Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google Trends

Today will be a quick post. Sorry, but it is Google's fault. You see, I have seen their new "Trend" widget, and I have been playing with it. Please do not click on the link I provided – it will suck time out of your life.

You see, you can put terms in the search option and see who is using these terms in their searches. Not who they are, but where they are from. Well, probably more accurately, where their IP address says they are from.

For instance, you search the word "panties", and notice that Salt Lake City is the number one city searching this term. Oh, and I should probably say that they look at the population of the city and normalize the results. So that New York City, or Bombay, India, does not show up as the number one city just because they are so big. I always thought that São Paulo, Brazil, was the largest city in the world, but it looks like two other cities are larger. Who would have known?

So instead of blogging this morning, I am sitting here, looking which city searches for Leesa (mostly in Australia because of some marathoner), penis (Philadelphia, probably has something to do with the number of cheese steaks which are ingested), and infidelity (Chicago, the windy city, perhaps there are lots of desperate housewives giving "blow" jobs). Who knows?

Salt Lake City also tops the "Braless" searches. And we know it is all because of our own Ms. Lisa. Now I am going to see what cities search for my favorite Chinese dish.


Georgiapeach said...

Have fun!

mal said...

Salt Lake City? After having grown up around the LDS, why am I NOT surprised?


Bruce said...

Colin Cowherd(from ESPN Radio) talked about this exact same thing yesterday on his show. It seems that Salt Lake City is at the top of a lot of searches you wouldn't associate with that area of the country. Like mal, though, I'm not really surprised.

Leesa said...

GP: thanks.

mal: did not surprise me either.

bruce: someone at work showed it to me; really cool. ESPN radio? Isn't that sports, not Internet?

Bruce said...

It is sports, but every host throws in other stuff besides sports. Keeps the programming from getting stale, actually.

Tony said...

Well, I did what you told me not to do and I clicked on your Trend link and I searched panties. I saw Salt Lake at the top and scanned down and saw Birmingham. My instant thought was "maybe I need to slack up on my internet use" then I noticed it was Birmingham, United Kingdom. Whew! I also noticed it was the only city on the list that wasn't American.

I also noticed Atlanta was at the bottom of the top 10 list. hmmmm. You people in Atlanta sure do buy a lot of underwear online. :)

JD said...

funny post. when i tried to click on Lisa's link though i had it blocked. :( it says it's pornography. :(

Advizor said...

If the worst they are doing is "panties" and "braless", that's pretty tame stuff (that shouldn't be surprising at all).

SLC don't show up anywhere in the top 10 when you search for more interesting stuff such as masturbation (Lyon, France), oral sex (Bucharest, Romania), anal sex (Seattle, WA), lesbian (Brisbane, Australia - Australia has the top 4 spots), threesome (Australia has the top 3 spots), butt plugs (The UK has 4 out of the top 5 spots, and SFO comes in 9th), or our favorite, Porn (Birmingham, UK).

Now, granted, when I re-ran the searches for just the US, Salt Lake appears 10th for "masturbation" and 4th for "lesbian", so maybe it's not as boring as there as I think. You also have to remember, that IN Salt Lake County, members of the LDS faith only make up about 50% of the population. It appears that the other 50% are lesbian masturbators (not that there's anything wrong with that)..... :-)

So, what can we conclude from this? Utah is boring, and the place for my next vacation is Australia

What I really wish I could do with this site (which will get me fired for wasting time - thanks Leesa) is search on a city and see what they are searching on. That would be interesting.... What are my friends in Dallas thinking about today.....?

Leesa said...

bruce: I wonder if my coworker heard it from ESPN; he likes sports.

tony: I had never heard of Birmingham, UK before yesterday.

jd: not sure if Lisa would be happy or sad.

advisor: if a coworker sat on your desk and lifted her skirt, exposing her panties, how tame would that be?

Advizor said...

Leesa - it happens all the time, i've just gotten used to it...


Anonymous said...

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