Monday, July 31, 2006

Lazy Mornings and Superman

I did not want to get up today. I really didn't.

Here I was, lying in bed, being a lazy butt, and staring at the ceiling. Hubbie was already in the shower, getting ready to go to work, kill stuff and bring home the meat. Well, he was actually going to several meetings, will be paid cash, and I will purchase said meat at the grocery store. But it is about the same thing.

So here I was lying in bed, thinking to myself, "I am so tired. I feel so tired. I am not going to go to work today."

And then my mind began to wander. I thought of the movie "Superman Begins" or "Superman Returns" or whatever it was called. Then I thought of Christopher Reeve. I always thought he got the role of Superman because of his name. George Reeves was Superman in the 1950s, so the names are similar. I can't think of Christopher Reeve without thinking of what happened to him – how he was in a wheelchair for those years, and then I start thinking of my lazy butt a little bit differently.

So I got up, wiggled my toes, and counted my blessings. I tricked myself into going to work because of the Superman movie thoughts. My brain is so strange.

I have been thinking about my writing lately. I have been concerned with people, with situations, with whatever. And my blog has sort of sucked. So I apologize for all of the lack of interesting blog entries. My Friday post was suppose to jump start my "fun-loving" blog. But it didn't. I have not re-read my entry, but I hope it did not come across as bitchy.

I was going to write today about liberals and conservatives. I heard some debates over the last few days that made me laugh so hard. I mean, they were not trying to be funny, but they were really funny.

If I knew anything about electronics, I would develop some sort of device that would knock out cellular phone transmissions. I would mount the device on my dashboard and use it when people are chatting on their phone instead of driving. One hand on the phone next to the ear, and using the other hand to turn – even notice that the turns are slower and not as tight. I have seen someone nearly take out a car in another lane. And I am sure the conversations are just that riveting. Probably full of, "oh, hold on, I am turning right now. Almost hit that Ford F150. That would have left a dent in my Lexus."

If someone calls my on their cel phone and they are driving, I thank them for their call, tell them they are driving and say goodbye. No one ever calls me back when they are driving. But then again, most of my friends are considerate of others.

Guess I ought to get some work done today. Sort of wish I stayed home, ate ice cream and watched Oprah. Darned Superman movie.


TrappedInColorado said...

Lisa, your wish is my command.

Let me know how that works out. I have been soooo tempted to sit that bad boy on my dinner table at my favorite restaurant. Too bad they are't like decals and are cheap that we can surrepticiously attach to the underside of cars. I'd dress in a black ninja suit at night and go around sticking them all over the place. Anarchy!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I am RIGHT there with you on the "staying home, eating ice cream and watching Oprah". I SO didn't want to get up this morning fact, I hit the snooze about four times before I FINALLY hauled my ass out of bed. Hope your day is going by fast and you can get back home to that ice cream! ;)

Prata said...

Any electronic device can be made to cease obtaining reception remotely. All you need is proper frequency and power output. I note someone has posted linkage to such a device.

You know those decal things that people use to boot signal? Yeah, those don't work. No power source for one...and secondly...requires attachment to antennae to create gain, but yeah whatever.

Anyhow....I'm armed and prepared.

Memphis Steve said...

I think the CIA already has the cell-phone blaster, but one day hopefully it will find it's way into Popular Science along with all the schematics so we can build one of our own. When that happens I'm going to be shooting them down with wild abandon.

Don't watch Oprah. She'll melt your mind and turn you into a fruitbat. Trust me on this. I am wise.

~Deb said...

The only reason I call my friends while they are driving is because in NY they have ear pieces now that enable you to use the phone very easily--without the risk of getting into an accident. Does your state allow you to talk with a cell phone? They banned that here a few years ago...

As far as your posts, you keep mentioning they are not of anything of interest. I personally love your writing. Keep it up girly! No slackin'!!! ;)

Leesa said...

trapped: it is "Leesa," not "Lisa." I wonder if I can disrupt your internet access with one of those things.

stacey: I don't even hit the snooze button. I either get up or ignore the alarm altogether.

prata: you concern me with your knowlege of devices to disrupt communications.

memphis steve: yeah, another scarey thought.

Prata said...

The use of cell phones isn't the problem. It's akin to a stereo. The problem is that auditory response and hand-eye coordination requires the ability to multi-task, which the brain does not do efficiently on a conscious level with regards to tasks like driving and judging distance and the sort.

Having a conversation, while judging the distance in which you need to brake, while manipulating the radius of your turn causes one to sacrifice efficiency on all areas involved (including how hard you press the pedals). I believe it is akin to having a few drinks, your reaction time to all instances of driving suffers tremendously.

I believe a study was done on this.

Leesa said...

~deb: even if there is such a law, I am not sure they would enforce it.

prata: I have seen a study on it. Well, the publicity of a study. And the results are that if you talk on the cel phone (either hands free or handheld), you are somewhat impaired.

Jason said...

Don't forget the original Superman committed suicide. There is supposed to be a hotel in California where his ghost is still seen in the costume.

JD said...

well, like Deb, i love your blog and every post. :) so glad to be back...

Pittchick said...

I read ana rticle a while ago that churches in Mexico are able to disrupt cell phone calls. They somehow block the signal during Mass. I believe the devices are illegal here, but it sure would be fun to have one!
I try not to talk and drive at the same time, but if I have to, I use my wireless set. It's really no different than talking to someone who's in the car with you.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Getting up on a Monday is tough!

Tony said...

What's a snooze button? When the alarm goes off I'm up, no questions asked (well, maybe there are questions; but I'm still up)

Would you sit in the passenger seat and try to hold a serious converstaion with someone in rush hour traffic? OR Would you sit in the driver seat and try to have a serious conversation with someone in the passenger seat? I don't think so. So why try to do it over a cell phone where we all know conversations are so much easier?

Can you hear me now?

Leesa said...

jason: information I did not need to know. Thanks.

jd: you are welcome. And I was not gone.

dna: actually talking to someone in the car with you is a little different. You have two sets of eyes for some hazards.

dr. ~deb: do you have a pill for getting up on Mondays?

tony: today's post is about cell phones, too.

~gkw said...

I personally love to read your blog! It's a daily read for me every morning. I like the way you latch onto a subject in most posts, and when you do ramble around, it's usually a lot of fun. I really love your style of writing too...