Tuesday, April 04, 2006


When I was in college, we talked about crossover artists. You know, those artists that reach both rock and country audiences. Alabama, for instance, would have playing time on rock and country stations. Or, Charlie Daniel's Band – "The devil went down to Georgia, looking for a heart to steal." It was okay to like that song even if you said that country sucked.

Anyone that has read me for awhile knows that I know little about music. I mean, I grew up in the 1980s where music was mediocre, at best. And this post is not about music either, not directly.

Joe on Friday announced that he was leaving up his "Hips Don't Lie" music video by Shakira, partly because "Blondie, Leesa, ~deb, Yasmine, MJ," and others made various comments during the week. Notice anything interesting about the list? There are many (all, not sure who MJ is) women in the list. Okay, some of you will notice Blondie is first – but please remember that "blonds have more fun," and I am sure that's why she is listed first. Now I could be mean and talk about various handicaps blonds have, but that would further take my blog into bitterness, something I am trying to avoid.

"Love, Love, Love, all we need is love."

Okay, we can clearly see I take this bitterness crap seriously.

So all of these women are saying that Shakira is so hot. And if you take ~deb out of the equation, most of us are fairly heterosexual. So Shakira is a crossover person – as in I'd crossover for her.

Editorial note: You can't really take ~deb out of the mix. Sexuality is extremely complex, and although she is currently with a woman, she could have been with a man if fortune were different. I mean, she dated men and she still flirts with men (even after snagging Mike). But this is my blog, not ~deb's, so I will go back to me. Heck, I am glad my name is not Deb. Then I would boycott her site. And she puts pictures of all sorts of people on her site, some with teeth.

I am not sure why Shakira is a crossover babe, and some women aren't. It is not like she blogs, but that would not make her sexy – even if she practiced HNT. Please don't click on this site unless you want to see silly nude people.

I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with others. Then I googled, and I came up with some bizarre names:

1. Hillary Duff: Are you serious? She is like 12 years old and cute. Not a sex-pot. I am not sure why she would be wanted by heterosexual women who were not pedophiles.

2. Kristin Kreuk. I will admit it, I have no clue who this is. Apparently she plays a character called Lana Lang on television, though this adds little insight for me. Think that new Superman show on the WB. Well, maybe not so new.

3. I feel a little dirty trolling for women.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Okay, I get Sarah, but not the Sarah that fights vamps (sounds like tramps) with sticks. Sarah in Cruel Intentions. Speaking of Cruel Intentions, that brings us to . . . .

5. Reese Witherspoon. I don't get her, either. Yes, she is pretty, but there are lots of pretty women in the world.

6. Britney Spears. I sort of did not want to find her on other people's lists. Sure, she plays tonsil hockey with Madonna – nice PR move to salvage a faltering career, but could you pick someone who doesn't look like your mother. Fitting that I end with Britney – she crossed over from being a Mouseketeer©, then she did crossroads after crossing over herself during that music awards ceremony.

Guess I should visit Joe's site to ask him a question – he dodged my last question in his comments section. I wonder if I will see Shakira's hips.


Prata said...

Britney Spears, ew.
Kristin Kreuk is rather hot. I would date her.

By the by, I will be posting today because something interesting happened to me. Well..not interesting so much as entirely emotionally disturbing. *chuckles*

You'll enjoy this.

Grant said...

The one I don't get is Jessica Alba. She's mildly cute, but that's all. She's certainly no NBD. :)

Flygirl said...

Angelina Jolie. She's hot.

BBB_0202020 said...

Can I throw in my homegrl Beyonce?

Monica said...

Yeah, I'm with flygirl...Angelina Jolie is definately giving my husband reason to worry. And Nigella Lawson......ohhhhh be still my heart.......yummy.

Leesa said...

prata: interesting is an understatement.

grant: Jessica Alba? Who is she?

flygirl: I used to be turned on by A. Jolie, but not so much anymore. I just can't help but wonder what's in those lips.

tigerkiss: Beyonce is classy.

monica: Nigella Lawson. Okay, I am officially labeled clueless.

Party Girl said...

crossover, I'm lovin it.

I've made the crossover once or twice (three)(six)(ten) (it doesn't matter)


JD said...

lol, great post. crossover, too funny. ummm, no, there are no guys i'd crossover for. just to be up front about it. great blog, love your sense of humor and the profile pic is cute.

JD said...

and thank you for the comment. would love to email you a private comment. you can find my addy on my profile. :)

SkyeBlue2U said...

Tonsil Hockey that is the funniest thing I've hear alday. Thanks for making me laugh.

Monica said...

Nigella Lawson!! Come on! You have to love her for the recipes alone (which are amazing...I own all of her cookbooks)

cherish said...

I think the girl from Pirates of the Caribbean is gorgeous! This was a great post!!!

Boris Yeltsin said...

I can't stand up now.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Crossover huh? (Smile) I haven't heard it called that before, but I will have to start using that!

Everyone is crazy over Shakira! It is a trip.

Leesa: please come to my site and read this story about a 5 year old girl who had a baby! Its unbelievable.

Leesa said...

party girl: um, are you getting our attention for possible crossover. Hmmmmmm.

jd: I was thinking of including a guy or two, but (1) I am not qualified to guess, and (2) most guys are not that comfortable about their sexuality. The only one I could have thought of would be David Bowie - a guy I dated said that he was a "pretty boy". Oh, and my e-mail address is fairly private. I love all of my commenters and few have the e-mail address.

skyblue: thanks, sweetie.

monica: I don't have cable/satalite. I bet she is on the cooking channel. Home and Garden, whatever it is called. I have seen another woman - a New York woman. I can't remember her name. She seems, if you don't mind the pun, tasty.

cherrish: oh, yeah, I agree.

boris: one advantage to being a woman. I can stand up now.

n-search: thanks. I visited your site yesterday, and I did not see the article. I use Opera, and I think it sometimes has spasms on your site. Anyone else - as long as you are not eating a meal, I would travel to n-search's site. Interesting read.

Edtime Stories said...

Crossover is interesting. I have heard men talk about Mancrushes. I don't know very many men that are hetero who would crossover and admit it.
I find it interesting when I am out with a woman pointing out the other hot women in the room. I think women are just more comfortable talking about that.

Angie said...

Hi, Leesa. I'm new to your blog. Very interesting post. I agree with your Angelina Jolie comment. Those lips scare me. I'd crossover for Jennifer Aniston any day. I know everyone's tired of hearing about her, but she's still hot!

Leesa said...

ed: I really think men are taught to fear other men's penises (thus the comment in another person's blog about uninal ettiquite). By a man-crush, though, I don't think men want to have sex with other men. Something must just stir in them. It is not like I want to have sex with Shakira - I can't tell you how many times I have to re-buff this Latin hottie. Almost getting to the point of not wanting to hang with her. Okay, now I am dreaming.

angie: I want Jennifer's hair, not her body!

Joe said...

The Pirates of the Carribean woman is Keira Knightley. Erm...not that I've ever given her much thought or anything.

Would Salma Hayek qualify? What about Rosario Dawson?

mal said...

notice that the bulk of your list are blondes? (except Kreuk) I feel like like a discriminated minority!!!!

Leesa said...

joe: thanks for the Keira Knightley name.

mallory: the list I got from googling other lists. Shakira was the only one I could originally come up with on my own. And I feel slighted as well. Notice how nobody mentioned mallory (I'd do you!) or me? What is up with that?

mal said...

Leesa...I think its the white wine/red wine thing.. the more experienced wine drinkers prefer red wine for its complexities and richness. I think its the same for blondes/brunettes. We really should thank the blondes for weeding out the inexperienced and untrained for us *L*

BTW...you would? and your phone number is?? *L*

Leesa said...

mallory: you are attractive, smart, and funny. Who wouldn't do you? I sort of used a line from the "Cats and Dogs" movie. When one of the characters, in an act of friendship was talking up the other person. She said, "I'd fuck you." And the responce was, "I know you would, honey." It sounds sexy here, but it was sweet and compassionate.

I love the wine thing. Really love it. We can take the phone number thing off line. *wink*