Saturday, March 17, 2007

YouTube Gem #10: communitychannel and velvetcowgrl

YouTube Star: Community Channel
Natalie, aka communitychannel, is one of my favorite "popular" YouTubers. She is an Asian from Australian, and she did a really good video explaining what that means to her. Of all of the VLOGgers I have seen, I think she does some of the most thoughtful videos (and like HappySlip, she occasionally plays several characters, which may indicate she does not have a "crew" behind her either). I am going to embed one of the most recent videos, partly because it speaks to my OCD, and partly because it reminds me of the YouTube non-star (below). It is about germs and hand washing. Completely wonderful.

a little example of what goes on inside my mind (reposted)

YouTube Non-Star: velvetcowgrl
I think I started watching velvetcowgrl from a video called "God Loves His Gay Children." And at first, I did not know, that velvetcowgrl included my very own ~Deb (I get the impression that this is Deb's and Amy's VLOG. Maybe its just one of theirs; I subscribe no matter what the truth may be.)

They did a really cute weather video (one of the two disappeared but I think there were some overlaps in the two videos). Anyway, it was cute, and although I know little about snow, I found it enjoyable.

The embedded clip is from a short video of Deb playing a 12-string guitar. Lead Belly1, eat your heart out.

Deb on her 12-string

1 Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter was perhaps the most famous 12-string guitar player in the world (don't I sound all authoritative when I say this?). Wikipedia has information about him, but I have not read it to ensure its accuracy. Apparently Wikipedia is wrong a lot of the time. He is a fascinating individual, as is ~Deb.

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RWA said...

Huddie Ledbetter is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, 12-string performers of all time.

I don't care what Wikipedia does or doesn't say!