Thursday, September 07, 2006

Falling Out of Love with Blogger

When my blog was new, I would religiously check several things – which new blog/person linked to me, where are my visitors were from, how many hits I got that day, and the like. By the way, I just checked to see who was linked to me, and I found a wonderful post by Ddot. Oddly, it sort of talks about the same thing – but from a "remember when" approach. First people who visited his blog, etc. His post is great – check it out. Perhaps we are writing about similar things because we are approaching our anniversary at about the same time. Same general topic, different perspective. I have always liked Ddot's perspective on things. Enough love given to that DC guy.

Well, over time, I changed. I guess I really changed again. I first started writing to please me and I could not give a darn about anyone else. Then people started commenting, and for a while, I played to the masses. And then I looked at my writing and subjects and changed a third time, again writing for me. I thought about turning off comments, but I knew it would drive people away – a good blogging buddy did it, and I was so proud of her for doing so. Comments changes the way you write – it really does. But I did not have the nerve to turn off comments. I still have about the same readership, but now I have less active readers (not as many comments).

But enough about me.

Let's talk about Blogger. You know, I have not noticed Blogger down lately. Hopefully they are spending lots of time on the new beta, and they don't tinker with the other servers. What I would like is a way to write blog entries and have them post automatically at a later date. Since I am OCD – I like posting each day, whether I have something to say or not. And that would help me.

You know, I like to bitch, but I can't really bitch about Blogger. Sure, they are owned by Google, and Google is helping suppress all citizens of China (a bad thing). But the technophiles in China can get around this – with the anonymous surfing software available. And I could bitch about the lack of information when Blogger is down (they tell you about it only after the fact, leading to you trying for hours to try to post when servers are down).

But I have used other blogging-type websites, and Blogger is okay. I would even pay a few bucks to have Blogger be more reliable. Er, I mean, I would allow others to pay for my site. But there are some annoyances with blogger – the pop-up ads, for instance.

For not saying that I am going to bitch, it looks like I am bitching.

I want to fall in love with Blogger again. I have known others who have taken their blogs elsewhere. It sort of reminds me of those who decided they have fallen out of love, then look for someone else. They get the euphoria of new love, the rush, the butterflies. Then they take the new blog-type site and after a while, things change again. Little annoyances at first become big problems. Then they start looking for another blog-type site, one with a tighter ass, so to speak. One who doesn't talk your ears off. One that is different. But you don't change, and if you are chasing this "new love," you will never be happy. So here I am, with my Blogger, not in love anymore – not the euphoria love. One of my good blogging buddies have recently changed her site to myspace. That seems to be the tramp of blogging, the one slut that everyone rides. She's flashy, she's brass, and she has amazingly firm breasts. Nice eye-candy, no personality. No depth. A wife's worst nightmare.

Guess I better get going. Perhaps the beta is, in a sense, Blogger going to the gym, working on Blogger's ass. Don't worry Blogger, I don't get butterflies when you call anymore, but I am not leaving you just to chase that feeling.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Me either....Blogger has been good to me so far anyway...;)

Now, as long as I don't screw up my blog and lose most of my links like I did a few weeks back, I'll be okay.

KYCM said...

Hello Leesa,

I have been a lurking fan for a while now and thought I would reveal my enjoyment of your bloggage. Since monitoring another's blog, I have found your(s)and I have been reading for a while. I have been wondering of you and I'm so glad you are back. I enjoy your words and (stories) elsewhere. Thank You and I look forward to your future bloggage...hehe!!

KYCM - Big Fan

Rick said...

Funny. First click on the Comments link brought up "This server is having a problem." Ya get what ya pay for. ;-)

~Deb said...

How has people commenting on your writing affected your writing in general? Did it change the way you write? And if it did, ...why?

Just curious. I feel as though you're a strong woman with an ability to overcome those who disagree with you. Am I correct?

In any case, blog about whatever you want without the thought of opposing views.

Stick around!!!

Leesa said...

stacy: let's cross our fingers.

kycm: thanks, hun!

rick: yeah, we get what we pay for.

~deb: good questions. Perhaps I should blog about this!

Grant said...

TypePad allows you to create entries that will post in the future. I've enjoyed the comments, and I've come to view this more as an online community than just a place to waste time. That's why I switched from blogger - free is nice, but I hate dealing with technology that doesn't work at least 90% of the time.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I am not so happy with blogger too. The rose is definitely off the bloom. I will be thinking about what to do next....

mal said...

I noticed that I can not leave comments for folks that have beta. Annoying

Leesa said...

grant: I have just updated your address here.

dr deb: yeah, I may look into typepad.

mal: good to know; let me know someone in beta so I can see what you are talking about.