Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Encore: Queen of Spades

I am out-of-town this week and I will probably not be about to post due to time constraints. So instead of saying, "be back soon" and leave it at that, I will try to dig through some of my previous (old) posts and re-run them. I have new readers and have scared off some, so this will give you an opportunity to read some of my older work.


Queen of Spades

I need to take a deep breath before starting this blog entry.

You see, this issue is personal to me. I mean, I touched on it recently, but I did not really go into it that much. Nervous babbling.

Okay, I did mention that I normally don't really find quickies all that exciting. My hubbie does – not rocket science since it takes me 20 minutes to get fully going, and him two minutes before blast-off. Not really, but pretty close.

So anyway, we have a problem. I love long lovemaking sessions, and occasionally, he just wants to get laid. And he is not all that concerned for me getting off as well (time constraints and all). So we developed a technique that has really helped things – and you probably have all of the materials necessary to do this at home yourselves.

Drum roll, please. All you need is a deck of cards, particularly one that does not have 52 cards in the deck. Remember that deck that you keep forgetting to throw away? Grab it. And take a card – I wanted the Queen of Hearts (predictable, I know). Had to settle on the Queen of Spades (works better actually, think about it).

Here is the deal in my household. I like oral sex . . . I really like it. So when my hubbie satisfies me, I give him the Queen of Spades. Then he has his quickie card. The deal is this – he presents me with the card, and he gets a quickie immediately. The only ground rules are that we don't perform in front of others, and he licks me a little first (for lubrication). That's it. And it works great. I don't worry about helping him cum (he can do this all by himself), and he doesn't have to think, "now I have to spend another 20 minutes pleasing her."

And sometimes it is even exciting.

One morning, I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, and I hear hubbie get up. I figure he is coming to the bathroom for his morning pee (remember, we are an "old married couple"), and he just places the Queen of Spades on the sink. He takes my panties off, me still brushing teeth, and licks me wet (takes probably one minute or less). I rinsed and spit while he was doing this, and grabbed the sink while he satisfied himself. It was actually quite hot.

We actually lost the card once, and my hubbie buys another deck for the Queen of Spades. I don't play cards as much as I used to, but when I get the Queen of Spades in my hand, my heart skips a beat. Imagine that.


Lara said...

OMG that is totally hot!

I love things that let you get flashbacks at inopportune times. hehe You don't mind if I borrow your idea do you? Knowing my hubby though... he's want to use 6's and 9's.

Advizor said...

I love that idea Leesa, it's a perfect balance between his needs and yours. There are some nights when my wife does not want to make a "production out of sex and she just wants to get it done quickly. Strangely, I am the one who usually likes the long sessions, since it lets me get out the massage oils and candles (yes, I like that stuff).

I think I'll try your idea tonight. Of course, I may have to give her a king card for her own use

Sally said...

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Leesa said...

lara: thanks, sweetie. Please use the technique. It works really well.

advizer: good luck with this!

JD said...

that is so hot. sheesh. :)

~ Amanda X&O said...

Good idea Leesa, I might have to pass this one on to my darling.