Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Okay, one of my last posts dealt with me changing my insides. But part of me wants to change my outside as well.

Well, these two things don't go hand-in-glove, so to speak. I mean, I have been working on my insides for years. And for the most part, I think I have grown emotionally and spiritually. Actually, the more I learn about religion, the more I think religion belongs with sex. Think about it, but today's post is not about this. It is about something that is superficial. I need to take a break from the deep, sort of like wanting to come back to the shore and sit lazily in the rolling waves, enjoying them for a while.

Okay, another little secret, a secret that I can keep in blogland, but not in my real life. You see, dear readers, I have started getting grey hairs. Now, I would occasionally get one grey hair a while back, and I simply would pluck the hair from my head. No big deal, really. But here I am, in my mid-thirties, and I have a few more grey hairs than I can pull or pluck.

Growing up, I never thought I would ever color my hair – my sister does not color her hair, but my Mother does (same color is her natural hair to hide the grey). So here I am, thinking about coloring my hair. Now, I only have a few grey hairs in my head really, but I have been thinking about coloring for a while. I really like my hair color – have had the same color most of my life, a tad lighter in my youth due to the sun's rays, but the same basic color for years.

So I approached this subject with my hubbie, not that he can tell me not to color my hair, but I do want his view on the subject. His reaction – he really doesn't care. Now at first, I was a tad hurt – hubbie doesn't care what color my hair was. But then I started thinking about his possible words and my reactions to them:

Hubbie's Reaction #1: "Cool. What color are you going to go? Blond?" Oh, that would be the worst reaction possible. I am a bit anti-blond (due to a competitive blond sister). I could never go blond. I know it sounds crazy, but when we made love, it would be like him screwing my sister.

Hubbie's Reaction #2: "Cool. You have been showing a little more grey than normal. Good move." Okay, honest, and the first thing out of my mouth without thinking would be. "Feck Off!" But the feck would be stronger. His ass would be mine for weeks.

Hubbie's Reaction #3: "Honey, don't change a think. I worship you, from the tips of your beautiful head, to the tip of your unpainted pinky toe." Okay, he would never say this, unless he wanted to get lucky that evening.

So he had a safe reaction. Not sure what I will do. I am very cautious about these things. Yeah, I know, hair is temporary. Even a bad cut grows out. But I still am cautious. And I have thought about something I did not even tell hubbie. I think he assumes I will go with my same color. But you know, I don't have to go that way. Now blond is out – because I am psycho – but I could do highlights, or more shockingly, could I be a redhead. Hubbie always says he loves brunettes the best. But I am a brunette, and that is a safe answer. I have seen him looking at redheads. And it would be sort of neat.

Now I probably won't do anything for a while, but I have started thinking about it. And as I think, I wonder if redheads have more fun.


squire said...

Back in my day, redheads were considered "easy". Hey but if the shoe fits. hehe

Video X said...

i started with the gray when i was 23. i had 2 gray hairs. now, i have a lot more. i have done all the colors...well...only the "normal" ones. no purple or blue or any freaky nonsense. blondes do get more attention...BUT it's terribly high maintenance...i've been every shade...we never put in just one color...the strawberry blonde was kind of fun though. red is fun, but fades FAST...then it looks icky. i have recently gone back to closer to my natural color which is dark brown...but we add some really cool reds in it...and NO BLONDE!!!...despite the fact that it got me out of every speeding ticket i was pulled over for. hey...at least i found that i really can be flat chested and still get out of tickets!

good luck in your endeavor. i vote against the blonde too! and i love the red. there are some really pretty red colors.

~Deb said...

Do a temporary dye in your hair if you're not sure. I went blonde once and my hair turned out feeling like cotton candy. The processing made my hair awful. I now dye it to get the extra grays out. Nothing wrong with that. As far as my partner and when she asks me if she should dye her hair, I really wouldn't care if she went red/blonde or black, ........I just don't want her getting any face lifts or "enhancements". Okay okay okay.....I wanna get lucky! But it does help, right? ;)

Leigh said...

I am very lucky I have yet to find a gray hair. Although I do love to dye my hair now and again. It is a feel good thing I do. Never to crazy, just some highlights or a washout dye. I say go for it. It is amazing how the simplist things can make you feel good.

Have a great day!

LisaBinDaCity said...

I tend to separate religion and sex unless I'm calling out "Oh. My. God." during the latter act ;-)

halo said...

Gray here as well, dammit. Ive always colored my hair, high lights, low lights, red, brown, light blonde with brown streaks, hot pink and electric blue.

I think its fun to change up every once in a while, and now seems like the perfect opportunity for ya. Besides, if ya dont like it, you can always change it back. ;-)

Rick said...

Hubbie is a smart man. There is no correct answer to that question. Personally, I consider a gray hair or two "highlights." But then, I'm just a middle-aged white guy.

Prata said...

Although there is nothing at all wrong with coloring your hair, I'll put my 2 bits in about it.

1. The object of my affection is getting grey hairs...stress and aging..and you know..I don't mind it one bit.

2. If you're not comfortable in the skin err..hair you're in...might wanna examine that.

Not that I'm sayin' people who color their hair aren't comfortable with themselves necessarily, they may actually not be comfortable with themselves. I'd not ever color my hair if I start getting greys, nor would I pluck the greys when they start coming. I'm just comfortable with however I happy to look, it just doesnt' bother me and I'm not too keen on if society thinks I should or not...not to imply that you or anyone else that colors their hair is worried about what society will say about them because you/they have some greys.

Prata said...

Blech. happy == happen, sorry I'm a dope.

Grant said...

You should try adding raspberry or purple to your hair - that will eliminate the need to bleach first before adding a darker color. Yes, I have dyed my hair before. I stuck with blue-black for that reason, and I was a pre-goth goth.

Leesa said...

squire: and I thought redheads were firey and compassionate

VX: really enjoyed your comments.

~deb: now I have so much more to consider. Oh this is complicated.

leigh: thanks for the encouragement.

lisa: as long as God doesn't answer at that time, I guess your partner would not mind.

halo: thanks, Alma.

whiteguy: when a guy gets grey, it is sexy and distinguished. When a woman does, she is old. Unfair, but that's the world we live in.

prata: okay, an interesting viewpoint. Crap, you brought up some good points. One thing made me grin - prata, do you shave? I mean, that is altering one's appearance as well. Of course, your shaving, or my shaving my legs may be for convenience or for enhancing our appearance. Er, this issue has now gotten "brainy" for me.

grant: thanks for taking the "anti-brainy" approach to this subject. No, no strange colors.

Dawn Of The Dad said...

Agree with whiteguy. Hubbie could not have phrased it better. Caution is the watch word for partners in this situation. My partner recently just went from years as a red to almost black hair. I made the mistake of complementing it (I thought that would be the best response?!)

She hates it.

So advice to those being asked the question, follow your partner's lead!
PS Just found the blog today. Refreshed by your honesty.

Dawn Of The Dad said...

Agree with whiteguy. Hubbie could not have phrased it better. Caution is the watch word for partners in this situation. My partner recently just went from years as a red to almost black hair. I made the mistake of complementing it (I thought that would be the best response?!)

She hates it.

So advice to those being asked the question, follow your partner's lead!
PS Just found the blog today. Refreshed by your honesty.

Dawn Of The Dad said...

Damn double post! Sorry.

Pittchick said...

I was a red head for almost 10 years. I loved it, but then recently starting coloring my hair back to its natural brunette. Due to genetics, I have more gray hairs than I should, so I think I'll be coloring my hair forever.

Leesa said...

dawn of the dad: honesty? yeah, I guess so. But I was hoping for brilliant writing!

dna: I don't have bad genes; just wish the grey hair didn't bother me as much.

Heather said...

It's hard to admit that we are getting "older" let alone when mother nature starts handing us our signs.. I have colored my hair for years, because of the gray, I always tried to keep it as close to my natural color as I possible could.. I think if you want to.. go for it.. If not, don't..

Have a great day!

Prata said...

Good question! I shave my face when my face becomes itchy. I don't like the feeling so I shave it. I have shaved because someone asked me too, but when acting of my own accord I shave when it's comfortable for me. lol

kathi said...

Take it from one who knows, once you start coloring, it never stops. :)

mal said...

I am not sure about dramatically changing the color...I have tried variations since I started going grey a couple of decades ago and keep coming back to variations on my natural color, Brunette. Every time I go outside of it (red, dark blonde) etc it just does not look right

I am at the point of saying "Hell with it" and letting the grey come out. I have EARNED it *G*

minijonb said...

Do redheads have more fun? I wouldn't know personally, but I've had more fun with redheads, so, sure, why not =:-)

Leesa said...

I'm all for redhead!!
I'm getting grey hair too, but it blends in with redhair really well, so that's a plus:)

Leesa said...

Oh and P.S. I'm going with Fiery & Compassionate.

Leesa said...

heather: I would rather have grey hair than sagging boobs!

prata: I thought you would have an explanation for it.

kathi: at some point, I would guess I would go grey. Say, 90.

mal: I am not wanting to be grey yet. I mean, people think I am mid-twenties. Must be my childish attitude.

minijohb: thanks for the vote.

leesa: I bet you are fiery & compassionate. And you take wonderful pics as well. Just stay away from bears, sweetie.

nosthegametoo said...

I have no idea what you'd look like. But good luck with the new colour.

Joe said...

My first reaction was to say something like "it's always best to accept ourselves as we are" but then I realized how stupid that is. If coloring your hair makes you happy, then do it. If a change is what you want, then make the change. You can always go back to the way things were.

Shannon said...

I think you would look great with red/black or gray hair...blonde isin't for everyone...it's over rated (No offense blondies, I still love ya)..but seriously..whatever you are comfortable with makes for a great Leesa!

Killdare said...

I vote red too. Something about red heads that's very seductive and exudes intelligence too.

SCH said...

I vote for red. I love redheads. I admit, I prefer a redhead over a blonde any day! Course I'm twisted that way... :)

Heart Of Darkness said...

Hi Leesa

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I was just like you while growing up, I told everybody that would listen I would NEVER dye my hair... and then I started doing it. It started slowly, in high school, with some highlights... then a lightening toning... and then I went all out. And for the past seven years or so, my hair has had every single imaginable ("natural") color in the world - besides pitch black and platinum blonde...
I LOVE the instant change! It's gratifying, and what's of that? :)

Take care

Leesa said...

nosthegametoo: thanks!

joe: thanks - interesting perspective.

shannon: you are a nice blond, by the way!

killdare: vote noted.

sch: vote noted.

heart: thanks for your comment. Sounds like I am not too crazy.

Heather said...

yeah.. about the sagging boobs thing... damn...

Monica said...

Oh please for the love of all things holy---don't go red.
I have issues with fake redheads (one in particular) and I would hate to, even for a moment, associate you with her--you're too lovely.
Dye away, be happy, have fun--but remember, nothing is as sultry, seductive, sexy, and smart as a brunette in heels.