Monday, March 05, 2007

Round 2: Honorable Mention

Here are all of the blogs that did not make it out of Round 1. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, please take a gander. Even if they were not as popular as another blog, perhaps they are just what you are looking for.

Bock the Robber
Bock is a disgrace to all decent bloggers everywhere. When he isn't ranting about crooks, he's laughing at fools, though Bock himself is both a crook and a fool, which can be a problem. His language is appalling. He has no respect for authority and no regard for people's feelings. He detests politicians and priests. You wouldn't want your mother to read Bock the Robber.

Driffling Witt
No description sent.

Random Thoughts from NYC
Last minute entry; no description yet.

The Hitch
I am a far right of centre political commentator. I despise "Greens," illegal immigrants, most politicians and rather than "hug a hoody" Id much prefer to birch them in public.

Scaramouche Jones
A place for my take on items that catch my eye, my opinions on anything that crosses my mind, and my interpretation of topics suggested to me by my readers for discussion.

Heidi Flash
The random musings of a 50 something year old woman just hitting her stride.

The Wind Shall Hear My Words
I've always enjoyed writing poetry. On my main-page blogs, I've always included poetry, but never gave the poems their own place. With this blog, I wanted to write "new" poems, and give them their own space. Some of what will appear, as poetry, are very personal glimpses into my mind & life...others, are inspired by what I read, or see in the culture, or the daily new. All, are (I hope) a poetic response to the world within, and the world outside. With Pictures (sometimes), and artwork...or not, this is a spot for those who have an interest in poerty~~so little, discussed these days~~and, would like to read what I have to offer. I usually write a poem a week.

Peace of My Mind
I live in Montana surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery. When I'm not greeting deer or fighting off bear, I take care of three horses, one dog and a few cats.
With a traveling husband and living under Leesa's Law, you will find that if it's going to happen, it will happen to me. With a passion for photography, I try to share all of this with you.

An Inside Look
This is a small glimpse into the drama that makes my life interesting and so worth the ride! I make no apologies for what you'll find here. It's me...all of it. Good, bad,'s me.

And From These Ashes
This is a last-minute submission; still waiting for a description.

Razor Blade of Life
I started a blog on a whim, never having kept a journal of any kind before, with no preconceptions as to what I would write about. I have found that I prefer to write spontaneously, mostly about daily life because I take pleasure in the behaviour of the people around me, sometimes about social issues when I usually plead for cheerful tolerance, particularly of young people who, I think, receive a rougher deal than I ever did and occasionally about my family history – nothing I’ve researched; tales from my parents’ and grandparents’ lives. I particularly enjoy the comments I receive, especially when I’ve been particularly opinionated and someone quizzes me hard and makes me justify my case, or when I am teased, which happens frequently. I don’t set out to be funny but I do turn to the brighter side of life.

velo-gubbed legs
My name is NMJ, my blog is velo-gubbed legs, it's about anxiety & love & writing & life with ME/CFS. I hate self-pity and have a sense of absurdity about most things.

My Reality, My Check, My Bounce
There's nothing more heart stopping than watching your reality check bounce. A numbing sensation followed by denial is common. Sometimes you need a co-sign on that check to prevent the bounce. The reality is I'm in denial and these are my medicated mumblings.

Baroque in Hackney
Baroque in Hackney ("hilarious and erudite and stylish and humane") is a blog on poetry, culture, current events and the madcap daily life of its author, a struggling poet, critic, copywriter, editor and housemaid to the gods (at least they think they're gods).

Sell Your Girlfriend
This is a last-minute submission; still waiting for a description.

Arse End of Ireland
No description to date.

Kevin, MD: Medical Weblog
No description sent yet.

The Word Of Zhisou
The random meanderings of someone who doesn't have enough time to blog properly.
Haphazard commentry on books, music and movies as well as a shambolic approach to daily life and the challenges of ex-pat life in Spain. Sometimes ill-informed political comment, sometimes witterings about science or tennis or other things that may or may not pop into the mind of the author. Oh, and no widgets.

Kat's Random Thoughts
The daily posts of a middle aged woman documenting life as she struggles through the last year of her day job, the first year of her publishing company, the trials of getting her book published around five kids, two cats and a dog. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its sad, mostly its random.

Random and Odd
No description sent.

Another cup of coffee and I may get something done
Um...daily ramblings of a 30-something disorganized crazy minivan-driving coffee-addicted, technically-challenged, artist-wannabe holey-sock mending mom.

Lost Hear and Beyond
This Blog is a diary of my past, the soapbox of my present and my thoughts about the future. It’s about my journey from the streets to where I am now with all the fun that happened in the middle. I believe in saying it, as it is, raw to the point and in a language everyone can understand.

These Walls Have Ears
No description sent yet.

Random Ramblings
The musings of a wandering soul. A writer, a poet, a free mind. Questions every alive and aware mind asks, but only the innocent child can answer. And its the innocence that speaks out here. No consciousness of stares and glares, and no botherations with etiquette. I am who I am, and I write what I am.

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