Thursday, August 24, 2006

Encore: P(opping C)orn

I am out-of-town this week and I will probably not be about to post due to time constraints. So instead of saying, "be back soon" and leave it at that, I will try to dig through some of my previous (old) posts and re-run them. I have new readers and have scared off some, so this will give you an opportunity to read some of my older work.


P(opping C)orn

You know, I started out today wanting to talk about a particular topic. Then I started writing about a safer topic. After a couple of hair flips and the scratchin' of my ol' noggin, I decided, what the heck, this is my blog. Bite my ass, if you don’t want to read about this. And as long as you are biting my ass, you may want to take a hunk of flesh while you are at it – because I am not timid about scratching and kicking myself.

I want to talk about porn. Now I am no prude – you sort of lose prudish behavior after you suck a co-worker's dick for the first time, or the first time you have to throw out your panties because of an incriminating cum stain. The guild is off the lily, so to speak. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. And I hesitate to say this because I am guessing a lot of people are surfing for porn today. Big shopping day. Probably a big porn day, especially if the football games start to suck. You know, if the football games suck and wifey is out shopping, most men are going to want to see pictures of other people sucking. Actually, I am not sure if guys want to see women sucking off all sorts of penises. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. Disclaimer: I actually know someone (related by marriage) that was part of the porn industry. She was a "model," and yes, I have seen her pictures. The whole family has. See, she was a shy girl in high school, pretty but shy. Pretty but not terribly smart. She entered the workforce at 18 with a high school diploma and a taste for expensive things (upbringing). Well, McDonalds does not give high schoolers a six digit income for being the fry girl, and she was a bit taken aback for how expensive it is just to get by. Even the Gucci knock-offs were a bit out of her range. So what is a girl to do? Hint: it involves poles. Yes, our sweet 18-yr-old starts stripping at a local gentleman's club. Stripping, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. She starts out stripping (and, yes, family members eventually found out – even saw her strip). Now, I don't know much about stripping – although I am guessing it does not take many brain cells to do – but it is not necessarily as "clean" as I once thought. By 19, she is making boat-loads of cash. And she has friends – strippers – in the same demographic, making boat-loads of cash. Think of this – teenagers, lots of cash, lots of idle time during the day. Hmmmm. Well, then she got involved in drugs. Her choice, I understand, but drugs nonetheless. I am not a real expert on drugs, but with the drugs came seedy boyfriends as well. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. So my stripper-in-law continued to strip for cash, but needed more cash to buy expensive drugs. And we are not talking about Claritin. So she starts giving "private shows" after stripping. And we are talking about more than lap dancing. More like lap lapping. And then she also gets involved in porn. I have seen pictures of this beautiful girl – and from the pics, I would not have guessed that she was in a drug-induced stupor when she was at the photo shoot. But for a while, the pics were on the web for anyone to see. More money, more drugs, more nudity. A sort of dirty picture is beginning to evolve. Now, after work she is sucking off guys in cars for $20 a pop. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. Now I know, all of these are her choices. Baptist girl gone bad story. But every time I see a professional porn pic, I wonder what drug this girl is on, who she is sleeping with, sometimes for money.

And I am an enigma myself. I love writing erotica – but I am not selling it for drug money. I am not sucking off men in cars for money (ironically, though, I used to do that for free). Puts me on some moral high ground (laughs half-heartedly, indicating tongue-in-cheek comment).

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with HNT (half-nakid Thursday), or Bored Housewife's Braless Tuesday). Seems like harmless fun to this prude. I guess when I see a picture of a young woman spreading her labial lips so you can see her sweet spot, I wonder about her family, her decisions, her life. And I wonder if the porn industry is taking advantage of her. Addicts have a much harder time making informed decisions. And while her pussy may be pink, her soul may feel black.


Grant said...

"If you're bored, see if you can find my site so I'll know if I should be worried." - recycled comment.

Edtime Stories said...

wow leesa that was well thought out and hard hitting. I wasn't reading you at the time you wrote so I am glad for the encore.

Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

Is it drugs or porn that is bad?

I mean there is a definite dehumanizing quality to the kind of intimate work entailed in a “contact” lap dance. And there is a stigma to being a stripper. However, where your story gets tragic is the introduction of drugs and the general loss of control associated therein.

This said, there are more “porn actors” on the internet today than any time in the history of erotica/smut. Surely, some of them will regret being captured in private acts for all the world to see. Many of these women are under 20. That isn’t “good” in sense in that it could be a source of future emotional pain.

Millions of masturbating men might disagree. At least until they come.

Leesa said...

grant: I know; tacky to recycle. But I couldn't find the time this week.

ed: you are quite welcome.

chas: nice comment; for me, the tragedy was when people around her who loved her were snickering and not telling her what she was doing was less than she could be.

notreallyverygood said...

I wonder how many men - or should I say people, as it's become increasingly accepted that women also use porn - do actually think about pornography and the sex industry in this way? I'm someone who uses porn, I won't deny it, but I'm constantly in conflict over it. Are the women in it doing it as a result of some form of abuse or, as you you elude to, doing it to feed a drug habit? Or are any of those women (in particular) involved really empowering themselves (TBH, that one is almost totally lost on me. I mean, empowerment? Getting screwed until you can't walk? How's that empowering?) I dunno. I wasn't going to provide an answer either. Just musing.