Friday, August 11, 2006


A rant today. Pardon me for slamming myspace. I hear they are taking over the world.

Did you hear about Rich Jackson, the top editor at a small Indiana newspaper lost his job because of a profile? What a moron.

Okay, I don't have a great job and my job has nothing to do with image. But if I was (1) a professional, or (2) had a real image job, I would never have a myspace account. Okay, I think myspace is creepy so I would not have one anyway, but this would be a real reason for not having one.

I have read stories that headhunters and recruitment professionals are actually using myspace to weed out applicants. Holy crap. So to better see what is out there, I typed in my real name in myspace, and I found out that I am a 23-year-old free spirit in Fargo, North Dakota, who enjoys dating high school boys and teaching them the "subtler aspects of lovemaking" and experiencing voyeuristic experiences. Two things: (1) high school boys don't know subtle – they are just happy to be inside of a girl, and (2) where the heck is Fargo? I thought it was in Wyoming.

Seriously, I would google yourselves every once in a while to see what you find. And for heaven's sake, take off the filters. What happens if your ex put naughty pictures of you on the "Exposing my Ex-girlfriend" site? That is the site you want to know about and sick your lawyers on. Worked for Dr. Laura, right? Bad example.

If you are not in high school, stay away from personal myspace sites. Period.

Well, Rich may have just been unprofessional and was canned. Pete Solis looks like he will be doing some jail time. You see, he found someone one myspace and had sex with the fourteen-year-old girl. Okay, I was a freshman in high school once, and I lied more than once about my age. But then again, I was lying to high school boys, not 42-year-old men! I mean, give me a break.

Yeah, I am sure the girl lied. But if you are even thinking of asking for a current driver's license before having sex with someone, perhaps you should re-evaluate the sexual encounter. Just a thought.

Bad Design
Myspace has sucky design. Sure, my sight is bad, but it is not tacky. With myspace, it has to blink, have 200 non-dithering colors and play music. And those are the simple sights. I have seen myspace sights, not many of them, but ouch, they are loud.

I cannot stand the over-stimulation. Perhaps the younger generation gets off on all of this, but I fail to see how anyone could like the design. If it gave me an orgasm, okay, but I can't see how blinking boarders does anything good.

Yeah, I had a myspace account for 15 days. But I kept getting hit on by high schoolers or sophomoric college guys or 42-yearold creeps. Not worth my time.


FortuneCookee said...

Good morning Leesa, have a good day.

Prata said...

The design sucks. I use a text browser 'elinks' a lot of the time and myspace doesn't render well.

In firefox it's tiresome too. I don't like flash and javascript and all that bullshit runnin' while I'm tryin' to look at something. I simply can't stand the idiocy of that kind of stuff. I hate it....a lot.

On the other hand, I didn't know the generation was so attention deficit prone that they needed flashing banners in order to be able to stay focused on a web page. God damn lol.

kathi said... how do I sign up for myspace?? :)

Chris Laffoon said...

I admit, I don't really like myspace but I've actually been able to track down several old friends from my high-school days on there.

Tony said...

I have a myspace account but if you go there you'll see there's nothing there.

It allows me to track my kid's friends myspace accounts so I can keep an eye on my kid, if that makes sense. For me it's another tool I can use to monitor my kids activities. Call it covert counter-intelligence.

Grant said...

Prata - get a real browser. :p

Leesa - I think the company went overboard for firing him over the MySpace account. Sure, MySpace is incredibly lame, but that seems a little personal.

Having said that, I admit I think MySpace is the most godawful place on cyberspace. At someone else's behest, I created an account and found myself deluged with spam, requests for support of one kind or another from strangers, and offers to hook up from weirdos. I deleted the account, but later tried to log in again and found it still active. I think I'll try to get rid of it again because I think it's still hanging out there. You should probably double-check yours as well.

Ironically, it seems like MySpace and Xanga are two services that are trying to target adults (i.e. people with money), but drew the younger crowd instead.

Rick said...

MySpace is high school for mouth-breathers. Graduation never happens.

Video X said...

myspace does suck. it is evil. i have an account. i wont even go into why because i see your point that it's just a bad plan. i doubt i'd get fired over it though, so i'm not worried about that. i also have a terribly scary mean looking picture up there and wrote in big letters under the "who i'd like to meet" section -- "nobody. i do not want more than 6 friends." haha. i do have 15, but i know them all...and work with two of them...the two that are in charge of my it dept at work so i'm golden.

i have never even been hit on once...i am mostly happy about this...but then i wonder why not? no, i'm just kidding. i really have only received a couple requests to add people from strangers...and i just denied them. no wierd emails or anything. oh ...i also wrote, "i do not like people" on there. i think it helped.

oh...and it does feel childish...i caved in.

Leesa said...

fortunecookie: no lottery numbers?

prata: I know nothing about elinks. Many of the pages are hard to look at.

kathi: I am surprised you don't peak at it to see if your boys are there.

chris: neat!

tony: I have no kids so no reason to visit.

grant: I deleted my account twice. Perhaps it is still there; I will check.

rick: I concur.

VX: thanks for your interesting perspective. Interesting thoughts.

Mike said...

Why anyone over the age of 18 has a myspace account is mind boggling to me.

~Deb said...

Ummm...yeh....I have sucks ass big time. The pages don't load properly, it heats up my computer, makes it hummmm till fire comes out of the vents.....and the 'buddy requests' are awful! But the only good thing about it is that I have a circle of musician friends that update me on their gigs locally. I have all my buddies (in real life) that contact me through that. They convinced me to get an acct...and now I regret it cause it SUCKKSSSSSS!!! Totally agree with you. I thought it was juvenile too. I have to get my account info for ya, IF I can get into it. It's giving me problems.

Shush Mike. LOL!

JD said...

another great post. i expect my kids to have glitzy myspace sites, but i also look at them periodically to make sure weirdos and middle-aged douchebags don't frequent them. my kids also know the risks of online predators, all part of me protecting them. i once found a friend of my daughter's page that listed all the friends' full names. along with the city name, which was posted on her profile, anyone could find these kids. my daughter told her to remove the last names. sheesh, morons...

~Deb said...

Well the key is to not put your 'real name' in there, and make sure that your kids, or yourself even, has an alias. People put in their real info which baffles me.

minijonb said...

the folks who put together MySpace picked up an old copy of "Web Pages That Suck" and used every good-web-design-no-no short of frames inside of frames. i can't stand ThatSpace.

cadbury_vw said...

today was the first time i had ever been to myspace and i suspect it will be the last

bad design

confusing design

poor interface

crap for content - even their profiles are lame

it reminds me of a discount dollar store

you know, the ones that aspire to be a high class dollar store with all the crap piled in bins haphazardly strewn bins cluttering aisles that you figure you'd need to sterilise before even touching, much less buying...

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

With all the damn spy stuff they have on our computers at work, we can hardly go ANYWHERE anymore on-line. It sucks.

Not that I'd go to MySpace anyway...but sometimes I can't visit your blog or several others. DAMN computer nazis!!!)

Have a great weekend, Leesa...:)

~Deb said...

My juvenile site full of chaos!

~Deb said...

It secretly makes me feel like I'm 14 again. Sshhhhhh!

Leesa said...

mike: I wonder too.

~deb: you shock me! Actually, I have written another entry to examine this, and your last couple of comments has made me release it today.

jd: need to protect those kids.

minijonb: I agree!

cadbury: sorry for sending you over there. Wash your hands before computing again!

stacy: I specifically have toned down my cum references because of your Nazis. Wasted effort.

nosthegametoo said...

Leesa, why are you so funny?

I must admit, I do have a myspace account, but no one visits it anyway.

I suppose it must be different for a woman. I hear that women get a lot of nutty guys contacting them.

~ Amanda X&O said...

For a while I started to think I was the last person on the planet without a Myspace account.

It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in my reluctance to join a bunch of teenagers who post pictures of getting drunk/ stoned.

mal said...

sooooooo, YOU are the "Fargo Lolita" we have been hearing so much about here in Minneapolis....Shame on you!!!


Jason said...

I googled myself once and found an obituary. That did it for me. Too creepy.

Leesa said...

nosthegame: I am funny? Thanks, I think.

amanda: wear it as a badge of courage.

mal: thanks, sweetie. I wish I had seen the movie. I must see it.

jason: so funny. so sorry for you, but so funny.

Georgiapeach said...

It plays loud music.

Georgiapeach said...

I took it off private, just for you. :) I've been meaning to reply to your email, I'll do that today.