Tuesday, December 13, 2005

List of Threes

Okay, normally I don't do tag things. I just don't. But when Ms. Georgia Peach tagged me as someone who would not do this, well, I did not want her to know how right she is.

3 screen names I have:
1. Leesa
2. Intentionally Left Blank
3. Intentionally Left Blank
I just have one screen name. I work full time and I don't turn on the computer at home (at all). Hubbie uses it for whatever at home. I just don't use it.

3 physical things I like about myself:
1. my eyes
2. my bellybutton
3. my neck
Most people like their own eyes – I think it is the "window to one's soul" sort of thing. You just don't want to have a poopy soul. My bellybutton is way sexy – it really is. But I am not going to post pictures of it on the Internet. I am all about writing on here. And I have a nice neck. Hubbie is a breast man, but I sometimes am self-conscious about them. Please don't stare when I am self-conscious (and guess what, I have no sign to tell you when that is).

3 physical things I don't like about myself:
1. my butt
2. my butt
3. my butt
It is not that my butt is that bad. But I am always self-conscious about it. If I eat an extra ounce of ice cream, it finds its way to my butt. And no matter how much my hubbie sucks on my butt, the size doesn't change.

3 parts of my heritage:
1. french
2. african
3. mexican
I know I have French and Mexican blood (25% each). And my family has been in Georgia for a long time. Odds are, great great grandmother or great great grand pappy was of African descent. That makes some people in Georgia uneasy, but it is more than likely true.

3 of my everyday essentials:
1. nipple rings
2. butt plugs
3. handcuffs
Okay, I am just teasing you, but really, this is probably what you wanted me to say.

3 of my favorite musicians:
1. Stevie Nicks
2. Enya
3. Bob Dylan
If you ask me this question tomorrow, it will change. Although I really, really, really like Stevie Nicks.

3 of my favorite songs:
1 stand back
2. orinoco flow
3. the times, they are a-changin'
Okay, I just took three songs from the favorite musicians. I really don't have favorite songs. Or I have 200 of them, and then you should scratch your head and think to yourself, "How special are these songs if you have so many of them."

3 things I want in a relationship:
1. honesty
2. tenderness
3. interest
Okay, these may not be the top three, but they are important. Most people list honesty, and I had a time where that was not what I was giving in a relationship. But it needs to be tempered with tenderness. If I ask if I look good in a dress, sometimes I don't want honesty. I want to be told I am hot. Don't be the boy scout, raise those three fingers, and then give me the truth. And when you ask, "How was it for you, hun?", I am going to be as compassionate and tender and tell you that you complete me (true), and that I idolize your penis (not so true all of the time).

3 lies:
1. I love your mother
2. I'd rather go to your Christmas party
3. Don't get me anything special for our anniversary this year
Okay, I am glad hubbie's mother was born, had sex with hubbie's father and bore a son. I am grateful for that. But don't tell me about how wonderful other daughter-in-laws are (I know, you get grandchildren from her). I would rather stay home and snuggle than be on hubbie's arm for his Christmas party. Or I would rather just have a nice meal after watching the Nutcracker again. And hubbie knows the third is a lie.

3 of my hobbies right now:
1. blogging
2. looking busy at work
3. writing

3 things I want to do really badly now (with a special someone):
1. pee
2. water-ski
3. swim

Okay, I did not read the question before I answered "pee." Yeah, I pee when hubbie is shaving. But I had to pee and that's what leapt to the page. It is in the middle of winter, and I want to go somewhere very warm and water-ski and swim. The Caribbean? The Virgin Islands? Not sure exactly where is warm right now, but I want to be there.

3 careers I've considered doing:
1. housewife
2. writer
3. veterinarian
Under-qualified for the housewife thing. I have always wanted to be a published writer. I guess I already write. Now I just have to find someone gullible enough to print this crap. Nauseating I know, but I wanted to bandage up hurt animals.

3 places I would like to go on vacation to:
1. Antarctica
2. Spain
3. Galapagos Islands
The first and third because I know no one who has been. I just want to up those show-offs who vacation in Europe biannually. Spain because I want to see others run away from bulls. Lots of others run away from bulls.

3 kid's names I like:
1. Derrick
2. Sydney
3. Brianna
They all seem like cool names.

3 ways that I'm a stereotypical girl:
1. I hate spiders
2. I want someone else to clean my house
3. I love to pamper myself
If I had all the money in the world, besides kicking Bill Gates out of his house gleefully (if I had all of the money, it makes sense I would have his money too), I would go to the spa once per week where people would file, shape, buff, pluck, apply lotions, etc. to various parts of my body. It would be heaven. Well, not the religious heaven, but it would be very comfortable.

3 ways that I'm not a stereotypical girl:
1. I don't necessarily think that the picket fences and apron is in my future
2. I wish I could go to the store without makeup on
3. I like camping
The more I think about it, sadly, the more stereotypical I am becoming. When I was in college, I played flag football with the guys because it was different. Now I would want to be the cheerleader. Sis-boom-bah.

And I am not going to tag anyone. When I was in college, a male friend of mine would boast of the girls he tagged. And he meant something quite different than what is meant in blogland. And every time I hear about tagging, I can picture him grinning over the butt of some blond, getting ready to apply the tag. Oh, he liked blonds (and as a brunette, I was offended at the time). I am still a brunette, but now I am not offended.


~Deb said...

French, African and Mexican? WOW what a sexy combo!

Very nice facts about you! :)

Joe said...

I love that you provided these "insights into Leesa" for us, and they just reinforce what a wonderful and unique woman you are.

Georgiapeach said...

Yeah I agree with Joe and Deb. This was so FUN to read. I am lauging so hard right now!!! Thanks for trying it. I promise I will never tag you again. But this one was fun and a great way to learn more about you! Thanks Leesa!

Mike said...

Kudo's for doing the tag...something I'm not too crazy about....but then I really don't reveal a lot about myself on my blog.

Bert Ford said...

I don't do tags either. I'm afraid I'll reveal to my enemies what a complete heathen bastard I really am.
Good post though.
Interesting information.

Prata said...

Being a conformist...*grins* Okay so not really but I rise to challenges with great frequency...I've done this "survey" of sorts. lol It's at Reality Out of Sync. Gleeful!

African girl, American world said...

LOL at the woman whose womb your husband once resided in.

~Deb said...

Well Mike, then she can 'tag' you the other way as she explained. Hmm.


I need sleep.

Leesa said...

~deb: I'm a mutt.

joe: I just hope I am not going to be stalked now.

GP: let's get this straight. I tell you about me, and you - ahem - are laughing. Hmmmmmmm. Self-esteme just took a dive.

mike: you are exposing yourself to tags from others.

bert ford: and you are finding out I am a self-absorbed little bitch (not really)

prata: I hope everyone runs to your blog and comments on you now!

mwabi: loved your blog today. Powerful.

~deb: hey, are you offering up my bod for others' pleasure? You need sleep, babe.

Georgiapeach said...

Leesa! You started talking about a guy tagging girls in college, kicking Bill out the office, and let us not even go there with the "pee" thing..lmao

~Deb said...

Mutt's are the best kind of daWgs! *wink*

Serial_Dater said...

Sheesh. Now you got me intrigued about your butt. :o)

Slut Betty said...

OMG she did it Peach *smiles*
Thanks for doing it Leesa ;-)
Wait that didn't sound right... whatever... you know what I mean :-)