Thursday, August 17, 2006


I don't know why I was doing this last week, but I heard somewhere that fear of public speaking was the most common fear, followed closely behind by the fear of death. And I thought to myself, "Okay, if someone had to give a speech, would that mean that they would consider suicide so that they did not have to speak publicly."

So I searched for a list of fears. The only one I found, seemed to be a site that seemed like it wanted to treat your fears through an Internet online course. For your un-education, I will list it below. I don't believe the list, but it is a list.

I have been scared lately. Scared of lots of things. I have been scared that I will sit down at my computer and just push out garbage for this blog. I fear that because I am blogging, I am not doing something more important. Then of course, I say to myself, actually my employer is paying for my blogging. They are my benefactor, so to speak. An unknowing benefactor, but a benefactor nonetheless.

I have been scared of having a heart attach. Nothing physically has happened to me, but I have had some crises which I have had little control over lately, and they are weighing on me. I don't want to mention the particulars, but I have been thinking about them and they have colored my mood. Funny, though, because I am a 30-something woman, I always discount heart attacks, and I blame this on stereotypes on sit-coms.

One of my blogging buddies is separated from her husband. How courageous this woman is. I can see power in her words, in her thoughts. But I wonder if she is scared, if she doubts what she is doing. I know she does, but she is so strong.

I decided that to test my fears, I should crawl through the air duct in the office (claustrophobia). While crawling through it, I will probably see spiders (arachnophobia), and I will eventually poke my head out of another air return, probably getting a mile high view of another work area (acrophobia). Once there, I may throw up (emetophobia), or worse, wonder if there is anything in the air duct I am breathing which will cause cancer (carcinophobia).

I don't feel so good. I am scared.

Ten most common phobias
1. Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders. Half of women and 10 per cent of men have a fear of spiders.
2. Social Phobia: Fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations.
3. Aerophobia: Fear of flying.
4. Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia involves intense fear and avoidance of any place or situation where escape might be difficult or help unavailable in the event of developing sudden panic-like symptoms.
5. Claustrophobia: Fear of being trapped in small confined spaces.
6. Acrophobia: Fear of heights.
7. Emetophobia: Fear of vomit.
8. Carcinophobia: Fear of cancer.
9. Brontophobia: Fear of thunderstorms.
10.Necrophobia: Fear of death or or dead things


Tony said...

scary post. I could say something along the lines of "suck it up and be a man/woman" but my Social Phobia prevents me from doing so.

Mike said...

I have no fear of speaking to groups of people as long as it has something to do with work. I'm not sure its fear but I'm certainly more aware of death the older I get though.

halo said...

We all have fears, some just dont show them as easily as others. Huggs you, Im right here when if you need me.

Edtime Stories said...

fear can be a powerful motivator. It stops us from taking risks that have great rewards as well.

Overcoming a fear can be the most liberating thing on the planet.

minijonb said...

my favorite is Phobophobia — the fear of fear itself.

Advizor said...

I never knew that the fear of thunderstorms had a name, but my ex-girlfriend had a debilitating case of it. Thanks for putting a name (Brontophobia) to it.

Leesa said...

Emetophobia-Fear of Vomit?
Never heard of that one before. Don't we all fear vomit?

Prata said...

Yes, everyone is born with fears, two of them actually. A behavioral study makes note of this. We are born with the fear (not a phobia) of falling and certain noises (again not phobia. That being said, everyone is capable of growing out of these fears. All other fears are conditioned.

Phobias are not just fears. They are irrational and abnormal. Fear is a natural non debilitating response to something. A phobia is irriational as by its own definition.

Fear, is anxiety caused by imminence of danger. A feeling of agitation with regards to the imminence of danger. It is a rational feeling that takes place. can not equate phobia to fear. They are not the same thing. Me for instance, I have no need of fears and so have no known fears. I don't fear death...(as that is excessively irrational) I don't fear heights or bugs or anything like that. I have no desire to be puked on or to touch a rotting body or sleep with one, I am not actively seeking out death either; however, I have no fear of these things.

Leesa said...

tony: funny.

mike: my fears seem more bizarre.

halo: thanks, sweetie.

ed: fear is a powerful motivator, something I should have written about.

minijonb: favorite fear?

advisor: you are quite welcome.

leesa: not sure I am afraid of it, but I don't leap into tubs of it.

prata: well said.

mal said...

the only thing that really bothers me is being caught in crowds. The OH has learned to hold my hand rub my back when we get into crowds....well it seems like a good excuse anyway *S*

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes generalized fear will turn into a full on social phobia which is a much more severe form of the condition that has now become a psychiatric disorder. The signs here in addition to the extreme self consciousness are severe fear and anxiety to go with it.

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