Monday, September 11, 2006

Random Monday

Yahoo Messenger
Friday, I got a message from a blogging buddy – she is having a hard time and wanted someone to talk with. Anyway, I answered her e-mail and then I got on Yahoo Messenger to see if she was "listening" on Messenger.

For me to launch Messenger is a pain in the butt. You see, I am not an IM-er, so when I do the messaging thing, I have to install Messenger first. So I install it, then send a message to her.

No answer.

I guess she was not listening. So after I did not get a response, I started doing other stuff at work. And then I started getting instant messages from random guys. Yeah, I guess I did not know I was "visible" and guys in Georgia started IMing me.

And I could not believe how quickly guys would hit on me. Okay, not surprised, really, but surprised on how quickly guys started IMing me. It was sort of gross, really. I mean, why would anyone really hook up with someone who randomly texted them. Yeah, and the "bonus" is that all of these guys love oral sex.

When I was dating in college, I had guys after I said "No," counter with "well, then, how about a blow job." So since sex was off of the table, I guess they thought that me massaging their penises with my mouth was what there was "behind door number two." I never even considered it an option, but I later found out that sometimes my girlfriends did consider it. After all, a 10 minute BJ would keep them from dodging "Octopus Hands" for the next hour-and-a-half. For me, I always had tests the next day – but warning, don't try that excuse on a Saturday night!

Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher
I like, and I just watched a couple of videos that are interviews by Bill Maher, and frankly, I have not heard of this guy. Some talk show host, and he is actually pretty good. I guess. I hope he is trivial, because I have not heard of the guy.

I have no idea if Bill Maher does other stuff – I imagine he does. For me, I just like using Amazon's site to look for books. Then I go to more of a discounter to purchase. Probably not what Amazon had in mind when it spent all of that money on its site.

September 11
I can't believe it has been five years since 9/11. I don't know what to think; I really don't. I remember where I was that day – and the previous day I can remember like that was the Challenger crash. Touchstone days. Whereas, many of us don't remember the Challenger crash, I am sure we will feel ripples of 9/11 for years to come. For me, now I can't take water when I travel. Thanks, a lot. The problem is that it is hard to know if all of these precautions we are now taking make any difference. At least we probably think about our personal liberties more and more.

So when taking off your shoes at the airport, think of the freedoms we enjoy. I am too random today for my own good.


Prata said...

What freedoms we enjoy? Oh, you mean the ones we used to have that we don't have now? And the ones we do have now that we will lose?

9/11 is the biggest joke. It was an excuse for American society to basically hand over rights to the government in the same of security. In 20 years or so, we'll see how society has given over even more rights in the name of security.

Nevermind that idealogical wars can not be won. And yet, we've handed over rights in support of a war in which you have no true target.

I was at work when 9/11 happened. It hardly made me pause while I was eating my bowl of cereal. When I heard about it the first thing I thought was, "Man, The US pissed someone off. Ah well." And look at how we've fallen so far.

Franklin summed it up nicely, I'm sure you know which quote I'm talking about. ^_^

Edtime Stories said...

Leesa, I love IMing. There is a way to keep from getting those random assaults from guys fishing. I usually get one a two spam IMs a week but I usually only get IMs from people I write to.

I think it was interesting how you put it about the blow job. I always felt oral sex was even more intimate than intercourse. But maybe that is just me.

Rachel said...

I was talking to my mother this afternoon and I mentioned that the two touchstone moments in America that I remember like it was yesterday are the Challenger disaster (I was in 6th grade) and September 11, 2001.
My mom also remembers Kennedy's assasination and my grandmother remembers Pearl Harbor.
I wonder how many Touchstone days I will see in my lifetime. I hope they are few and far between.
BTW- Found you from minijonb.

Leesa said...

prata: I may blog more about what you are discussing; interesting but inflaming.

ed: I would have to agree with you.

rachael: yeah, not sure how many touchstone moments I can handle. Some would have included the Lennon assasination (really) but he was not that important in my life.