Friday, March 09, 2007

Continued Randomness

Last Friday, I did not do a Random post. I had done them for a few weeks, and really, I was not feeling random. Anyway, one missed week does not make a trend.

Spam Comments
A long time ago (August 2006), I wrote a blog entry called, "Spam E-mail Message from Claire". It was not particularly good, but a few days ago I got a comment by Anonymous, that said, "Very nice site! Gendron wheelchairs Upskirts and pantyhose casblanca swimsuits Marian keyes books no dress rehearsal svenska Newest 5 reel free slots Review 1990 bmw 735 Boing dog toy Pdas finder Brookline regional catholic school" So a blog entry about spam produced spam. That had to make me laugh. I have sense removed the comment.

Word Stink
Have you ever noticed that some words, despite their origins and meanings, are always coupled with a common or trite phrase? For instance crock, whose definition is "an earthen jar; made of baked clay". It is frequently associated with poop (sh*t). I feel sorry for such a vessel. A very warm and earthy vessel, forever entwined with poop. Tragic.

Blog Names
I added someone to my blogroll recently, and you know, the person had the same basic blog title as someone else. Here is an idea for a book – common blog names. You know, they have baby name books, and now that blogging and vlogging are popular, why not a comprehensive book for selected blog/vlog titles.

Here is something weird. I have another blog – that I don't publicize here – and now that I did not post for a couple of weeks, traffic has increased. What the heck is going on here? Absolutely bizarre. So when I wrote about traffic the other day, it turns out that I did not know what I was talking about. Apparently bad writing and infrequent posting may drive traffic.

Harry Potter
Someone told me Harry Potter's butt is now on the Internet. Isn't that child porn? I mean, I don't know how old Daniel Radcliffe is (I had to google the name, and after googling it, it appears he is underage), but he is a boy. And, no, I have not seen his tush.

I don't give out my phone number, and I find it interesting how loosely others give out their phone number. Several businesses ask for it, and I always refuse. One actually said they needed it, so I proceeded to walk out of the store without purchasing the item. The clerk said, "No, I can sell it to you without the phone number." I still left. I figured anyone who would lie to get a home phone number was not someone I wanted to do business with.

I never want to have to type with my thumbs. I don't play video games so my thumbs are fairly dumb. I can type fast, but I use all of my fingers. How can I un-learn to re-learn with just thumbs.

Are our lives so dull that we want to watch others on national shows (reality shows) or vlogs? Do we want to know what people eat, what they think, how they part their hair? I hope we are not all that dull.

Rate My Blog
I have recently heard about blog explosion, and now that I signed up on it, more to figure out what it is, I think it is sort of a waste of time. You basically can browse blogs, and if you do so, they send you a little traffic as well. That being said, if anyone is on Blog Explosion and you feel inclined, you can rate my blog. And if you want me to, I can rate yours as well. I don't quite get the site (meaning, I have not wasted a bunch of time browsing through it). When I ask it for a random blog (blog browsing), I did not find any worthwhile. Anyway, if anyone has signed up, I would be willing to rate your blog. But please send a link because I don't want to figure out another way to get to the site.

Don't you love playing with slinkies?Slinkies
I saw a slinkie the other day, and you know, slinkies are no longer made of metal. I could not believe it. They are made of plastic. What is this world coming to? Well, you may be able to get a metal one, but in the toy store they only had plastic ones.

Rate My Blog Part II
Er, since I just got rated by ITTM and the crap beat out of me on the rating (really, the comments), perhaps I really don't want you to rate me. Or if you rate me, don't call me the C-word. There are lots of other words at your disposal.

Have you ever looked at someone else's computer desktop and wanted to just throw the person out of their chair and clean up their desktop. Well, that's how my computer desktop is right now, and I am waiting for someone else to clean it up. Not really, but sort of really. I need to clean my computer desktop.


kathi said...

I love your blog, you're you and you don't try to fake it or be somethin that you're not just to get more comments.
The guys that called you the c'word, apparently have no problem using that word. Seemed like it was a common word in their vocabulary. Not to worry, wouldn't want them as people who would visit my blog anyway.
People who visit you, love you. I love you. You always make me smile.

LarryLilly said...

Some people are like slinkies, its fun to push them off stairs, and see them fall. LOL

OK, that wasnt nice. But in my attic I have three metal slinkies, I wonder what they are worth?

maybe kids started putting the ends in outlets, wanted to get that 70's "fro" look.

I found out from my son that my collection of old reverse-polish-notation Hewlett Pachard calculators are worth money on e-bay. maybe if I toss in the slinkies I could get enuf money for a real web page.

Have a Great weekend Leesa

Pittchick said...

I usually don't mind giving out my phone number. I have VOIP service, so I can block numbers. I'm more careful about who I give my cell phone number to.

I think if some guy ever called me the c word I would seriously hurt him. That's just not cool.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Great post today, Leesa...I had to smile about the crock of sh*t reference...that's so true.

And I actually ordered a book from Amazon that gave like a billion names for a boat because The PK and I couldn't agree on what to name our boat. I ordered that book about four years ago...and do you know our boat STILL doesn't officially have a name. *sigh* That's bad luck, dammit.

Leesa said...

kathi: I always get in trouble when I am not myself.

larry: funny slinky comment. I think. And I looked at slinkies on Ebay. Er, less than $10 each for vintage 60s slinkies.

pitt: VOIP - voice over Internet protocol? Not sure how it works.

stacy: thanks. I never thought about the crock thing before, but I saw someone with the surname and it suddenly came to my mind.

RWA said...

Great random thoughts...

About brother taught me this trick he has used on some co-workers. You press ctrl and Print Screen to take a "picture" of their desktop, icons and all.

You save the picture, then load it as their wallpaper. Take the setting to show icons off, and click to hide the toolbar at the bottom.

They come in and start clicking the icons on the screen - but nothing happens.

I haven't tried it yet, but he says it is quite amusing to watch people get upset with their computers.

~Deb said...

Ah, traffic comes and goes, and the more you try to get it, the faster you lose it. But, the best thing is just writing and seeing who happens to fall upon your blog. The fun is gone once you start focusing on how many people visit, as opposed to how much 'you're' getting out of it. But, networking with other writers and getting other people's views is a lot of fun.

Blog Explosion isn't so bad. I don't 'rate' blogs, but I browse through them and find interesting writers out there. (In my opinion.) Also, it's great for tips and techniques, if you're not so good with html, which I'm not. But different strokes, right? ITTM only gives you mass traffic for the amount of time that their 'rant' about you is over. After that, it's back to the same stats you began with.

I don't know how anyone can work with a messy desk. I feel unproductive if my desk is all torn up. And if the person in front of me has a pile of crap on theirs - let them deal with it. Most likely, you'll be the one getting more done that day! :)

Have a great random weekend Leesa!


Leesa said...

rwa: funny. I will have to remember this (and stop clicking like a fool if it ever happens to me).

~deb: I just wanted to rate a blog on blog explosion, and I really couldn't figure out how. And I thought I was smart. With traffic, I don't care too much about it since more than 12 people visit. ITTM was not really helpful, really. Except I think my YouTube stuff may be going. Maybe.

LarryLilly said...

Leesa, your cheating. You are running a poll asking for the final 4 NCAA BB teams. you will collect the results, then make your office pool bet. Cleaver, do you also run numbers?


Prata said...

VOIP works pretty much the same as any telephony works. It's just voice data being encapsulated into ip packets and transmitted to another location, possibly translated into analog and then broadcast. It's basically what modems have done for internet connectivity for a long time.

It has the advantage of cleaning out noise and only sending voice (also excluding background sound), although some people complained about that and some companies fixed this by sampling the background noise with their software and then continuing to broadcast it on the receiver's end so they could tell that the connection was still open. It's an interesting little way of communicating and is much better than it used to be just a year or two ago.

I remember when VOIP came out, Skype uses VOIP and is a free client. You can't call phones without paying a little bit (and I do mean little) but you can call other skype users. Happy fun time. To think, you can communicate with some of your blogger friends for free via real time voice thanks to VOIP.

Kat Campbell said...

I was shocked about the plastic slinkies too...what's the point? Without that cool sound metal slinkies make, its just a random old piece of spiral junk.

Im A Foto Nut said...

I didn't stop blogging, I moved because someone at work found me out and was sharing things from my blog that I rather not have people at work know. Not because I care what they think, I just think it is not right for people you work with to know too much about you.

You can now find me here

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog!

Leesa said...

larry: this would be more clever if I thought those who participated in the poll knew what they were talking about. But, yeah, you caught me. I know little about basketball, and my brackets need help.

prata: you know, I rarely talk with anyone on the telephone anymore. Except at work.

kat: yes, the sound they make. That is what was so cool about slinkies. That, and their cool feeling when you first pick one up. Cool to the touch.

foto nut: thanks for sharing.

stanko4jc: er, yeah, sure.