Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Milblogs, Cool Chicks and Oscar Wilde

Every once in a while, I start a blog entry, and it goes nowhere. I save it as a draft, and it hangs around for a while. So as I am posting my new entries, I still see the partial entries. At the first of the year, I had no partial entries. I think I finished all of them. And now, perhaps because I have been scatter-brained for the last month, I have started lots of posts that I have not finished. So instead of just deleting them – which would be easy – I am going to paste some together. Pretend this is intentional, witty banter. K?

Military Blogs (milblogs)
You know what I found out the other day; there are specific blogs that address the experiences of military members. Here are three that were recently highlighted in some magazine:

Grey Eagle – A Female Soldier
Who's Your Bagdaddy

Now, since I started this, at least one of the blogs has stopped. Perhaps they all have. I wanted to write a very poignant post, talking about the sacrifices these military men and women perform for our country. I live in an area of the country where I do see military families occasionally – there is a fairly large Army Post less than an hour from Savannah, with a smaller post/base a bit closer. But I am less than familiar with their individual sacrifices. They sort of remind me of police/firefighters, though they definitely are differences.

The only thing I can think to say doesn't really fit. It is from a Shakespearian play:

Serve God, love me and mend.

But you would have to move the words around, because these service men are serving our nation, loving our nation or their families, and I hope all of those who come back with physical and mental scars will mend. I never finished the post because it is so hard to express my feelings.

Grass is Always Greener
Okay, another post about blogging. Perhaps I will die in a staple mishap today; who knows.

You know, I am not trying to offend any of my commenters, but I think this entry may offend. I apologize for this in advance, and there is no hormonal imbalance that can explain this away. Looks like I am responsible for my actions today. Crap.

I like reading Amber's blog, but she and I are like a decade apart. Amber is a cool chick – you will notice she does not comment on my blog. Marissa, one of her friends, is also a cool chick. She has a very slick blog. As does Alanna and Cheryl. Or Kim Or Lisa. Or Laurie. These are all cool chicks with cool blogs. My blog is boring – I mean, not the words but the layout. I try my best to have every other post mention how I enjoy facials, men with big, er, uh, hearts, and women in thigh high spiked boots and brandishing well-used whips. Where is the freaking backspace? Need to erase the last two lines.

Remember typewriters – I hated typewriters because mistakes stood out, and correction tape was sloppy. Not as sloppy as a good blow job, but pretty sloppy nonetheless. And not as nice.

You know when I start down the sex road, I easily get diverted. I like the people who read my tripe. I really do – and I feel fortunate because they have really good blogs. But part of me looks at these other blogs, pretty and hip blogs, and part of me wants to know what it takes to join their inner circle. It is like being on the dance team in high school and want to be at the chearleader's lunch table. You want to join, but if you ever get invited to the table, after the original thrill, you look around and think to yourself, "I really don't belong here. I like that people can see I am at this table, but, you know, I don't really like it all that much."

Once I dated an extremely handsome man – I liked that others knew he chose me, but after that, he was not really all that interesting, and the sex was actually the worse I have ever had. Worse than drunk sex. Worse than "he needs help finding the proper body parts" sex. The worse.

The winter is the spring asleep
"The winter is the spring asleep." Oscar Wilde

Okay, perhaps I don't have the exact words that Oscar Wilde said, but it is close. These are the words, as I remember them, in a story called, The Selfish Giant.

I wanted to write about this line in a wonderful story. But that is the only line I have written down. And now, I can't remember what the point is to this very brief post. I know it has nothing to do with half-naked co-eds. That much I know. I think it was going to be a sweet post – I sure hope so, because the story is sweet. But I really don't remember what I was going after.

Anyway, thanks for letting me clean out some of my unfinished posts. Sort of "spring cleaning" in my blog. And I will not be Melanie Griffith, in Working Girl. Why do you clean an apartment in your undies and high heals? I mean, really.


mal said...
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mal said...

I know what you mean about those who serve the military. My eldest sib had 25 years in and asked me to pull the blog I wrote about him and his decorations. I heard a line once that I thought expressed it. "The cause they serve is not important, why they serve is what matters"

Also, I need some wardrobe advice, I have been looking all over for used whips and spikey boots with no success. I am wondering when "Kinks R Us" will be opening a store in the Twin Cities?

Shannon said...

I enjoyed reading your unfinished bussiness. Sometimes I do the same thing.. I start an entry and then I can't finish it b/c of children running around or the phone rings, it's always something! By the time I get back to the entry, the thrill is gone lol

The military story would have been hard to finish for me as well. Losta emotions there...

Here's to many more finished stories! ***Cheers***

Mark said...

Actually, there is a cleaning service here in Ann Arbor that advertises as having their maids dress in lingerie while they clean for you. I don't know if they wear kneedpads or not. I don't know about you, but nobody is sexy with a toilet brush in their hand.

OTOH, making beds was always a weak point for me...

~Deb said...

HAHA! Shannon- "unfinished business"...Love it!

Unfinished business should be released and finished--always. A cigarette afterwards is optional.

Sweetie--you're in a league of your own. Your writing says, "Hell--I don't need a high-techy template or bells and whistles to be cool!"

Some of your posts made me laugh, some of your posts increased my sexual urge, some of your posts made me think way too much, and most of your posts I related to, and thought, "Wow, I'm really not alone in this!"

Your writing is awesome. Don't change your template, don't change anything.

Can I sit at your lunch table???

~Deb said...

P.S. Ummm....I have the same template. ;)

TrappedInColorado said...

Leesa, Leesa, Leesa.. it's all about content, baby! They are mostly flash. You have solid, wise, silly, funny, poignant, moving, exasperating, exhilarating, maddening, and loving content.

And, um, yes. As with Deb, I have the same template, also. hmmmmmm. And I'll sit at your lunch table but can we move it to a great steak house with amazing beef and cocktails? My treat, ofcourse. Deb, you and Mad can come to.


Leesa said...

mallary: apparently people will buy you boots with high heals and whips if you use them on them. Sort of strange!

shannon: as a woman, we have all encountered unfinished bussiness. You know what I mean. Hubbie's business is normally finished.

mark: okay, naked with a toilet brush. Sounds like S&M to me.

~deb: you can slum with me always; sit at my table, that is. And your template, at least it looks like you are giving head each time I re-load the page.

trapped: does the steak place have lighter fare?

Grant said...

The writing is what keeps me coming back, although the template is a little dull. Whatever you decide to do with it, better plain than annoying. Maybe you could stick an image at the top. I have some evil anime if it helps.

Pittchick said...

I don't think your blog is boring at all. I ran across it by accident once and then it took me forever to get back, but now you're bookmarked!

I check out Milblogs occaisionally. I come from a Military family and my brother is Active Army, so I have a soft spot for soldiers.

TrappedInColorado said...

Leesa, yes. The lighter fare is ME! ;) All are welcome! Come into the light. Go into the light!


Leesa said...

grant: I was thinking of taking a picture of that poor condom on the sidewalk.

dna: next time you speak with your brother, tell him that we appreciate his service.

trapped: hmmmmmm. I was thinking salad or chicken.

JD said...

one, as a military guy, thank you very much. it really means a lot to me and all of us.

B, your blog rocks. i love your sense of humor and the way you write. and i totally love the way sex slips into every other line. forget the slick backgrounds, those blogs are so busy visually, i usually can't enjoy the words, even if there are any wisdom or humor in them. talk about tripe.

your blog is great and i can only prove it by continuing to come back and comment. btw, i'd love to link you. ;) mmmmm, love the way that sounds... :)

TrappedInColorado said...

OMG! Leesa! You are so right.. It does look like DEB is giving head! I had not seen that before. Innocence lost.
BTW - if you are going to have chicken then you might as well bring your husband too.

joey♥ said...

i have so many posts i don't publish, because they're unfinished or just too private. spring cleaning is refreshing, liberating. i need to do that.

dasi said...

Leesa, I really enjoy all your posts, even the unfinished ones!! And you really made me laugh about the "inner circle." I have the same insecurities - especially if I post and get NOT EVEN ONE comment!! (Like I have room to sulk when I sometimes slack on the commenting myself...) But honestly? Even though you (and I) are older (possibly even wiser) than some of the other "cool" bloggers, I think we all can relate to most things on some level. And hey, you DO belong...! It's not a matter of "cool," it's good people whose writing is enjoyable. And you seem to fit both categories.

Your lunch table will never be empty, I can assure you!

Neil said...

I do remember typewriters. I guarantee you no one would blog if we had to use typewriters.

ManNMotion said...

There's another Mil Blog called Michaelyononline, he's a free lance journalist (and ex Green Baret) who decided to go muck about in Iraq. He has some great and touching stories. Google it if you have the time.

Leesa said...

jd: funny, love to link to me. Thanks.

joey: cleaning them out is liberating.

dasi: thanks, sweetie. I think people want to be at my table because when I laugh, milk comes out of my nose.

neil: how would that work exactly? I mean, blogging with typewriters?

mannmotion: thanks. I think you mean Michael Yon’s Frontline Forum. It was a bit hard for me to find because of the missing hyphen.

mal said...

Leesa, buy me boots? not so surprising, as big as I am, I have been hit on a lot times from guys who want me to "hurt them". Who knows, maybe for a pair of boots I should take them up on their offer! *L*

Kim said...

Cool chick eh? Thankyouverymuch.

I'd like to say, a template does not a blog make. Or something. It's about the writing really. Anyone can hire someone, like I did, to make their blog look cool but not many have the content to back it up. From what I've read so far, you have that.

Worse than "he needs help finding the proper body parts" sex...Ha!

kathi said...

Only you could do a patchwork post and it come out great. Reading your posts is like talking to my best friend, Katy. The humor is dry, sarcastic and it. (hope that doesn't offend you, it's the sort of humor I love)

Kim's Life said...

Cool blog dont worry about the look. Its the content we read. LOL I laugh because I never stick anything in draft. I rush right in, type away and never read it till I have pressed the enter button. LOl Then I go back and look and realize all the mistakes Ive made. Mmm Maybe I should put in draft first and think before I write. This way I wouldnt sound so stupid. Hey Thanks for the visit. :)

GirlGoyle said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one with unfinished blog entries. They sit there...collect cyber dust and who knows if they will ever see the light. Maybe someday. But I'm just too busy to revisit them and that given moment/thought is now gone. HOw to recapture them? Maybe I shouldn't. They should sit there idle and wait for me, the master, to decide weather I should free them and hit delete or share them unkempt and unfinished. Do have to tell you that I am forced to quickly overlook them or my OCD kicks in and I get an overwhelming feeling of "I must! I must! Clean this mess up."

P.S. I like your simple format for the blog. There are some blogs that are way too busy with color and pics and all sorts of shit. It's the words we are here to focus on. So I'm in and out in a few minutes....daily!

fatty ~ said...

this is actually a good excuse to post all the stuff you're not sure what to do with - i like the idea.

Cept, i never keep drafts. When i write - either i post it, or i delete it. I'm not a fan of reading/editing my own work =P

interesting thoughts here =D

Leesa said...

mallory: funny girl!

kim: thanks in return. My content sucks some days, and every once in a while, the words arrange themselves in a pleasing order.

kathi: you honor me, sweets.

kim's life: I put things in draft when I start something, and then I have to go do something else, shutting down the computer.

girlgoyle: girl, you are just like a man, in and out in a few minutes. Just kidding, toots. Thanks for the compliments.

fatty: I don't often edit my blog. Well, I have started working on something else, non-blog, and I edit that work. I just hope I am not polishing the words too much, taking all of the charm out of the work.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Those staple mishaps are SCARY!

Georgiapeach said...

I am loving the Grass is always greener. SO me right

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