Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Got Smacked

I just got smacked. I was reviewed by I Talk Too Much. Okay, I did not get a very good review (one of five), but you know, it was sort of right-on.

Here is what I really did not like. Some guy in the comment section called me a [c-word]. A [c-word]! That word burns me up. Completely burns me up.

You know, I asked to get reviewed about 18 months ago, and the review focused on one particular post (that was a really bad post). Now I get reviewed again, and two things happen: I posted a really lame post earlier today (see below) and I am hosting this Battle of the Blogs thing that has somewhat transformed my blog into something that it is normally not.

I was sort of hoping for a review that was a bit more fair, and what bites is that, well, the review was fair.

Have you ever seen parents with an ugly baby? I mean, all kids are cute in God's eyes and all, but you know, seeing a baby that would scare couples out of having sex for a week. And the parents say, "Oh, isn't he/she the cutest thing." Well, they usually know the sex of the child, but you may not. And you can't say, this baby really looks ugly. In fact, you want to mention that you have not seen such a child ever, and although staring at him/her is gruesome, you appreciate the chance to do so, because perhaps you don't know when you will ever see such an ugly child.

Anyway, I am sort of this way with this blog review. Right now, I have an ugly blog, but I don't see it as an ugly blog. I just see the good parts because I pour my little fingers into writing it. I mean, no body parts were slipping and sliding into one another in the creation of this blog, unless you count the stories, and well, the intent was not to publish the escapades.

So here I am, looking through Google to find some sort of virtual hex to use on that guy that called me a cunt. Oh, how I hate that word.

Oh, and for those of you that are coming from ITTM, use the pull-down under my stories to get to the erotica. The reviewer did say something nice about that, though that's like admiring the clothes on an ugly baby!


Leesa said...

I think it's rare I've seen a good review come from there, I never would have been brave enough to enter mine.
Ouch on the name calling, what's up with that?

Ian Lidster said...

The 'C' word is harsh and extreme. I agree with you. My ex used to use the word to describe her pudenda. Being no prude, I was still amazed to hear a woman use it. And, your blog is a fine looking baby with exquisite clothes, which is why I come back faithfully.


Twin said...

Commented on HIS "stupid cunt" comment. A~hole.

LarryLilly said...

The use of the "C" word is always in bad taste, but not the well, you know. In certain intimate adventures, its an appropriate word.

Who the F died and left that sordid collection of DNA king/queen of this universe? Blogs are like people, I dont like lots of people, and I dont associated with them. But then every so often we find ones that we like, whatever the reason, 'tude, looks, big boobs, well, that wasnt nice, but its honest. Blogs are like them, except some have universes that only a small number see as their own.

The particular reviewer wouldnt even get past "Hello, who dumped your sorry ass off on this planet? Are you some reject from a lesser God that used the wrong delivery service?"

And babies, they ALL look like Winston Churchill, butt ass ugly. My kids no exception, and the middle one had big round forceps circles where they had to clamp on his face and pull him out with a cable stretcher and a come-along (rural people will know this one).

Leesa, dont fret the big stuff, and sure as hell dont F with the small stuff, we can mess up our own lives nicely thank you mam.

Yeah, your Battle Of Blogs is taking you into a semi reduced hiatus, but who GARA, I like what I see, and people like you and the Montana Leesa, who didnt get past round one, so what, you cant make all the people happy, so make yourself happy, and the rest will slide and glide along with you.

You go girl!

Prata said...

I actually like the way all kids look. Unless the are extremely overweight or somethin'. Aside from that, even the ugly ones look nice to me. I like babies. ^_^

I don't like most people..I'm very particular about them. I like you Leesa. I don't know the other person, and their death would mean less to me than the breaths I take. *shrugs*

Leesa said...

leesa: I sort of like that they don't faun over blogs. I just thought mine was up to the scrutiny. Guess not.

ian: you are a wordsmith, sweetie.

twin: thanks, sweetie! you seem so familiar.

larry: thanks, sweetie. And most babies are cute, just not the newborns. I think they look like aliens.

prata: I like you, too, and I can even remember when you first commented. We still don't see eye-to-eye, but I like the way you think. And you challenge me. Really.

Twin said...

Thats cause I am. ;-)

btw, I just went back over there and noticed something. They do say.."we're rude, deal with it" on their site. Silly, didnt you look before you leaped. Cant fault them for what they said if they make it clear how they are right up front.

Leesa said...

I think they should have said, "We don't think before we type stuff out." I am guilty of this sometimes as well, but I was hoping for well-thought-out comments. The woman who did the review was fine; it was the other guy. He thinks he is better than most; I did not know he was misguided when I responded.

RWA said...

I think they like to be sarcastic and somewhat "verbally abusive" in their reviews - but a comment like that is out of line.

In my humble opinion, at least.

Twin said...

Resorting to name calling to prove ones point always take credibility away. And Leesa, always consider the source of an opinion. ;-)

Huggss Babes!!

Bruce said...

The "C"- word aside, I wouldn't take the review seriously. I mean, who the hell died and made them the Overlords of the Internet? They remind me of a combination of Simon Cowell and Bill O'Reilly.

Rebecca said...
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Im A Foto Nut said...

Ok, Any that thinks the "C" word is cool and ACTUALLY uses it to discriptively, is a world class looser of the highest order, and ought be shot, then drawn and quartered.

To me that is the ultimate in disrespect. How dare he!

Leesa said...

rwa: thanks!

twin: I was a bit moody yesterday. I am much happier today.

bruce: nice description.

foto nut: exactly; I wish I had your words yesterday.

~Deb said...

Gotta expect ITTM to be crass. That's why people sign up for it or put their names in - to see what needs to be improved. They are not tactful - they're meant to be entertaining and insulting. That's the whole fun of it!

ITTM ladies are truly PMSing gals who need to vent. That's all! Take it all with a grain of salt.

I love plain and simple templates. It's much easier on the eyes!

Peg said...

you are definately brave to go up against them.

I just started reading through your blog when you started the competition, but I like what I see and think your blog is well put together. (unlike that run on sentence)

Leesa said...

~deb: the gals I can deal with. it is the new guy who I can't stand.

peg: thanks, sweetie! And run-on sentences can be fun too.