Thursday, April 06, 2006

Little Notebooks, Crap and Inspiration

Yesterday, I started my blog with a “crap follows” warning. Two people said, “This isn’t crap.” I was not being shy or modest. I had not thought of a thing to say – and my OCD sort of forced a post. But, at the last minute, something came together.

You see, when I blog, I really can’t figure out how people will react to my posts. I know how I will react, but not others. I remember the most important post I ever wrote – I wrote it one day to be posted the next. I told people, a few bloggers, the next post is good, real good. I mostly just doodle here – and that post, to me, was heartfelt, well-written, and had a message that was important. Real important. I got four comments.

I post about “slut radar” (an old post that struck a chord) or complain about another blogger with the same name (recent post), and I get comments, lots of comments. And I don’t understand why.

I read a blog yesterday that talked about a 100 post challenge – where the blogger gets 100 posts, and then challenges the next person (tags them, I think the phrase is), and then they get 100 posts. I couldn’t get 100 posts if I make a collage of Bored Housewife’s braless Tuesday pictures. A sort of a “tit for tat” post. But I digress.

And that got me to thinking about something else – inspiration. That well-written post that didn’t get many posts – I can’t remember if I was inspired or touched. I can’t remember, maybe touched more than inspired. But inspiration comes and goes so quickly. I have read that some really important people carry a notebook around and jot notes to themselves, before they lose inspiration. And those of you that saw Mike’s last post, I was not referring to him. But he does the same thing.

There are days where ideas flow through me. They are like minnows in a stream – if you don’t have your net ready, you miss them all. I am not a good writer yet, but I wonder if I carry a notebook around, could I remember those little inspirational moments that come and go. Now I can’t see asking hubbie to stop rocking my world while I write down some thoughts. It would kill the mood and he may find that his thingie is not the only thing I have on my mind at that exact moment.

Who knows, perhaps this will make for better blogging. And, I will tell you a secret. Pssss. Come closer. Whispering: I have started writing a book, a real book. I just hope I don’t quit on it if I don’t get inspiration.


Edtime Stories said...

leesa you are a good writer. I know that I can't take my own advice but would say we can't be creative everyday. Writing is something that is synthesised (spelling alert) from emotion, experience and desire. How I wish I could come up with lines like:
There are days where ideas flow through me. They are like minnows in a stream – if you don’t have your net ready, you miss them all.
Carry a note book I know I often take notes on napkins or on the back of my card. I wrote an entire story on the back of a business card sitting at a bar.

I look forward to reading your book, your area of the country is so rich in imagery, people and tradition. And you are one of the most fancinating people I read everyday.
Be well and be happy

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I think you write pretty damn good (from what I've read).

And I know what you mean about the whole blog post thing...sometimes I sit outside during my lunch hour and think "Hey! I should blog this or that..." and by the time I actually sit down to blog, the ideas are all gone.

And to hell with a notebook..I'm thinking "laptop"! Good luck with your book...I know that's something I have ALWAYS wanted to do myself. Keep us posted, would ya? :)

Grant said...

Inspiration is overrated. I've found (and Stephen King has written the same thing) that the muse tends to awaken only after you've put some honest effort into it. If you wait for the inspiration to strike you first at a time convenient to writing, you might be waiting a long time.

Also, I don't think there is a correlation between the quality of a post and the number of comments. I think your writing shows real skill even when you're just e-doodling, but I usually have to work to think up a comment. Conversely, I've read other posts which were boring and poorly written but I was immediately inspired to reply. I've adopted a policy where, if I read the post, I leave some kind of comment if I can come up with anything better than "Nice post," mostly because I'm bored and pathetic and I hope to get comments in return, especially if there's any chance that you are an Asian woman. :p

GirlGoyle said...

It depends on why you blog. I blog because it's my method of allowing my sour alter ego to express himself. Doing it in public and outright is not always Kosher it seems. So I blog and if I receive no comments it doesn't matter to me. I appreciate the input but if there isn't any that's ok too. They are my thoughts and my ideas in the moment. They aren't written down to inspire anyone. They are just a way to blow off steam. On the same token, i read blogs because i want a glimpse of everyone else's insanity. To see if they too feel like I do about certain things. Many times I'll read but I won't comment...just ponder. for yourself and people will connect. For what it's worth...I think you write real well. Wish you luck with the book. I can't keep an idea straight...would never be able to focus on a train of thought long enough to write a book.

~Deb said...

You said, “That well-written post that didn’t get many posts.” Do you mean, “comments”? I am assuming that. You know, I have a friend who will remain nameless for now, but she has like a million people on her site and her meter says 400 per hour! 400 fricken per hour!!!! Her comment section is almost empty. The content of the blog is very well written and intelligently thought out.

As for ‘me’, I comment if I have something to say. I can’t comment on a topic that I don’t know about. I don’t want to put ‘any ol’ comment’ in there as a filler. Sometimes just reading your posts are good enough----cause I really do learn a lot from them…and sometimes I can’t HELP but comment because you’ve touched upon something I can relate to, or something that was very funny.

Good luck with your book! Can you reveal what it’s about? Is it fiction? Non-fiction? Let me know when it’s out because I would definitely want to buy one of your books! Too interesting girl! I hope to see you on all the shelves on Barnes and Nobles.

~Deb said...

Seriously though, will you let me know when you release it? Shoot me an email and I'll go buy a copy.

Shannon said...

Isin't it weird how that happens?? You pour your soul into a post and get like 3 comments, but if you talk about sex, booze or something of that nature, BAMM the comments flow in. lol

Good idea on the Notebook... Congrats on starting your book, WOW, awesome!!

Cheryl said...

Oh I have had the same thing happen with my comments. Sometimes I am shocked by what gets people's attention!

I couldn't do 100 either. Unless my own comments count. Then I'd be about 75 of them (at least)

cherish said...

Chuckles @ writing in your notebook during sex. hehe!! You are too funny.

I feel the same way about comments. One time I wrote a post about how my children were affected by 911 and events that occurred right after it. How they lost their innocence during this time. I thought it would get a great response but other posts about nothing were better received. Maybe the silly posts are easier to comment on.

I would like to wish you the best of luck with your book!!!

Mike said...

Leesa...I can't think of an entry you've posted that I didn't like.

Everyone has some type of ritual they use to write with. I have about 20 posts in some degree of draft based on notes I take on things I see or think about.

It's just one of the things that help me out.

Angie said...

I've read back through some of your posts. I like what I've read so far. I've just started blogging but I have about 5 draft posts saved that are nothing but a few lines of thought that ran through my head. When the muse strikes, I'll go back and finish them. As for the comments, it's your blog so write what you want. Same thing for your book. Good luck & keep us updated!

Party Girl said...

I so hear ya.
I have yet to figure out my readers and what will trigger something and what won't. I finally just decided to say, fuck it and write about what I want to.

Anal sex? 3 comments.

The money shot? 20 comments.

A true sexcapade story? too many to count.

a Lloyd Dobler quote? 17 comments.

..see what I mean. So, I say fuck it and just write. whatever I want to.

JD said...

well, i love your blog. i love your style of writing and sense of humor. and you can be deep. sometimes you (people in general) write something really profound, and that day everybody is outside because the weather is great, and nobody reads it. don't be too hard on yourself. i'm pleasantly surprised by every comment i get, i don't expect any. i know people have real lives and commitments, so not everyone can read every blog every day... you get the picture.

now one thing that does piss me off is when someone who's never been to my blog before and can't force themselves to scroll down, asks for a pic or some kind of info that you just posted a day or two prior. why can't people read something you had to say maybe a week or a month ago? is it that perishable? okay, off my soapbox. oh yeah, and i think you're hotter than Keira Knightley.

Sparkle said...

You are so do-able!

Ian Lidster said...

Love your style and your analogy to minnows in a stream in terms of inspiration and how some days the writing just flows and others, well, it fucking doesn't, and the more you labor at it, the worse it will be. So, give up, have a drink, make love, take a walk and forget about it. I've been a writer for many years, and believe me it will always be thus. But, persevere, you have some great stuff in various postings. Glad I found you.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I feel the same way sometimes. I think when we write in a blog, the intonation and inflection can make for wobbly understanding. It's not crap though....your posts are always meaningful.


Seven said...

I read your post in front of this one. Two comments. This was not a crappy post.
I have found that you just have to write for yourself. THe blog audience is very diverse and so many readers are interested in everyday chit chat. Just write for you, thats my advice for what it may not be worth.
Second point; You nailed fathers with a bulls eye. Your words are not only accurate, but touching to us fathers that have raised girls through diapers, teenage turmoil, college, marriage, etc. Nicely done.

kathi said...

Add me to the list of readers that's never been disappointed here.

Leesa said...

ed: you make me blush.

stacey: you get an hour for lunch? If we are dreaming, I would not have a notebook or laptop; I would have my personal assistant, called Swen. He would massage me, take notes and look dreamy.

grant: I have read the same thing from Mr. King. I think that if you set aside time each day, some days you come up with a little, and other days, your fingers fly and your come up with a whole chapter. The difference is the inspiration. But your point is well-taken: you can't catch any minnows if you are not wading in the stream.

girlgoyle: yeah, writing for 15 minutes to fill a page is one thing. Writing a book is, well, intimidating.

~deb: yeah, I meant comments. But I also look at traffic, and on some days, the traffic is not there either. Less than 200 people. Though my page hits continue to climb.

shannon: I am wondering if the difference is that when people google, they hit upon the sex, booze and blonds posts.

cheryl: I could never comment 75 times on my own posts. I will never reach 100.

cherrish: thanks for the insight on silly posts. You may be onto something.

mike: you like all of my posts because they are all about you.

angie: good luck on blogging. It can help your writing, as well as release your thinking.

party girl: money shot? Not sure what that means. And three comments on anal sex - are those comments from partners saying, "yeah, party girl, loved it last night"? Your examples made me laugh - thanks.

jd: yeah, some of my best stuff gets read for a day and forgotten. So is the life of a blog entry.

sparkle: wow, what a response!

ian: thanks for the advice.

dr. ~deb: thanks, sweetie. I rarely comment on your blog, but enjoy the entries. Sometimes they are a starting off place for other stuff - your links at the bottom of the blog entry.

rick: thanks for raising a princess or two! They will make the world a better place.

kathi: thanks, sweetie.

Joe said...

For what it's worth, nearly everything you write is full of wit and insight. You make me think about things, and later in the day my mind often wanders back to something you've said.

Good luck on the book. Can't wait to buy a copy.

Leesa said...

joe: the book will be a chronical description of insects found at Incan burial grounds. Just teasing. But I have just started it, and I would imagine 75% of the first three pages will eventually be edited out.

Party Girl said...

money shot: noun
porn refernce: meaning when the guy cums on the girl.
This is called, "the money shot"

no cum, no porno movie.
No cum, no money.
hence: money shot.