Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wanting to be like Lise

You know, I originally called this blog "Leesa's Stories" because I started with my erotic stories. Even after I started blogging, I did not want to change the title. Part of it was because my readers knew the site as "Leesa's Stories." But a different part, a greater part, thought of my conversations as a series of unrelated stories strung together. That's how I talk; I tell stories.

I sort of got dinged on that by a reviewer who have recently critiqued my site. I have changed a few things around – not sure if you have noticed. Not big changes, but changes nonetheless.

I think some additional changes will be my dedication to telling short snip-its of stories, and removing myself from the contests and other fluff. I will still give you my views on stuff, but hopefully they are written in a story-teller's voice.

When I was in college, there was a way-cool girl, from I think Denmark, and her name was, and as far as I am aware, still is Lise. In the US, we would call her Liz. It was in knowing Lise that I came to the conclusion that I think college campuses should actively recruit foreign students, if for nothing else, but to expose young minds to people who have different cultures.

I always wanted to be like Lise because she was so cool and worldly. One time, early on, at a party, she was talking with three or four guys. They were hanging on every word she said. Here is how the conversation went:

Lise: When I first got here, I was so happy to have such a wonderful reception. Many friends in my dormitory would stay up to all hours of the night talking with me. They also included me in all of their activities.

Lisa, as I recall, did not truncate many words when she got to Georgia. Being in Georgia for a while, though, corrupted some of her language.

Random Guy: Can I get you another beer?

Lise: No, thank you. As I was saying, the girls really made me feel welcome, and they invited me to go swimming and laying out around a pool. In Denmark, we lay out every chance we get, because the sun does not come out to play that often.

Lisa learned English when she was young, and her words seemed almost like poetry because she would mix up sayings that sounded better when she said them. Having the sun come out to play – what a wonderful thing to say.

Lise: Imagine my surprise when I spring into Heather's room, and she looks at me like I am from another planet. She tells me that I need a bikini top in order to go to the pool.

All the guys laugh.

Lise: You see, where I come from, we only use the bikini tops to tie up our hair!1

More laughter from the guys. They were just drooling over this woman. She further explained that she brought several bikini bottoms but no tops when she packed for school, not knowing of the different rules in the US.

I really wanted to be Lise. She was very attractive, well-spoken, a really good student and fun. And around her, I felt like a girl and she was a woman. I am not sure exactly why, but I felt like she was so much ahead of me in terms of maturity.

And her story – I did not buy her story for a second. Sure, she did bounce to Heather's room topless, that was true, but I think she knew that Americans did not sunbathe topless routinely. She knew so much about American culture and I could not help think she was just wanting to do something to make herself stand out.

1I had the overwhelming urge to type "or our wrists." When I heard this, I swore I heard someone whisper that, but if it were really true, I would have thought the laughter would have been more boisterous.


Heather said...

I bet she had quite a few peoples full attention with that little "oops"...

Have a wonderful Humpday!

LarryLilly said...

When my younger son was in 10th grade, his best friend, same age, a kid living next door to us in the rural development we lived in Oklahoma, had a 15 year old Swedish exchange student from Sweden just move in with them for her sophomore year. We had a huge pool there, and the neighbors (kids and parents) were allowed to use it during the day. My wife calls me from the house one day in late August; school starts in Oklahoma mid-August, telling me there is this topless girl in the pool with the friend, and a couple of other boys and girls from the development, along with my son natch. Well, my wife busts them, asks them to leave, and then expects me to tell the neighbor.

I didnt have to, as I was walking over to his house to tell him, he comes out and begs forgiveness, telling me that they would have to send her back to the agency that does the placements since two times that week she was walking around their house nude. Then when he found out about the pool incident, she had to go.

Dam, how come I never had a Swedish exchange student living with me LOL

Ian Lidster said...

Was "make herself stand out" an intentional Freudian slip? Anyway, I know a Lise and she is nowhere near as much fun as your Lise, more's the pity.


~Deb said...

Good news for Lisa, in New York, women are allowed to go topless. And surprisingly enough, no one really does. *sigh*

RWA said...

Well, isn't that something? They use their bikini tops to tie up their hair.

Or their wrists.

I need to take a trip overseas, I think.

Leesa said...

heather: yeah, she sure did!

larry: poor girl, really. Sent home for going topless/nude.

ian: I did not realize Freudian slips could be intentional. An, no, it was not intentional.

~deb: Deb, we are talking New York. It is cold there, right?

rwa: I am not sure that they use the tops in that manner. I think she was being a flirt.

Pittchick said...

It must be hard going to a school in another country. It's nice that she felt so welcome here. Probably doesn't hurt when you're blond and beautiful, though.

Leesa said...

pitt: yeah, but to be away from family in a foreign country. Yikes!

hs said...

it's not all that bad actually :) I'm an international student in North Carolina and my family is miles away from me. Like you said though, you do mature when you are in a new environment; you become much more independent and grow (emotionally/socially) more than you ever thought possible.

I came across your blog a few weeks ago and love what you write and thought I'd reply to this post.