Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where oh where is Leesa

Where the heck have I been? That is what I am asking myself right now. I have really been out-of-sorts lately, and my normal punctual postings are neither normal nor punctual. I joked that I may be taken in a flying saucer on August 31, and after looking at how I have been feeling, perhaps I was and the anesthesia affected my brain.

And now I am trying to think of something on which to write. It is hell trying not to end in a preposition this morning.

I think I am getting older – not a stretch, as we all think we age over time. What happens if we only think we age – as it is an optical illusion of sorts. Not that I believe it, but before Bohr, I am not sure many would have thought that all matter is made of electrons, protons and neutrons. Then, years later, we talk about quarks and other bizarre subatomic particles.

But I know I am getting older – and so is hubbie. A few years ago, I noticed it with him. He said one night that Connie Chung was hot. Er, I thought to myself, isn't she a news anchor. Not sure FHM, Maxim, Blender or whatever is looking to use her for a cover spread. I actually thought his comment was cute. I know, manly stuff is not supposed to be cute, but I guess part of it is that I can compete with Connie Chung. Well, my 401K can't compete with hers, but my boobs sure can.

And when I look at yummy men, my tastes have changed. Sean Connery is looking better, and he is so much older than me. When I was young, physical attraction was so important, and now talent, power, intelligence and other attributes contribute so much to attractiveness.

And more frequently, I find myself talking about the "good old days," and I am in my thirties. What is that about? I think I will talk about this more tomorrow. Today I have a crapload of stuff to do at work, and I can't get fired this week. Lots of bills coming in.


Grant said...

I've noticed a few recent posts about gun control, if you want an issue that really stirs people and draws a lot of comments. Japanese lesbian schoolgirls is always a timeless classic.

Edtime Stories said...

You mentioned quarks...I was just rereading a Brief History of Time, damn the universe is stranger the more we know. Maybe that is why Connie Chung is getting hotter.

Tony said...

or maybe the timeless brief history of gun toting japanese schoolgirls. That seemed to be a topic back in the early 1940's.

mal said...

Damn, wait till you hit your 50's and see old movies where actors seem to look younger than they used to.....scarey *L*

BTW, did you get Elvis's autograph while you were on the UFO?

Rick said...

Age is a state of mind. Arkansas, I think.

Panty Fiend said...

I'm finding myself waxing nostalgic about the good old days (mid-90s) more and more. Are we biologically programmed to look back on our youth as the Best Time of Our LivesTM? Nothing quite like the stresses of school, living hand-to-mouth and being alone... I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Perhaps my job, but not my life!

Leesa...one other thing, only slightly off-topic. I'd take you over any FHM/Maxim/Playboy flavor-of-the-month, any day. I love that little photo of you in your sunglasses and your cute little smile...even if it was "shower-doored" on Photoshop...you're beautiful!

Advizor said...

I've started feeling old because I'm noticing the hot moms instead of the 17 year old hard-bodies. 17, even 23, seems like cradle-robbing. When asked who the cute women in my building were, I listed a bunch of really pretty 30-somethings, and completely left off several interns (early 20s), and a seriously cute 19-year old in the mail room.

But believe me, Connie Chung will never look cute.