Friday, March 31, 2006

Bitchiness in Blogging

This is going to be a really bad blog entry. Not because it is bad or unentertaining, but because I am going to look like the bitch I am. Okay, let's begin.

I absolutely hate one blogger, Leesa. I am not talking about having no self-love; this is another Leesa. And it is not Leesa's fault at all. Let me explain.

I like reading Stacey the Peanut Queen. She is witty, she is smart, she is a good read. But she already has a freekin' Leesa who always comments on her blog.

I have commented a few times – commented yesterday to this post. But I like to say little things, and this other bitch is already there. Leesa. And when I comment, things get confusing. See, the comment I made yesterday was probably attributed to the other Leesa – so if, per chance, I make a witty comment, the other Leesa gets the props – not me. You know, even talking about this gets me confused. Going forward, I think I will refer to her as bitch Leesa.

Well, bitch Leesa got credit for my comment yesterday. I am sure she did. Okay, to be totally bitchy, I will have to replay the post and response. The post is hilarious, about how freaking cold her office is – and she wants the maintenance guys to fix the temperature for her.

My response:

Peanut Queen, please let me summarize the possibilities:

(1) The maintenance people can do nothing. Results: no work for them, stiff nipples for you.

(2) The maintenance people can find the right knobs to turn, buttons to press, whatever it takes. Results: less time to read Hustler, some amount of work for them.


Let me know how it goes.

Okay, not Shakespeare or Bill Cosby, but I thought it was cleaver. And good or not, bitch Leesa gets all of the credit.

I guess I should also let you know (if you have never ever been to Stacey's blog), her comments don't have pics – so if you don't click on my name, you think it is this other chick.

Okay, to be fair, I just went to Leesa's site, and bitch Leesa has a very nice site. The overall layout is gorgeous, she is freakin' insightful and charming. Oh, she is such a bitch. Not only does she have the roll of Leesa on Peanut Queen's site, but she also has a really nice blog herself. Oh, how I wish I did not visit bitch Leesa's site.

And in defense of myself, I would just like to say two words, Day Two.


TrappedInColorado said...

Ha! Now that was a great post! I wish I could come up with original fun topics like that... must be my mush-for-brains problem. In honor of you, Leesa, I will not visit Leesa's blog until later today.:)


~Deb said...

There's something really hot when two women fight. There's something really hot if "two Leesa"s fight.

Trapped? I say they both go into the mud wrestling pit and fight this out the right way! ;)

TrappedInColorado said...

Deb - I'll put my money on Leesa!

Nunzia said...

LOLOL that was hilarious

mal said...

yup,,,I was pretty pissed when I found out some politician had taken "mallory" for an ID before me! How degrading!!!! So I got stuck using my old initials..

I think I will go over and bitch slap the "other Leesa" and see if that makes me feel better!!!

Joe said...

Have you considered a name change? It seems to be the only solution.

Leesa said...

trapped: if you are beguiled by bitch Leesa, I will ask prata how to block your IP address from my site. Just fair warning.

~deb: all I want is "no hair pulling."

trapped: funny, non-commital on that post.

nunzia: thanks, sweetie.

mallory: is that mallory clinton?

joe: hey, sweets, I though you would be on my side.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Awwww..thanks for the compliment! I DO love to bitch....maybe because I do it so well (just ask The Peanut King!)

Honest and for true, I usually click on the names if they're the same...just to make sure I know who I'm replying to. And yesterdays reply to your comment was meant for you, not the other Leesa...I swear it on a stack of peanuts!

I honestly have NO IDEA why there's pictures on my comment section today...I never really noticed if they were there before but I take it they weren't. I kinda like it now that they are...I hope they stick around...:)

Leesa said...

all: when I wrote my blog entry this morning, it was based on the fact that there were no pictures on stacey's comments section. And now, after posting, Stacey's comments now have pictures.

Coincidence? I actually think Prata hacked into google's computers (he hates them, you know) and fixed me up. Well, I think he just wanted to piss off google.

stacey: thanks for the comment meant for me. And I don't really hate bitch Leesa, even though she probably lives on some wonderful piece of land in Montana, with her horses, kinky hardware, etc.

Nunzia said...

thanks for the comment Leesa. She decided to have the baby, but I do hope she'd put it up for adoption if she coudln't love it. I wrote another blog, which I hoped you could relate to. Now that I've seen how right you are about the issue being polarizing...

Leesa said...

Wow, I'm not sure what to say. I'm being called a bitch like it's a bad thing :)
I actually knew a long time ago that you didn't like "other" Leesa's, and wouldn't read their blogs. So, out of respect I've stayed away from yours.
Thanks for the compliments on my blog.

TWM said...

How about you both form a "Bitch Leesa" club? Or a joint blog. All you would need to do is find a blonde Leesa and you could be a threesome. Make it an HNT blog and the world would definately be a better place.

Grant said...

I've decided to hate Joe because he's funnier and better looking than me (and probably taller), plus he lacks my innate ability to repulse women. Come to think of it, I hate everyone I view as more fortunate than me, which is basically everyone not currently on fire.

Die, everyone. Die and burn in hell. Save me a seat.

Mike said...

Oh the have to quit this...I'm easily confused.

Insanity Infusion said...

Figures someone would want a threesome and no surprise it came from TWM :)

And then there's the request for mud...

And I'm surprised no one's asked that you two kiss and make up...

And then there'd the request for photos...

This could get very complicated... and then would people confuse which was which...

And I'm glad to read that this Leesa doesn't really hate the other Leesa... Life's pretty short to hate someone over a shared name, especially one as pretty as Leesa.

Insanity Infusion

halo said...

lmao!! Honey, theres only ONE Leesa in my world and she is you!! Love love loved this post, it cracked me up!!

Have a great weekend Babes!

Leesa said...

nunzia: I just visited your other site.

leesa: thanks, bitch. I mean, thanks Leesa. You have a really nice blog and are a talented photographer. Bitch.

twm: and bitch Leesa has gorgeous hair. I always wanted red hair. Natural red hair, little freckles.

grant: have you read Joe, he repulses women as well.

mike: looks like your wife is looking at/dreaming of Shikera.

insanity infusion: I can tell you are bitch Leesa's friend. Yeah, she is nice and cute and talented. But does she have an edge? Huh, an edge?

muse: glad it made you smile. I love to make you smile.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

You're the only Leesa in my links. You are clever and funny with a sassy side of bitchiness. The perfect ingredients for a great blog.

TWM said...

Brunettes are supposed to be like great bourbon -- they go down smooth and heat you slowly. Redheads are like a shot of tequilla.

Both make for a hell of great buzz though.

Flygirl said...

Ha ha. You are too funny!

Um. Yeah Clomid... it's hard on a body huh? I'm finding that out the hard way.

I looked for an email addy on your site but couldn't find one. For future reference and just in case:


Flygirl said...

Ha ha. You are too funny!

Um. Yeah Clomid... it's hard on a body huh? I'm finding that out the hard way.

I looked for an email addy on your site but couldn't find one. For future reference and just in case:


Video X said...

holy moly you are hilarious! i remember you mentioning in a previous post how you do not like to comment on those sites which already have a "leesa" commenter.

and i totally appreciate the use of the word "bitch" in this case! hahaha! funny.

i'm sorry about this leesa duel. i hope it works out in your favor and you receive the appropriate props.

Video X said... "appreciate" i just meant cuz 1) you don't cuss. 2) it's effective here in conveying how you really feel about this...hahaha. this post made me laugh.

Edtime Stories said...

okay two smart, attractive Leesa's battling and I am torn if it is a good thing or not. What is wrong with me? Oh well. At least I learned of a new blog worth popping into.

BTW, I thought, once again, you define what this genre is about. Funny and insightful and helps define this strange strange world we choose to be part of in cyberspace. Thank you again.

Leesa said...

~dr deb: and you are the only one in my links that can clinically determine that I am disturbed.

twm: but unlike burbon, brunettes cannot be bought for $6 per shot.

flygirl: good luck with your search. I know what you are going through!

VX: I know you like my "angry posts." And I got that I used a word that I normally stay away from. And bitch Leesa's response was the best: "I'm being called a bitch like it's a bad thing :)"

ed: thanks for the compliments. I actually do read Stacy's site, I rarely comment on it though.

TWM said...

Depends on the bourbon -- and the brunettes, my dear.

Lee Ann said...

Oh...that is not right! She should be a stand up gal and tell her that she is a different Leesa!
Someone got me confused for another Lee Ann once, which I thought was strange because she didn't even spell her name the same! (I think the blogger was trying to cover up for not responding to me when he had to everyone else) Oh well!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, don't ever hide your talents! ;)

Monica said...

Redheads and tequila. Been there...not returning......crazy wild fun while it lasts...then you just want to die.

Leesa said...

lee ann: she did not take credit for the words; just being a little playful.

monica: that, sweets, is what you should write about.

Sonya said...

Leesa - I have pics on my comments so I know who to give props to and she doesn't come to my site. LOL!

Have a good weekend!

Joe said...

Okay, I'm on your side - but only beause you called me sweets.

Hey, other Leesa? Have you considered a name change? It seems to be the only solution.

Party Girl said...

I say you and I tell her to meet us out by the bikes during recess and we kick some ass!

gdtownshende said...

The only Leesa I knew in blogville until today was yourself. To top it off, you're in Georgia, and since I have family down that way, well, 'nuf said.

You said your comment wasn't Shakespeare, but as I'm now starting to read his "The Taming of the Shrew," this fight between the two Leesa's could easily give new meaning to the title. The question is, which of you is the shrew? Heh.

cherish said...

Awww that really sucks! I would hate to have another Cherish to compete with and I think not having pics on the comments sucks major!!! I wish we could change our font to further clarify people in comments. Well hang in there you are MUCH better than the other one. Thanks for stopping by today!

Monica said...

Sorry...the wounds haven't scabbed over enough yet (at least not for my DH) maybe someday.

SkyeBlue2U said...

lEESA, I like your smartass blog. Have a great weekend.

rastaman said...

Hey, gurl.

Byron said...


You are our only Leesa



Georgiapeach said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Georgiapeach said...

lol@ Byron & Muse. Oh my goodness, I am so mad I missed the party. You should see me over here smiling so hard! I loved this post Leesa you had my over her stomping my feet and laughing and these comments are too too! I know exactly how you feel, it's this girl on the radio who calls herself Gapeach and it makes me so But you can't even find her on the internet with that name you find me first so really I am the true Gapeach. Plus she has a space between Georgia and Peach and I do But I can see how that would piss you off because you do have the best
Another thing, when you type in "Leesa" to search blogs, her pages are the ones that are predominately shown, so another reason to dislike (Hi Leesa). So technically she wins the fight, but believe me when I say that you are the QUEEN LEESA. And many of us that read you don't really want to share you so that's fine with Because I know I get kind of jealous when people from my side read you, I am over here like "take your ass on somewhere! Shoot, you know you found Leesa's site through me or Ddot."...rofl. I have to approve the black people that come over Okay, I am showing my blogging addiction

Georgiapeach said...

Like the other day, I noticed No1special left a comment, and I was thinking "get out of here! No other black people allowed!" just because I know they will get Like I have to send them over here for me not to get an ounce of jealousy. But I have to deal with sharing because eveyone should read Leesa's Stories because they are the best. The same way I have to deal with sharing my sisters to other women because my sisters do hair and they are everyone's sister because of Okay this comment has nothing to do with

Memphis Steve said...

This is funny! I mean, it's not funny to you, I know, but I had been confused by the two Leesas so many times already and now for you to mention it finally just gives me relief. I guess I wondered if I was just dumb or something and no one else was confused by it. Now I want to go check her blog and see if she's ever blogged about feeling the same because of you. Too funny.

P.S. She's from Dallas, but living in Montana, redhead, and highly artistic with her camera and computer.

Boris Yeltsin said...

As usual, great post!

Leesa said...

sonja: pics, please share.

joe: thanks for wavering.

party girl: as long as there is no hair pulling!

gdtownshende: I love Taming of the Shrew! I always wanted to be the shrew!

cherish: it was all in good fun.

byron: thanks, sweets.

GP: I think you are in the middle of life, like we all are. Actually, I have seen some of your comments, and they are really good. Some of them are very touching as well.

steve: I would imagine there are other steve's as well. She actually stays away from my blog - I like reading her, I was just being a bit of a bitch myself. Trying to be funny.

boris: thanks.

Michael said...

I must admit that I am the other Lessa's fan and came here via another blogger that we have in common. I read this post trying not to be defensive of a good friend. I must say you are a funny lady.

Of course you have it easy. How many Leesa's have you come across? Imagine how many frigin Michael's there are? Most sites have at least a dozen. On one blog we started numbering us. I had to be happy with being Michael #2. On another blog I was suddenly surrounded by other Michael's after being the only one. I quickly grabbed my title as Michael #1.

Some blogs have come to know me as Take Care Michael because I always sign off with that signature.

Yeah, you've got it easy...

Take Care

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