Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger Voodoo Dolls

Okay, I got a rude awakening Monday morning, and I am not talking about the neighbor who insists on cutting his lawn at 6:30 am. If I was a more violent person, I would stew his pets. But I digress. Please continue to view me as that lovable blogger who writes about kittens (but not kitten recipes), butterflies and pink hearts.

Okay, I come on Monday, with albeit, a crappier than normal post but I just wanted to push something out this morning. Wrote the post, saved the post, pressed "publish" and nothing. Looked on blogger's site to see if something was wrong. What I got was:

Friday, April 21, 2006

One of our databases is down, which prevents users from publishing to certain blogs. We are working on getting the database back.

Update: the database was repaired early this morning PST.

Posted by Pal at 00:51 PDT

Okay, that is Friday, today is Monday. I saw lots of blogs published Sunday, for some odd reason. Not sure why. And that was all. I wrote a couple of people (not ~deb, as Monday and Tuesday are her day's off) and all I got was one response: "Ha Ha Ha. I don't use blogger/blogspot anymore. They suck. They are unreliable. They suck." Well, something like that. The girl may have said something about wanting to be me. Not. But anyway, no sympathy.

So blogger, without any public knowledge of anything going wrong, published all of the blogs in the queue at about 1:24 pm (Eastern Time). But after the event was over, a meek entry was seen as follows:

All publishing is broken right now. We’re working on fixing it.

Update, 10:15AM: We have Blog*Spot publishing working again. External publishing coming soon.

Update, 10:41AM: External publishing is working again as well. Plus users, we haven't forgotten about you.

Update, 10:50AM: Everything sorted out now and working fine. Expect possible transient slownesses as we shore up some of the quick fixes that we had to make.

Posted by Pete at 09:42 PDT

I wanted it to also say, "We apologize to Leesa and anyone else who has severe OCD because you must have been very uncomfortable since you could not post. You probably circled your computer, pointing at the screen and wanting the "Publishing is in progress, Files published... 0%" to continue. Knowing that we were just sitting on our butts, wanting to know how many of you OCDs were not getting work done because you habitually blog first, check work-related e-mail second, get that second cup of coffee third. Ms. Leesa, we would like to publicly apologize to you, and as a favor, we will be coming by to wash and wax your car, and power clean your outdoor windows. We are scum."

Okay, that second part of the message never appeared. All I can say is I would like to purchase the materials to make a blogspot voodoo doll and start poking the doll with little pins. Since there is now a scheduled outing at 4:00 pm PDT, I wanted to post this before Blogger updates their databases. Girls and boys, I am sure I will loose all of my best stories. So just pretend I wrote something good.

Oh, and this just in. I have heard from a very reliable source (she gives great oral, I have been told – but I don't have proof, she won't give me the pictures) that the reason that Blogger was so screwed up is because of Mike. Apparently today's post was so controversial that Blogger (wholly owned by Google, a company which helps China with censorship) has chosen to censor Mike's blog. Little do they know they are feeding support for Mike.


JD said...

lmao with second part of message. and if your reliable source ever needs a willing victim... ;)

very funny post Leesa.

Grant said...

Stewing somebody's pets is just wrong. I recommend going straight to the heart of the problem and whack your neighbor. Just place an explosive or incindiary device in his yard that will explode when the mower's blade hits it. Mmm...ironic punishments are the tastiest.

I've tried some other services (xanga, livejournal) and found them to be just as unreliable and frequently worse, although none of them post semi-useful messages like Google.

TrappedInColorado said...

TWO posts in one day! Show off!!

Hey. I watched a little of a golf tourney that was in Savannah this weekend. The weather looked great. Wish I could have come out and power washed your windows.


Leesa said...

jd: thanks, sweetie.

grant: you are so smart, grant.

trapped: okay, two posts in one day - but one is for tomorrow. I don't trust that Blogger will be up tomorrow morning. So no additional post tomorrow.

So those of you who did not scroll down, do so to read a crappy post. Er, I guess I am not in marketing!

Pittchick said...

UGH! I'm having trouble publishing as well. Guess I'll try to get that resolved before the outage.

mal said...

this is AMAZING! I am publishing comments before your blog is published! we have entered the "Twilight Zone"

mal said...

BTW, I have some good recipes for Cat..it tastes just like chicken...at least when you Wok it

JD said...

Leesa, i think you're way more talented than you give yourself credit for.

mallory, lmao. it taste exactly like chicken, only different. ;)

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Oh I completely feel you on this! Blogger so pissed me off today. I also saw people that had blogs published on yesterday. I don’t understand why some people would have problems while other ones don’t. I really wish that blogger would get it together!

I hope that this comment truly does save. With all the issues they keep having I wouldn't be surprised if I check your blog again later and realize that my comment isn't here ;-(

Heather said...

Lmaooo.. I was almost that person circling the computer this morning. It about half pissed me off, ok.. it fully pissed me off. Hope your weekend was great!

Amber said...

You are HILARIOUS. I love the part about your little OCD self circling the computer...that's totally me as well!! Too funny.

kathi said...

Yeah, I loved debs post on Mikes blog, too. Funny stuff.

GirlGoyle said...

Well here I was wasting time cursing the computer, office network, idiot/useless IT guy and blogger while the whole time it was Mike's fault! Damn Mike...you just made me waste a perfectly good load of swearwords. Thanks bud!

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

come over for some real action-raunchy excitement

Georgiapeach said...


KyuBall said...

I'm still waiting on a response I sent back in December. I'm sure they'll get to it sometime.

Get what you pay for, I guess.

Mike said...

I get blamed for everything...*sigh*

Miranda said...

I really hate when Im doing a ranting post, already in a mood, and blogger decides to eat the post or just screw up.

Monica said...

What's worse is me returning to your site compulsively until you finally post.....and I'm not even OCD (no really...I'm not)

Georgiapeach said...

lol@ Monica. She thought she was slick today. I was expecting a post today too.

Georgiapeach said...

Hey, I figured out why you posted two yesterday. And then I just read your comment and it's the same as my hypothesis..lol. :) Hugs Queen LEESA!

Georgiapeach said...

Oh isn't Marilyn monroe a beauty. I love her shy poses, not to mention she is extra thick in this photo (her shape is like mines). And her hair is curly..lol. Like betty Boop. :) I love Marilyn, she reminds me of myself. :)

Leesa said...

dna princess: I feel your pain

mallory: blogspot has put us all in the twilight zone. So you have a good recipe for cat? hubbie like his pussy!

jd: thanks, sweetie.

n search: I know; one of these days I will come to work and find no blog at all.

heather: sweetie, I know it. Only good part is that I have had sex in the last 18 months.

amber: my chair has a path around it.

kathi: I love ~deb too.

girlgoyle: I always blame mike.

gapeach: are you a split personality.

kueball: I would pay something for more reliable service.

mike: crap, you read my blog

miranda: yeah, I hate that too

ggapeach: how many personalities do you have?

Georgiapeach said...

lol.Is that a trick question?..lol I only have one overall personality but several characterisitcs. :)

Heather said...

ah sure.. rub it in.. lol

I'm celibate by choice!

nope.. didn't make me feel any better..lol

~Deb said...

Was that not the most ANNOYING thing? I tried posting on Monday believe it or not and just gave up!

Grant just told me that your blog feed isn't working...........(?) What the heck is a blog feed? I'm so technically challenged!

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Leesa said...

heather: not meaning to rub it in. I bet you want "it" rubbed, sweetie!

~deb: yeah, I don't know what the feed is either.

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