Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Meaning of Life

I started out wanting to briefly give you the meaning of like – heck, I normally write a post in 15 minutes, and thought to myself, "No prob, I can knock this puppy out in twelve minutes if I don't go for a laugh or two."

And then another thought hit me – telling you the meaning of life would be unfair. I mean, it seems we all struggle with this, and for me to give you the answer, I would be cheating you out of life's greatest challenge, perhaps even making the meaning of life meaningless. Wrap your brain around that crap, will you?

Cherish had a very poignant post last week that talked about the meaning of life. Well, not in so many words, but you get the idea.

Have you ever wanted to post a link to a site on your blog because you just don't want to lose site of something. Oh, but this has nothing to do with the meaning of life. Just a thought.

When I was in college, I had a good friend – he was a guy I never dated (or messed around with). We talked about all sorts of things. His goal in life, he told me at the time, was to bed as many women as he could. He was handsome, funny, intelligent, and, er, um, shallow. But he knew what he wanted, and he got it all the freakin' time. I mean, at the time, I sometimes was jealous of him, partly because for a while, I was not getting any. And partly, it seemed, that he was not really interested in me. I mean, I would not go to bed with the guy, but make a pass at me, okay? I would have said, heck, no, but I wanted the offer.

But this guy, let's call him Playboy X, is it wrong to do what he did? I mean, he had a set of values and lived his life accordingly. I don't know what happened to Playboy X, but I sometimes wonder about him.

There is a book by Steven Covey called something like First Things First. Now it is not a book about nailing women. It is a book about doing what you think is important. I find Playboy X to be, well, shallow. But if he spend his time doing what he values, will he live a fulfilling life?

There was a movie a few years ago, Good Will Hunting. I love that movie. Anyway, here is a line that I thought is appropriate:

Now you can know everything in the world, sport, but the only way you're findin' out that one is by givin' it a shot. you certainly won't learn from an old fucker like me. even if i did know, i wouldn't tell a piss ant like you.

Anyway, it is about finding out about love. I love that the psychiatrist, even if he knew the answer, wouldn't tell Will. We are all on this big blue marble, spinning through space. And I don't know what is important for you; I just hope you are spending time doing what you think is important. I just want a few of you finding cures for diseases – we can't all be screwing around all of the time.


mal said...

"Good Will Hunting" was an awesome movie and Robin Williams did an outstanding job in it.

I would not have expected Covey to promote the benefits wanton sex, especially since he is true blue member of the LDS, underwear and all!. It would have been funny though.

As far as Playboy X goes? Gosh, I can not tell you how many times I had friends that I wish would have made a pass at me! I might have even jumped their bones if they did!!!(and fed them breakfast *S*) anyway, back to playboy X...I suspect we are all grafitti artists by nature and we want to mark where we have been. If he gets to the end of his life and has nothing to point at and say "I did that" I think it will be a very empty time for him

Joe said... mean to tell me that Shakira makes videos? Why haven't I heard about this before now?

Flygirl said...

What a great post Leesa! Very... insightful.

Prata said...

Ah yes, I'm holding down my portion of the computer front! As far as doing what is important to me. Breathing works. Also, it would seem that I get the joy of finding value in helping others (when I'm not consumed with how to handle the oddities that creep out of my wood work).

Posting today!

fatty ~ said...

i totally write my posts of the top of my head in 15 minutes...

then there are those days where try as you might, it makes no sense - it takes you hours inbetween your work to post.
[sorry totally off the topic]

has he read 'The Game' - Neil Strauss - the pick-up artist book? its funny, ppl should read it.

Heather said...

Great post. So true.. I have to be serious all of the time, it seems. I'am so grateful I get my one night out a week, and have discovered the wonderful world of Blogland. Now, back to curing diseases..

Leesa said...

mallory: oh, sweetie, I love "we are all grafitti artists"; I really do. Worthy of stealing.

joe: sweetheart, I don't think I mentioned Shakira in my post. You must have Shakira on the brain.

flygirl: thanks. my post matches your picture today - at least the big blue marble part.

prata: and I always thought breathing was an involuntary act.

fatty: mine normally take about 15 minutes to write. Sometimes 20 minutes.

heather: thanks for curing diseases for the rest of us.

~Deb said...

The purpose in life can differ so vast from one person to the next. I mean, for some, it’s making others feel happy, for others, it’s working until you make a billion dollars. Some people focus on finding a partner to create a family and have the perfect life with a big house and a white picket fence. The range is huge.

What others may think your purpose is – is basically irrelevant. Some people think artists who try to live their dream are senseless people that have no desire to make money. Others feel that they are living their dream; happy—and will be even happier once their work sells.

Wow…I can go on about this topic. You really got me thinking on this one---and my head hurts from it!

My purpose in life? Make that needed pass at Leesa! ;)

kathi said...

Since I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be one of those finding a cure for diseases, I'm going to have to be one of those screwing around all the time. I think I can not only handle that, but enjoy it too. :)

cherish said...

Thought provoking post!!! Thank you for sharing it, I really enjoyed it!!

I think everyone's meaning of life is different.

Jay said...

there is no meaning to life It just is

Grant said...

Sometimes I wish I could just screw around, but even though I'm an atheist / agnostic / new Satanic hedonist infidel, I somehow have the sneaking suspicion that maybe there's more to life than just eating and mating and having fun until we die, which is why I feel like I have to write, to contribute something to the world, even when I would really rather curl up with a good book or an Asian woman and a bottle of beer.

But I'm not getting anywhere near those diseases. ~Deb has me properly freaked out.

Shannon said...

My meaning of life is to live it, and to live it without regret ....just to LIVE..

Have a great day!

Leesa said...

~deb: from what I have heard, the first billion is the hardest to make. Need proof, just as those of us still working on it.

kathi: take pictures, sweet kathi. I mean, me too.

cherish: you inspired this post

jay: I have heard that the secret to life is 42. I thought it was just a stupid number, and I just figured it out.

grant: so, for Christmas, where do I order you an Asian woman or a beer?

shannon: thanks for your passion. Walt Whitman inspired comment.

Ian Lidster said...

So, all you need is love, huh? Yes, it is. And I realize from the vantage point of a few years that 'love' is what I have always sought and, like so many of us, I generally looked in the wrong places. Once I married for juvenile love, in that she looked good on my arm and in my bed. In early middle age I married again for sheer carnal love. I was ravenous for her. I could have fucked her all day and every day and still wanted more, such was my physical and psychological passion for this exquisitely stunning woman. Great for a while, but none of the 'other' love was there. I realized all I was doing was looking at me through her eyes, and therefore always had to please. I've done a lot of that over the years with many women. Now I think I am at the place where I want to be (much of the time, anyway) and that is having learned to love myself. The rest of it follows, at least when things are going well. Great ponderables, Leesa

~Deb said...

Damn it...I knew it was a bit of a challenge. I'll let you know if I hit the powerball lotto...

Leesa said...

Great movie, I loved it. Love that quote too.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Well, honestly, if the Playboy X was honest and upfront with his "ladies" about just messing around, then no, I don't think what he did was wrong.


And no, I am NOT spending time doing what I think is important...because it doesn't pay my bills. Sure does suck, dammit.

P.S. I love Robin Williams.....he is HILARIOUS :)

JD said...

you are beautiful, sensual, and deep. other than shallow guys like Playboy X, i can't imagine any guy not wanting to date you. :) i mean that sincerely. like i said before, i love your blog and style of writing. keep it up. :)

Monica said...

big blue at the end of Men In kids love that movie, and I saw it the first time at a drive in (or was that Independance Day? Hmmm....)

Leesa said...

ian: yeah, the Beatles song said "all you need is love."

~deb: you have to hit the poerball several times, sweets.

leesa: one of my favs, too. language is a bit harsh for my virgin ears, though.

stacey: you need to find a way to merge your interests and your work-life. Oh, crap, I guess I should take the advice as well.

jd: plus, I would have loved to shoot Playboy X down. "Playboy X, I will not hold your penis anymore. I am just not that interested."

monica: I am not familar with that movie. Big Blue Marble was on PBS a long time ago - not sure if it was the shows name or just some stuff they said at the beginning of the show.