while you're away so that I can get my "Leesa-fix" until you return. Can't wait till you get back. ;-)

Leesa said...

joe: thanks for reading one per day. It took me a while to write them, and I appreciate that.

Jay said...

love this one

Shadowdog said...

This is pretty rocking. This would make a pretty good narration short film. You know, the kind of thing were a bunch of ladies are sitting around telling their most embarassing/Holy Shit! moments.

Good story!

M and A said...

i love how your characters use each other to get off, especially in your Trick or Treat story. It's all very hot! thx- Mike