Monday, July 03, 2006

Locked Cars and Strong Women

Recently, I was reading a post by Ed and he mentioned that he was once locked inside a car. That brought back a memory.

Locked Car Doors
I was with a group from work, and we were going out to lunch one day. And if any of you know about downtown Savannah, you know we have a parking problem. Er, if you are the mayor or other public official, perhaps you don't see a parking problem. One exists. Well, we took one car so that we did not have to (1) give up some of our spots, and (2) find only one spot when we got to the restaurant.

So the driver hits the unlock key on her little key ring beeper, and we get in the car. We get to the restaurant, and we get out. Well, the one guy (who was sitting in the back seat) could not get out, or even open the door. There was another woman co-worker in the back, and she was just sitting there, watching him. He tried for five minutes to get out, and the rest of us were just laughing and laughing.

Turns out the one door had the "child safety switch" switched on, and you can't exit from that door. Okay, it doesn't make good blogging information, but it was funny. One of those, "you had to be there" moments.

I figure since most people are off today, I could slack in blogging. I mean, I can slack at work. Might as well go full circle and slack on blogging. I could sit at my desk all day, balancing paperclips, and no one would care. Well, balancing paperclips seems like more work than I will be doing, but you get the idea. But I don't even want to blog – write or read them. I mean, most of you won't post because you are tanning your butts on the beach, or doing housework – better yet yard work. Maybe you are driving to Uncle Fred's house, because good ol' Uncle Fred does the best barbeque. So I figure, why should I even try reading blogs.

Strong Woman
I was reading Leigh the other day, and she revealed something that I would never have revealed. She is a strong woman for have posting the blog. I was thinking about posting something about myself, something revealing. And I was going to post it today, since not too many eyeballs would see it. Sure, it is at the right time, but because of the day, I am just too lazy to put the energy in the post.

So I will be going home today – thinking of weenies. Well, I actually am more of a Polish sausage kind-o-gal. Thickness is so much more important than length, you know.


Mike said...

Well...I'm certainly glad to see a post today....and now I'm off to work myself...the beach has to wait for a day here.

cadbury_vw said...

i found mthese great smoked chicken and turkey sausages that are only 130 calories each (compared to 250-320 for pork sausages of the same size...


that wasn't what you were talking about?


now i feel foolish

mal said...

Slackard!!! *G*

we are doing Brauts tomorrow...same idea I think

Grant said...

FYI - I shall be lazy and refuse to comment here.

Monica said...

happy holiday Leesa.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

The child lock part made me lol. I have many funny stories about the very same experience.

BTW, hope you and your hubby have a good holiday.


Shannon said...

Have a safe and happy 4th...and you are intitled to be lazy, especially on a holiday! =)

Edtime Stories said...

wow I influenced Leesa to write a post. I feel special.......
Yes I have tried to park in Savannah...........YIKES>

God I miss that place...wish I could come back.

Lee Ann said...

I hope you have a fun and safe fourth!

Leesa said...

mike: thanks.

cadbury: actually I have found chicken and turkey sausages myself. I don't eat pork or beef.

mal: I am happy to report that the BBQ was wonderful! And I am not much of a meat-eater.

grant: I shall be lazy and refuse to answer your comment here.

monica: thanks, sweetie. Happy Independence Day to you!

dr ~deb: thanks, sweetie. I just hope I did not ruin a similar experience for others.

shannon: thanks, I will take my entitlement.

ed: of course. I think we all influence each other, sometimes in inperceptively small ways.

lee ann: I did, thanks, sweetie.

Georgiapeach said...

Hmm. On July 3, I slept in and went to a club later that night. After the nightclub went to a girl's house. My ex, her, and I had a I was bad on July Ssshhhh. I haven't told anyone It was okay. She was a lot skinnier than

Leesa said...

GP: er, what made you say that in my comments?

Georgiapeach said...

I was calling myself sneaking I don't know. I just decided to tell