Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bazaar Recluse

Pregnant Britney Well, I am not the first one to notice, but Ms. Britney Spears is posing "nude" in an upcoming issue of Bazaar. Well, lots of people have made comments about this – apparently she cried with Matt Louer, saying she just wanted her privacy, and others are seeing this as a very public thing.

My initial reaction: Britney, you are wearing more clothes than you usually do!

I am a very modest person, but if I ever get pregnant, I am going to romp around naked for weeks. Hubbie will have to be embarrassed and apologize to the neighbors. "Sorry, reverend, Leesa is just feeling good about her body." Or at least, I hope that's how I am.

I have known many pregnant friends, and I think they all look wonderful, and they have this going on in their heads – beached whale, do not make any comments on my body. Because of hormones and such, I am sure I could rip your tongue out and throw it on the ground. But I am not sure I could step on said tongue. I have a balloon belly obscuring the view.

And I would be, "Hey, neighbor; get a load of my nipples. They are so dark and big now." And hubbie would contemplate suicide.

I mean, with childbirth, as I recall, you have thirty people look right at your pussy, placing fingers inside, going "2 centimeters."

I am sure I want to yell, "Take out your dick, man, I bet you can beat 2 centimeters."

When you are pregnant, I think your modesty has to go out of the window. I have talked to friends, and they were apprehensive about revealing their boobs or whatever, and by the time they were 6 centimeters, they didn't care who saw anything!

I mean, having four or five months of carrying around all of that weight, the hormones going and all, and I am not sure who I was anymore. A good friend admitted to me once that she wished her hubbie would have taken some pics of her naked during pregnancy. Looking back, she says, she missed a golden opportunity.

Perhaps that why Britney posed nude, in part. She wanted pics, and because she is such a ditz, she thought she might loose them. Heck, why not have 5 million copies floating around. Trouble is, teenage boys probably smear 4 million of those copies, if you know what I mean. Britney is such a bitch and I hate her (note: this view is not shared by the Catholic Church) – but looking at her nude pregnant body, she looks so sweet, so nice. I am glad she posed nude – she helped out 4 million teenaged boys and she gets to remember when she was so wonderfully pregnant. Pretty good for a ditz!


Jay said...

Pregnant women are sexy to me. And she looks great on cover.

Heather said...

She does look beautiful, the bitch... I always looked like a half hatched egg with the legs poking out... Not anything I'd want to see

Grant said...

If I remember my teenage years correctly, pregnant women were a major turn-off. In fact, it was viewed as a kind of fetish to find them attractive.

Leesa said...

jay: thanks for that!

heather: I long to be pregnant, but I have yet to succeed.

grant: I always thought pregnany women were beautiful, but I think it is the glowing skin. Plus, it is not like I wanted to have sex with them. I think it is more of a survival thing - so that members of the tribe continue to care for the woman during her pregnancy.

United We Lay said...

Naked is the most comfortable way to be when you're pregnant. I'm in week 32 and starting to be uncomfortable in all positions. I don't like Brittney. I ahppen to think she's an idiot. I also agree with you about the whining thing to a point. Celebs should ba able to pose for picture withotu having their baby shower photos plastered all over the internet. There is a standard of decency, or there used to be. You can be an actress and have a private life. We don't go around asking our doctors who they're sleeping with, if they smoke pot, etc... and we have a MUCH more intimate relationship with them.

halo said...

Can I just say I hate Brittany Spears? Hate the woman. I think shes an untalented idiot.

ok, I feel better now.

Having gotten that out...

Theres not alot that sexier to me then a pregnant woman. She glows. When I was preggars though, we didnt show off our growing bellies, we hid them under tents. Now though, Id be showing it as often as I wished.

Shannon said...

I think she looks beautiful.. I would have killed for her body when I was pregnant..I bet she didn't get stretch marks with her first... and she probably won't with her second... *Jealous Look*..

As for the whole..." I don't want the attention, please leave me be routine"...I think for the most part celebs know ahead of time what they signed up for, but I do believe they have a right to their privacy...intimate moments like, weddings, baby showers and so on, ought to be off limits for the magazines unless the celeb grants permission...they are human too..

JD said...

one of the most beautiful pics i've ever seen was of a friend of mine pregnant. great post hon, and you can show me your nipples anytime, even if you're not pregnant. i promise to be duly impressed. ;)

Lisa said...

You know, you're right. I sure didn't feel sexy when I was pregnant...just heavy and uncomfortable and losing everything about my body I had ever liked. I think that's why it's so hard for most women to feel sexy while pregnant.

But she (and so many others) sure do look beautiful while pregnant. And you would be one of them.

Prata said...

Do you know why celebrities look beautiful when they are pregnant? Personal trainers. And lookin' at preggo chicks as sexual beings is actually still a fetish. Go check out the porn sites lol Fetish-Preggo/pregnant so is lactating actually just as a heads up.

There is no longer the same standard of decency as one would expect as a "normal" person if you are a celeb. Celebs go out of their way to get into the spot light, and then expect the spot light to go off as soon as they no longer desire the attention. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work that way. If you want privacy, then don't try for more and more spot light. Take some of the other celebs out there, despite being popular, not ever aspect of their life is trampled by the media...sure they are seen out in public and shot with cameras and what not, but their babyshower photos don't end up on the web. If you expect privacy then be doesn't necessarily hamper one's career.

Brittany is not hot either. Just...ew. *twitches*

Leesa said...

united: very interesting comments. Thanks.

halo: yeah, I hate the girl. I actually hate Paris Hilton more, though. And if I was preggers in the summer, I would be showing off my tummy. As long as everyone did not touch!

shannon: thanks for the viewpoint. Interesting thoughts - and I really have not thought much about this.

jd: thanks, I think.

lisa: from your lips to God's ears.

prata: one correction I would make: from "Celebs go out of their way to get into the spot light" to "Celebs Trainers go out of their way to get into the spot light." Well said.

Jay said...

To me Britney is hot in this picture, to others not but thats why we all are not married to the same person. There have been very few women that I have seen who I didnt think was sexy while pregnant, but I do believe some swell to the point of not being sexy. Its up to a certain amount of mothe you look good then too swollen. Although that doesnt happen to all. Celebs do have their trainers but you dont need one to be in shape you need something that most of us have short suppy of and rich people have plenty of,TIME.

Georgiapeach said...

Hey Leesa!

I haven't seen her look so beautiful in years.

Georgiapeach said...

I am wondering why she had to color her hair dark for this shoot. Does blonde hair mean slutty

Leesa said...

I think pregnant women look beautiful, also. I like the dark hair too.

Advizor said...

Call it a fetish or not, but I love pregnant women on one condition; they had to be pretty before getting pregnant. Let's be honest, the "regnant is sexy" vibe only works with women who start off pretty, in shape, at a decent weight, and who have good skin.

When my best friend (married to another good friend) got pregnant, it was all I could do not to throw her hubbie in front of a bus and swoop in on the widow. It's the whole thing, the motherhood, the changes, the big breasts, fantastic nipples, and extra sensitivity everywhere. She confessed that she was on edge for months 4-8, was always ready for sex, and "flew solo" more than ever.

On the flip side, few things are scarier than someone who's overweight, out of shape, slovenly, and pregnant. It's a nightmare. Just look at how we are all reacting to Britney.

During the Matt Lauer interview she looked 100% white trash with the bad skirt, the ho-bag blouse, the bubblebum smacking and slouching in her chair like she's reaching for a pack of unfiltered menthols before she turns on Jerry Springer to watch her Dad and Sister talk about dating.

In the Bazaar photo's, she's groomed, primped, fresh, clean, happy, and sexier than hell. (But what's up with that black lace hood? That was freaky).

Pregnancy is wonderful and sensual, but it also has to be clean, sexy, and healthy in order to be sexy. Britney seems to have pulled it off, as did Elle McPhearson, Jennifer Garner, and other beauties.

Leigh said...

I loved being pregnant. I was always so heathly. This reminds me of Demi Moore. Although I do like her wayyyyy more then Britney.

Leesa said...

jay: thanks for the comments.

GP: yeah, I guess she is not naturally blond. Most women stop coloring their hair when pregnant. I think there may be a concern with the chemicals.

leesa: I am sort of anti-blond myself.

advizer: I did not see the Matt Lauer interview.

Leigh: Demi was absolutely beautiful pregnant.

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