Monday, August 28, 2006

Vacations: Real and Virtual

Last week, I was on a virtual vacation. Let me explain.

I actually had planned on going on a real vacation. Asked for time off; time off was granted. Found a hotel room in a nearby city where hubbie and I were to spend several days. Not too far; not too near. And then my work canceled my vacation because other people, many of them, were taking half-days. Something about school starting and people wanting to transition with their kids. My vacation was revoked.

And so I was a bit pissy about the whole thing. I was thinking about calling in sick all week, but I chose not to. Instead I went to work and had the attitude, "Don't bother me; I am on vacation." Childish, I know, but I was supposed to be on vacation.

And you know what, the tactic did not work. I did not get a light sunburn. I did not get to go to work without spending an hour getting ready, I could not stay out late, and I did not get much reading done while at work.

And now I am catching up from my vacation – that's why I did not post earlier today. I was playing catch-up. Completely idiotic. I mean, one would think they would just let me take the time off. Now, I got paid for doing little last week, and I was pissed about it.

Lesson learned: give people time off when you have agreed to it. It is not like I am an integral part of this organization. Heck, better not say that too loud, or I will be looking for another job.

Crap. Guess I better catch up and pretend I love it here.


Leigh said...

That really sucks butt honey! So did you move your vacation to a further date??

Hope you get caught up and have a good day.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"Guess I better catch up and pretend I love it here"

I'm right there with ya! Why can't I just win the damn lottery...just once!!!


Ian Lidster said...

That's crappy about your planned vacation, Leesa. About such things, I know I only get to go around this life once, so am inclined to say 'fuck you' to those who would stand in my way and keep me from doing what I want or need. On the other hand, as you say, you need the job,so you'd better pretend you love it . But, you deserve better, I know that instinctively. Someday you'll get 'em.

Your friend, Ian

~Deb said...

Totally sucks Leesa...sorry to hear about that. However, I am hoping your computers at work aren't being monitored by an IT geek who'll rat on you and tell your boss how shitty he treated you. Blogs and work don't mix. Sad, huh? Nothing's personal anymore.

Get your vacation girl! Life's too short.

kathi said...

ditto deb, that sucked! But, if they are monitoring your computer and you do get fired...would you mind giving them my resume for me? ;)

Leesa said...

leigh: guess I will have to.

stacey: so every Wednesday and Saturday are special!

ian: I wish I could have said that!

~deb: thanks, hun!

kathi: er, yeah, I am sure that if I delivered your resume', that would give you a leg up on the competition.

mal said...

obviously your mistake was coming back from your vacation? *L*

J R Estelle said...

Took your vacation time away because parents had to take half days because school started? That's ridiculous.