Monday, April 24, 2006

Comments, Compliments, and Kindness

I tried posting this earlier, but I think Blogger/Blogspot is not working properly.

The other day, my hubbie said the sweetest thing. It was sweet because he was sincere and the quasi-compliment seemed almost unintentional. He said something about a current actress. He said, after looking at a picture of her on the cover of an impulse buy magazine I got the other day, "I don't get why everyone thinks [insert name here] is so pretty." In the early morning air, I could understand the rest of the sentence. He was thinking, "You, wife of mine, are so more attractive than this woman." Now, objectively speaking, the woman he was talking about is very pretty – oh, and I am choosing not to use a name because that is sort of beside the point. But I think I enjoyed the comment because of what went unsaid, what was understood between us.

I like to compliment my hubbie. I mean, I love the guy, and I want him to know I worship his penis. Well, actually, if I were being serious, I want him to know that having him stay by me when I was screwing around was the most touching thing I have ever experienced. But, if I told him that, I am not sure how much of an impact that would create. It is sincere, it is a huge compliment, but I don't know what the impact would be. But if I remind him that I love his penis, it probably makes more of an impression. And I can see so when he struts. I do tell him the other stuff, but I mix it in with the penis stuff. Because I love the guy.

I heard a mother say the other day that she wished her little boy was a little girl. I don't think she meant anything mean by it – she was shopping for clothes for the little boy, and let's face it, the little girl's clothes are sooooooooooo cute. Much more variety than little boy's clothing.

But here, I am thinking, "The little boy (probably a four year old) can here each word. I can see the little boy in counseling after this." Now, this young mother loves her little boy – or at least I have to believe this for the world to make sense. Why would you make comments that are not kind? Yeah, little girl clothes are cute, and dressing up a little girl can be lots of fun. But I have friends who have teenage girls. And I think things change a bit. Now, I can't remember me being a witch, but you know, I probably was a bit cruel to some girls. I don't think boys are that cruel. Regardless, you have a little boy – why not love him and make him feel so special? Makes no sense to me.

Friday, I posted about comments and how when I get more than two, I get a bit confused. Actually, I can handle about 10 comments, but after that, I am over my head. Well, I got a message from GP – you know, she may go by "Underground Queen" by now. Well, that is the name of her blog, at least. Well, anyway, she let me know that someone left a message for me on her blog. Which is good because she gets a lot of comments, too, and I usually just read her posts, not all of the comments.

Anonymous said...

p.s. please tell leesa to make an anonomous section to comment i would love to leave a message but i don't have an account
rick in n.y.

While I did not say that I spell "anonymous" a tad differently, I did mention since I freak out about comments, I thought perhaps letting anonymous comments on my blog would be counterproductive. Truthfully, I am not saying, "don't make a comment, darned it." I mean, if I wanted to do that, I would just turn off comments. Someone I respect so much did so a few months ago for a while. And I guess that sometimes people have to make comments. That's why the editorial page in the paper is the second most popular section of the newspaper. People need to chime in on a subject.

Happy Monday. Be kind, compliment people and post comments on other people's blogs!


TrappedInColorado said...

OMG! Why would someone want a little girl instead of a boy? With a boy you only have to worry about one penis.

I'm tempted to creat 100 blogs and have a program make random comments about every one of you posts! Muhahahahaha!

I love checking your and Deb's posts!


Leesa said...

I know exactly what you're saying with the mom and little boy. I posted something similar today. You're right, makes no sense.

Leesa said...

trapped: funny, funny.

leesa: powerful post, my leesa!

Pittchick said...

I have a little brother and I used to dress him up in my clothes because I always wanted a sister. I don't think that's nearly as damaging as a parent saying that to a child.

Now, my little brother isn't so little anymore and I'm very happy to have a brother. I don't think I did any long-term damage :)

mal said...

mmmmmmmm, I do not allow "anonymous" posts either and lets admit it, getting an ID is not hard

Pittchick said...

I allow anonymous posting, and so far it hasn't been a problem. Sometimes my friends will post and it does bother me if I can't figure out who said something. LOL!

kathi said...

I think your husband is amazing, he's a rare breed, for sure. I'm also sure that he knows that he has something in you that would be hard or impossible to replace.

~Deb said...

Question: Why don't you disable your comments if it freaks you out...? Jis' asking........