Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Really Freakin' Stupid Awards

This is a bonus post – because I have already written tomorrow's post, and I don't want to spoil it with a request to vote for me for an award. Those of you who have been reading me for a while know that I won some award a few months ago.

Well, gosh, it was an honor because my readers voted for me, and because the name of the award was "the really fucking stupid awards." I can't remember what my category was last time – I think it had something to do with my potty mouth.

You can click on the above image and you can be transported over to the page that has the rules. Okay, some of the voting is lame – you have to e-mail the blog owner you’re your votes. Sort of twentieth century. For all of the spiders on the web, trolling for e-mails to send porn to, her e-mail address is chlnature@hotmail.com. But visit her page anyway. She probably does these awards to drive traffic to her.

My category is "blogger of the month." Which is different than blogger you would like to bitch slap, I am told. Well, if you do want to vote for me, and you will need to e-mail the above address, you might want to have a little fun with it.

For instance, instead of saying, "I would like to place one vote for Leesa for Blogger of the Month. Her daily insight inspires me towards sainthood." You might want to give one of the following responses:

1. Leesa paid me $1 for voting for her for "Blogger of the Month."
2. Leesa has little to live for. Please cast two votes for her. I hear she has leprocy.
3. I hate Leesa, and I know she hates the word "fucking." Please place one vote for her for "Blogger of the Month."

Okay folks, you are creative. For my Texas readers, "y'all are creative." I hear Christie models Jane thongs for anyone who casts a vote. Well, I think I heard that.


TrappedInColorado said...

$1? I'm cheaper than that! I won't vote because I do not want you to get a big head and become like Meryll Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada". Just sayin'

Tony said...

Christie models Jane thongs and Leesa models.......?

Cast 2 votes for Leesa as she has a terminal case of writers block and this will give her something to write about for the next seven posts.


Cast two votes for Leesa as she is the one who introduced me to the "reverse cowboy" position.

mmmm, doesn't sound right,

Cast two votes for Leesa as her thoughtful reflections want me to come back in my next life as a nymphomaniacs dildo.

no, too much of my own personal insight on that one,

Aw hell, just cast two votes for Leesa since she's so damn cool!

Yeah, that's the ticket....

Leesa said...

tony: thanks!

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