Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kiss the Girls

Kissing GirlsI met someone the other day who kisses girls for fun. Not a guy, but a girl. I know, I know, there is nothing special about that. Lesbians comprise 10% of the adult female population (please don't look this up; it is a wild-assed guess). But this woman insists she is not a lesbian.

I once found a definition about lesbians I once liked. Something like "a lesbian is a homosexual woman. Lesbians are sexually and romantically attracted to other women. One could argue that one is not a lesbian (as a noun) but lesbian (as an adjective). This would depend on self identification, and is different for most lesbians/lesbian women." Definition provided by Wikipedia, and meant for Prata. He is all over definitions.

Oh, and the woman wanted a kiss. This troubled me for two reasons – (1) I thought I no longer was giving out my slut pheromones, and (2) how did she know that I have kissed another woman. I was a little freaked out, and I said something like, "I don't kiss women. I am happily married." And then I wondered if my past was following me. I really wondered about that. You know, you do sexually deviant things in the privacy of a guy's car, and you think it is left there on the car seat, with the used rubber and the cum stain. Okay, that last sentence was for effect. But still, when do you stop being who you once were.

See, to me kissing is cheating. Not a peck on the cheek to someone from Romania who greets people that way. But when you are using tongue, and you have to resist putting your hands in other places, it is cheating.

Getting back to women – I think women look really good kissing one another. You know, when I was surfing for porn the other day, the hottest pics were of women kissing one another. On the lips, and not their lips down there. Just joking about surfing for porn, but you know what I mean. "Women kissing" is erotic, probably more erotic than when couples kiss, unless the man is Orlando Bloom. And you are the woman kissing Orlando Bloom. Yummy. You know, everything good makes its way back to Orlando Bloom. Can you tell I am in lust? Er, love.

I got an email yesterday, saying that I was "most likely to be contacted on August 31, 2006, from

Here is what I think. Bloginspace just wants me to buy something. But just in case, if I disappear after August 31, 2006, I may be in space, on some cold aluminum table, being poked and prodded by a space alien who looks suspiciously like George W. Bush. I know, too much information. Perhaps they will want me to kiss space alien girls. Or Orlando Bloom. I can wish.


halo said...

Oh my.. now thats a nice thought first thing in the morning. I have to admit, I LOVE kissing girls, but, I dont do it for fun only. ;-)

Edge said...

I guess I'm the only guy on the planet that finds women kissing only mildly erotic. Sure it's arousing, but to me not as much as a man and a woman. I wonder, and please email me because I would like to discuss this - anyone -, how many women experiment with les. just to see. You know the whole, "Ya, I did that in college," kind of thing, but aren't into that kind of life now and what they thought of it. But previous point, I wonder why I don't find it as appealing as guy/girl.

And I loved yesterday's post, Leesa, I was wanting to talk to you about it if you can email me.


Prata said...

I got a mention in the post...SWEET! *snickers*

J R Estelle said...

2 women kissing is hot, erotic, fun, sexy, etc etc.

~Deb said...

'A lesbian is a homosexual." Hmm...this is news to me!

Even as a "lesbian" myself, I find heterosexual kissing to be erotic. It all depends on the passion involved. (For me anyway...)

Tony said...

Hmm, seeing a guy and girl kiss just doesn't do anything for me, whether it's in public, a movie or on the internet. Maybe since it's so commonplace I've become desensatized to the passion and possible eroticism behind it.

Now, seeing two women kissing totally turns me on, again, whether it's in public, a movie or on the internet. Heck, it makes me want to be a lesbian. Now, by the same token, seeing two guys kissing makes me want to hurl.

Should I ever be in a position where I have to do something like stand in front of a crowd or get up from a table or desk and I happen to have a boner poking out, all I have to do is mentally picture two guys kissing and my woody leaves, pretty much instantaneously, like a turtle pulling in it's head - shhooop, gone.

Pittchick said...

I've never kissed a woman. I tend to kiss everyone when I'm tipsy though, so I suppose it could happen someday. Something tells me that would really turn my hubby on.

Advizor said...

I will admit, like most guys, I like girl-on-girl porn. That being said, the BEST g/g porn is when they start fully dress and then proceed to make-out for a long, long time. It is the kissing, the tenderness, the long hair falling over bared shoulders, the two pairs of delicate lips and two delicately pink tongues searching out each other that is the truly erotic. I could watch that for hours, it infinitely more stimulating and interesting than the gynecological exams that pass for porn these days. I can imagine that I'm not the only one that feels this way, but porn producers seem intent on skipping the erotic in favor of the pornographic. It gives erotica a bad rap because it's all finale and no 1st or 2nd act.

Leesa said...

halo: I have had less experience than you.

jef: best movie. Cinema Paradiso. The last scene.

prata: for someone who disagrees with me often, I mention you a heck of a lot

jr: amen

~deb: Cinema Paradiso. One of the most passionate movies ever!

tony: too much info, sweetie.

advizor: I must repeat. Cinema Paradiso.

Advizor said...

I will rent it this weekend. I'm going to be on the couch for a while after getting a "mole" removed. How's that for TMI?

Advizor said...

BTW Leesa, are you at work right now? You responded pretty fast, and unless you have a really long weekend, you are probably at work. I too, am at work, but I have a door I can close and currently it's my lunch hour.

Edtime Stories said...

I think women kissing is erotic to men and some women because it shows women breaking out of a norm where they are not suppose to express their sexuality. I think men thing that they have a better chance with them and umm getting a 3some. I don't understand but lesbians tend not to be turned on by me so why would I get turned on by them? Seems to be counter-intuitive. I have made out with a lesbian friend a few times but it wasn't truly arrousing for either of us because it was just in fun.

And tony, I agree with Leesa...way too much.

Tony said...

TMI so noted, Sorry.

Sandra White said...

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Rob said...

EEEeeeuuuwwwww!!! Girls kissing other girls! That's GROSS!!

Of course, I lie a lot... ;-)

Ian Lidster said...

As much as I adore kissing (females), I tend to agree with you that it is -- especially the passionate kind -- cheating. Oral adultery? But, about girls kissing girls. Hmm. Females are in our culture permitted to be more physically affectionate with each other than are males. So, females do hug and kiss with much more impunity. Of course, then there is the fact that I (and probably many other males) get a bit turned on by seeing a female being intimate with another female. The posted photo accompanying this piece, for example, I find a bit provocative. As an exclusively heterosexual male I find my own response interesting. Probably it is kind of a voyeuristic thing and also akin to lesbian erotica in which there is no intruding 'other' male, so it is more exciting.

Really interesting posting, dear Leesa.


Pyrhonik said...

Picturing you kissing is hot enough for me! Haven't been here in a while, you still have a way with words.


Monica said...

I think the allure of two women kissing (or exchanging "that" look) is based in aesthetics. Women look good naked.
It's true--ever notice in paintings how many nudes of women have been done--even if the men in the piece are still clothed? The female body is a beautiful smooth contoured thing. So women kissing lets the mind wander onward to the end conclusion, which is lovely---whereas men kissing (or even a hetero couple) can go along fine until the clothes hit the floor and sproing! Things get sticky-outy and kinda funny looking.
And--uh---so--that's what I think.

Ohh and movie wise- have you seen Tipping the Velvet? BBC movie-very well done.

Glad I came by.
Now I'm off to bed!

Edtime Stories said...

apparently you did get abducted?????????????????????

We miss you.
Ground Control to Major Tom your circuit's dead there's something wrong....

mal said...

The OH likes kissing women too....I think he must be a lesbian *G*

Sheri said...

Leesa, you rock!

Prata said...

I don't think they'd use aluminum on the table by the way. Aluminum would likely be a metal that has gone by the wayside in a culture that can travel space with relative ease. It is much more likely their metallurgy is far more advanced that using aluminum (an inferior metal by far) for this type of work. heheheheh

Sheen V said...

Yep, I agree, I like to see women kissing women much, much, much more that a woman kissing a man, or two men kissing eachother. Three women kissing eachother? Maybe that could be better.

Anonymous said...

According to a careful study done by University
of Chicago sociologists, and published in 1994,
only 1.5% of women have been exclusively lesbian
throughout their adult lives. What your post touches
on is opportunistic bisexuality, which is more common than people think. While two women
kissing on the lips can be bisexual, it is a very low key low risk bisexuality, as long as you don't do it where your boyfriend can see you. BTW, it is true that we straight males often don't find girl-girl kissing threatening, and some of us deem it quite a turn-on.

Anonymous said...

Have to say...two women kissing is beautiful and no, it's not because I'm thinking I might get a three-way. It's because there aren't any guys involved! :)

Lulu said...

You are so amazingly delicious whith your comments.