Friday, March 23, 2007

Randomness Part 17E

Convenience Stores
The other day I was in a gas station's convenience store. I was buying about $2.50 worth of stuff, a water (though I was pretending it was a diet Dr. Pepper) and a snack (it had lots of chocolate on it because I roll that way).

I hand the clerk a $20 bill, and she said, "I'm sorry, I just opened and I don't have change. Do you have anything smaller?" I said no, and then she said, "Do you have a debit card?" Again, no. I left my stuff on the counter and said, "Guess I can't buy this," and I left.

On the way out, she said something about being able to make change. So she could have made change, but it would have been inconvenient for her. So instead, she made things inconvenient for me.

If I would have had change, I would have given her a five spot. Okay, I have no street cred (typing "rolling" and "five spot" just doesn't suite me). But it seems like the convenience store was not very convenient.

Screwy Times
I hate the Congress. This daylight savings time change has really got me peeved. On top of that, the phrase "Winter Forward, Fall Back" doesn't make a bit of sense.

Your Business is Important to Us
Have you ever been on the phone, calling up some 1-800 number, and been told that all of our operators are busy, but ""your business is important to us." That phrase ticks me off. If my business was so freakin' important to them, they would pay for a couple more operators.

I heard an example recently that went something like this: "A black man robs a liquor store, and two days later, another black man robs a liquor store. One should not naturally assume that all black men in this town rob liquor stores." My question is this? Why assume the race of the person; how about the gender of the person? Both factors were common to the two incidents; shouldn't the reasons for conclusion be about the same as well.

I don't have a tattoo and don't want to get one, but you know, I like those little tattoos in the small of one's back. If I was not so OCD (needing to keep everything "the same", not even coloring my hair), maybe I would have something there.

Lack of Energy
I really did not want to post today. I lack energy. I almost called in sick. Maybe I will feign illness later today. You know you are getting older when after a night of passion, you sort of wish you would have gone to bed earlier. Well, half-wish.


RWA said...

I couldn't agree more about convenience stores. I wonder how the manager would have felt if he/she had seen that?

Tattoos on the small of a woman's back are incredibly hot.

Lacking energy and considering "feigning illness" due to a night of passion, huh? That sounds like a lot of fun.

kathi said...

Can't remember the last time I was in a 'convenient' store...really, trying to think. Nope, nothing comes to mind.

Assumptions ~ good point.

tatoos ~ I don't have any either, scared of needles and all. I'd want something really small and extremely dainty...nothing like me at all, but that's what I'd want.

lack of energy ~ same feeling going on here, just for a different reason, which sucks...for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a tattoo on the location described. I like it because I can't see it.

As far as the stereotyping. Whenever someone drowns around here in a lake .. it's a Hispanic. You can almost predict it.


Leesa said...

rwa: the manager? not sure. Probably if there is no profit-sharing, the manager may not care either (the manager was right next to the employee).

kathi: I am not scared of CLEAN needles, but now that you mention it, ouch.

edge: sort of sad about your assumption. We have equal-opportunity drownings here.

Lara said...

I like lower back tats too... as well as "tribal arm-bands" (the very subtle, classy sort of celtic looking ones...) BUT no way would I get one!

I have no issues with modifications (I DO color MY hair... lol) but only when they are reversible. Tats aren't.

And I like randomness a lot. :)

Kat said...

Just to help life make a little more sense to you: The phrase is "spring" foreward and "fall" back. Its just such a stupid thing, daylight savings time, I can't figure out what purpose it serves.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I hate those tear drop tattoos on a man's face. Probably because each tear drop signifies a murder committed. I too, hate inconvenience stores and would have left everything on the counter just as you did.

Anonymous said...

why do they always ask have you got something smaller, one day I will say yes, and wack my dick on the counter, it pisses me off too. x

Pittchick said...

I've always been too afraid to get a tattoo. They're so permanent and I change my mind a lot. I did get a belly button ring that I kept in for almost 10 years. I took it out, but still have a little scar. Oh well.

Carmi said...

Lower back tattoos are hot....until the bearer ages and they get all droopy and wrinkly. It's one of those nice-in-theory, lousy-in-reality ideas.

And I hate needles. Ick.

Convenience stores? Anything but. But for minimum wage, it's hard to expect anything better.

Leesa said...

lara: you and me both.

kat: Daylight Savings has something to do with Ben Franklin and French woman, I think.

jr: I have never seen a teardrop tattoo. Good thing for me, I guess. Never heard of it.

wayne: sweetie, if they think you will slap your man-meat on the counter, I think you would encourage them!

pitt: yeah, I would not want to do a tattoo because of permanence.

carmi: an aging hottie is a bit weird/gross. I must think of other things.

Kiyotoe said...

lol....i think I'm going to like it here.