Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Encore: Wunder Lust

I am out-of-town this week and I will probably not be about to post due to time constraints. So instead of saying, "be back soon" and leave it at that, I will try to dig through some of my previous (old) posts and re-run them. I have new readers and have scared off some, so this will give you an opportunity to read some of my older work.


Wunder Lust

You know, looking back on my posts from the last few days, and it occurs to me. I have not had sex in several days, and it shows in my writings. Now I know what they mean by a bitch in heat.

Several years ago, I had an "administrative job" at a non-profit organization. If you are clever, you probably know the business, and I no longer work there (from the looks of things, hardly anyone who once worked there is there now). But you have to know Savannah.

Anyway, the job was sort of menial. It really was. The pay was not great, but I would have to really bust my ass for another $2 to $4 thousand per year, and being the astute person that I am, I thought to myself, "I can either sit on my ass, fuck around (and I do mean fuck – I got paid a salary for sneaking off and fucking) and not get fired, or I could find a job where I would make $2 to $4 thousand more, work my ass off, and they would expect results." I learned about these decision trees in college, but it was a no-brainer for me. Stay in this entry job and have a good time. Hey, I was a giving girl, and I mean giving (wink).

So, every year our non-profit would get audited (not a bad thing, just how things were), and the first year I was there, I was called on to "babysit" the auditor. We were between accountants (I think the title was CFO, but he was an accountant because the pay was measly all around). So my job was to help out the auditor.

The instruction (singular, not plural) I was given is, "If you don't know the answer, don't guess, just say you don't know, and suggest that she ask the president." Since I knew next to nothing (recall, I was screwing in the back room?), I knew I was going to say that a lot.

And then I met the auditor. She was about the same age I was, very attractive, and very nerdy. I am not really all that turned on by women, but every once in a while, I get some sort of girl crush. This was one of those times.

I remember watching her set up her pencils, pens and paper. Everything was so neat, and it appeared that she needed things in the order she placed them. I am OCD, but she was like the ultimate OCD person in Savannah, perhaps the state of Georgia. And she was so nerdy that she had no idea how beautiful she was.

I would watch her as she licked her thumb before inspecting mountains of papers. I watched as she fidgeted with her laptop. She changed the background, changed where the icons were place, tucked loose hair behind her ear, lightly bit her lip and continued to fiddle with the laptop. A new laptop with someone who has a major case of OCD is less than a blessing.

We spent two weeks together, me sneaking glances of this auditor, me not making my move. Not that I was afraid of losing my job – I had already compromised that with no ill effects.

I don't get girl crushes much, but I did those two weeks. Next audit season we had our accountant nerd and I was jealous of him getting to spend his time with her. Here I was married, getting mounted by every Tom, Dick and Harry, and jealous of a co-workers time with a nerdy goddess.

I am married, have only had a few brief lesbian encounters, and I have come to the conclusion that although I really like sucking dick, there is a small part of me that every once in a while is stirred by an occasional and unforgettable woman. Does that make me a lesbian? Probably not, probably. I don't know, and it really does not matter. All I can tell you is that she stirred something inside me, something that is normally quiet and calm. Oh, and that made my week, my month, my lifetime.


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JD said...

woohoo, at least mine is the first real comment. ;) that last paragraph totally blows me away. just wow.

Lee Ann said...

I second what JD says...
very sensual post.

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jd and lee ann: thanks.