Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not Another Awards Ceremony

Please note: Rebecca informed me late yesterday, that "The Thinking Blog" Award was created to spread a virus. I don't do memes, so I did not know that you normally link back to the original meme. Anyway, the original link would have had you download a little virus or Trojan or whatever. I did a quick search to look for some documentation of this, but, well, when I googled it, I could not find anything that looked credible. I did see a link to the site that spreads the virus.

 The Thinking Blog AwardsIan tagged me yesterday with "the Thinking Blog Award." Now, I know what you are thinking, "That SOB Ian awarded Ms. Leesa and not me." Well, this is what I have to say on the subject: this is not really an award; it is a dressed-up tag, and you know, I don't do tags regularly.1

I wanted to write a post, railing on tags, how they are uninspired, how they are sort of like blogging chain letters (except you don't get decapitated by an elevator if you don't do them2). But then I thought, you know, I don't have a darned thing to write about today, other than to note that neither Paris Hilton nor Britney Spears was photographed coming out of limos without wearing panties last night. That might count as news.

Then, embarrassingly, I looked at my blogroll, and I thought, who the heck would I consider a thinker? I guess thinker to me means "guy who is really smart but can't figure out how to get laid." And I don't regularly read people like that. When we think of thinkers, I am going to have to expand the normal definition. Hey, buddy, back off, I have a golden award now and I can conk3 you over the head with it. When we think of thinkers, we normally think of people with high IQs. But there are EQs (emotional quotient) as well. And street smarts, and lots of other ways I consider people "thinkers." So I am going with another definition.

Okay, Quasar is the IQ-type of guy. I read his stuff, and it is mostly about astronomy. This is one of the branches of science that I have trouble with. I mean, you can't touch it, unless you are talking about Earth, or for a very few of us, an asteroid or the moon. Anyway, I read him, and I pretend to know what is going on. I throw around stuff about sub-atomic orbits mirroring asteroid projections, and Quasar doesn't call my bluff. And I get some of his jokes because I like to watch Nova.

~Deb is my blogger buddy who has a high spiritual quotient4. She is a lesbian who knows a heck of a lot about the bible. She quotes scripture, and seems to have studied on the subject rather extensively. She also is a published author (book entitle A Prayer Away from Healing). Bright lady, and if you think about it, she really has a high relationship quotient as well – she knows a lot about relationships.

Cinderella5 has an extremely high Fashion Quotient (FQ). She is a self-described mall rat, and I doubt she has taken a bad picture in her life. If it is okay for a gal to hate, then I would choose to hate her. Unfortunately, she is so darned sweet. She has blown up her blog several times, so there are only a few posts right now, but she is a doll. She is a sweetie, and she remembers what goes with red pumps or that tube top. Are tube tops in again? I don't think so, but Cinderella would know for sure.

Prata is a technophile, and so he gets my vote for someone with a high Technical Quotient (TQ). Whenever I want to slam a blog with some sort of denial of services attach, he is the guy I go to. Okay, just joking. But if I mis-state something technical, he is quick to inform my readers what the real deal is.

Okay, this is not some self-gratouitious award that I am handing myself6; it is for a blogger that I initially called "Bitch Leesa." She is a talented photojournalist (not sure if that is the word), a devoted wife, and a clever gal. She seems to have "it" all together, and that is what most of us want. This, I think, is what is behind EQ. She has successfully grown up, has not shot anyone, has not taken anyone hostage in a liquor store, and overall, seems to be a real grown up.

Well, that rounds out my five votes. If you were not mentioned, it is because I couldn't think of a way to ridicule you. You know, Ian, I am not really feeling very smart today. Are you sure you meant to tag me?

1I did one recently for Memphis Steve, and it was only because he was in the blogging competition I had. He really pimped the competition.
2Okay, this is a huge assumption. To my knowledge, there have never been any double-blind studies to support this fact, but you know, there have not been too many decapitations by elevators recently. If this were true, heads would be rolling down the hall all of the time. Okay, that is really gross.
3I get "conk" and "conch" mixed up all of the time. One is a threatening maneuver, and the other is a shellfish. Not sure you can conk someone with a conch for the simple fact that you can't tell someone what you have done. Their head will explode, trying to figure out what you did.
4I was going to call it SQ, but that is a bit weird.
5I know her real name, but I won't use it here. I don't think she wants people to know.
6I know at least one blogger that does this sort of thing; really sad, sad state of affairs.


Rebecca said...

Leesa, you fell for the meme. It's phony. It doesn't originate from a legitimate source.

Leesa said...

rebecca: I said that the "award" was really a dressed-up tag (guess I should have said meme). But I did not know that there are legit sources verses non-legit sources for memes.

Leesa said...

You know, I really love the title "Bitch Leesa" now :)
I also sometimes wonder why I haven't shot anyone or held up a liquor store.

Thanks for the nice review.

~Deb said...

Why thank you my darlinggggg! A thinker? Hmm... Good at relationships? My girlfriend will have to answer that. (hiding)

I appreciate the kind words!

Leesa said...

leesa: thanks for the kind words.

~deb: and good at discussing relationships.

Pittchick said...

I think I may go check some of these people out. Well, I read Deb anyway, but I wasn't really aware of the others.

RWA said...

Whoa now...there are "legitimate sources" to tag people for memes?

I interpreted that to be what Leesa meant at the start.

RWA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prata said...

*offers the "easy denial of service attack" button. Would you like to press it? *winks* Come on now....I know you want to touch..er...press it.

Hey, what is that extremely bright fireball in the sky? ....OMG...natural light...get it off! Get it off!

Rebecca said...

Part of the original meme is to link to the original post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme. http://www.thethinkingblog.com/2007/02/thinking-blogger-awards_11.html Once you do, your computer crashes. Try it. It's a virus. Well-meaning people are perpetuating it across the Internet.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

My old boss went to the Florida Keys and came back and was telling us all about her adventures. She then told the group of us co-workers who were listening that she ate some kind of fritter that had "cunt" in it but she didn't like it. I started laughing hysterically...and she couldn't figure out why. I FINALLY got myself under control enough to ask her "You mean you ate "CONCH" not "cunt", right???" When she finally figured it out, she busted out laughing too.

Guess you had to be there...but I about fell out with laughter!

Leesa said...

pitt: all good reads.

rwa: we learn something new each day.

prata: I played in natural light (and air) all weekend. Wore me out.

rebecca: thanks for the information. I did not know. My link does not go to the right place (and I would not try your link nor recommend it to anyone).

stacy: yeah, it would have really been an adventure the other way, huh?

~Deb said...

Hmm...relationships seem to plague me these days. *sigh*

Leesa said...

~deb: I got that impression.