Monday, March 13, 2006

So many letters, so little content

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about what to blog about today. My employer would go crazy if he knew where my head was – or my heart was. I mean, he rents my time; when he pays me, I work and think about work. When off, I am not thinking about work. And truthfully, half the time when I am at work, well, other things go through my mind.

Promotions are not always good
Okay, I made a stupid move recently. Employer promoted me, and I accepted the promotion. See – before, I could do my job in about 2 hours per day. So on an hourly basis, I was making good money. The other six hours were mine. If I was more motivated, I could probably have performed some moneymaking activities to take advantage of these hours. I could rent out my desk – but you know, I think employer might have questions if they saw a "want ad" with the company number advertising the space. Also, when he saw someone else sitting in the desk every day, well, I am sure after some time, he would put two and two together, and at least figure out that it did not add up; I am not certain he would ever guess four.

I mean, the easiest thing to do is start some sort of online business. Not sure I am committed enough to sell stuff on Ebay. I would have to find crap to sell, take digital pictures of it, glow flowingly of the crap I want to unload, and ship the stuff. I hate shipping stuff, so this scheme does not play to my strengths.

Online porn? Nah, too close to blogging.

In short, there are no good moneymaking activities that play to my strengths.

But you know what, this is all water under the bridge because I took my $2K promotion. So instead of working two hours, I work six, and I get $2K for the other four hours. Project that out for the year, and I make $1.92/hour for those hours of work, yet I am working three times as many hours. This is sort of reverse leveraging my talents. Not a good thing.

Okay, if you have not abandoned the page yet, you may not know I have absolutely nothing to say today. I sometimes wish I did not have OCD, so that I could not post when the posts are going to bomb. But instead, I drive traffic away from this site. Good think I don't care what most people think.

Bad URLs
In January, I found some URLs that probably should never have been created. Well, it is not that they are porn sites that try and trick people to visit (when the Internet was still fairly new, how many of us visited the White House at (intentionally no link), and instead of going to the White House's site, you went to the other White House's site (some gay porn site).

Well the following sites have really bad URLs:
Which is it, "who represents" or "whore presents"? You know, whore presents "guy with the biggest shlong" or "guy spewing on whore breasts. No, this is a site that focuses on finding who represents whom. Like I trust a site with such sucky PR to find PR people.
Okay, I was hoping this linked to Penis Land. I really was. I theme park full of phallic images, rides and statues. What an awesome girl vacation – talk about lay over! But alas, it is for Pen Island, a site to purchase pens. And, yes, they are surprised that someone has started vulgar spam that uses their domain. Imagine that.
Now, is this "the rapist finder" or Therapist finder"? And if I had some real sexual dysfunction and needed a therapist, would this URL just scare the crap out of me?
Why would "Mole station nursery use this URL? I mean, are you catering to pedophiles who enjoy gardening? This is one of those that you just don't want to think about.

Mission Accomplished
Sadly, I have done it. I have written an entire blog entry and discussed nothing. Ironically, also, I have noticed that many people have been talking about the lack of substance in blogland lately. It seems I have added to this minutia today. I blame this on the school systems – seems we blame everything from the teenage pregnancy rates to gun violence on our schools. Might as well blame this as well. Oh, and let's pay our teachers a pittance as well, because we know that children are our future. Oooops, guess we are already doing that.


Mike said...

Leesa...I never have anything to say...and never feel too badly about blogging about nothing of

Joe said...

Those URLs are too funny. I nearly spit out my coffee.

Even when you have nothing to say, you still find a way to be incredibly entertaining.

TrappedInColorado said...


You are such a show off!! You sit down with nothing to say and end up writing one of your better posts in a while. I laughed more than once. And that, alone, merits the TrappedInColorado gold plated pen award for best post of the day. Congratulations. You have to pay postage and handling though. Send $15 to TrappedInColorado, 123 Skam Ave, Ripoff, CO

Shannon said...

We are all going thru this Leesa lol.. It's the Spring fever thing I think.

Once the weather gets nice we all have writersblock... but once we soak up a few weeks of sun and fun we will all go back to blogger bliss. lol

Have a good one!

Ohhh and those URL's were funny.. they think they can trick us ..stupid spam URL's lol

~Deb said...

Why did trapped just call you Tamar? Err...okay. Moving on.

Congratulations on your new promotion! Remember, whenever the boss gives you another job or promotes you up---it's yours forever. :) I'm sure it'll be worth it.

About your desk----my boss always said that she was going to sublet my cubical because I was out sick a lot. (hehe) Playing hooky! That's why I work from home now.

I tried the eBay route---SUCKED! The only people who really make out are the ones in business already selling trinkets and little antique stuff- as well as gift stores. There are 'power sellers'--and that's a whole other story. You could do it--not saying you can't---it's just challening...that's all.

Great links....hmmmm....'whorepresents'...very intriguing!

Miss Scarlet said...

Bust...I want/need a raise=/

TrappedInColorado said...

Oops... sorry.. you aren;t Tamar! My apologies Leesa. He says hiding his head in the sand.

Bruce said...

This was quite the Seinfeldian, post, Leesa. I'm impressed.

kathi said...

You wrote quite a bit for thinking you said nothing...and fortunately I enjoyed every letter of it.

Funny stuff on the websites too!

normiekins said...

don't go making something out of nothing now!!!!

Leesa said...

mike: thanks for that revelation, though you have hard-hitting articles concerning showers, Subway, and ~deb.

joe: thanks, sweetie. I actually am not entertaining at all; you have a crush.

trapped: Tamar and I are not the same person.

shannon: what are you wearing in your latest pic?

~deb: I was thinking if I was a meth user and wanted to have Ebay support my habit, I would have to steal stuff to sell in order to break even. Seems like a bad plan to me.

scarlet: not sure how to help you get a raise. I have heard cleavage helps. Did I say that out loud?

bruce: Seinfeld? Oh, crap, worse than i thought.

kathi: glad you appreciate it.

normiekins: funny, sweets!

Miss Scarlet said...

Bust, my boss is a female my age. Don't think my (non-existant) cleavage will work...Ah well;)

Shannon said...

It's a shirt Leesa lolol.. NOT a teddy.. I have pics to prove it's a shirt I am wearing it with jeans! =)

SCH said...

I like those links. Never would have thought about looking for something like that!

Leatherback said...

I agree, it was a great posting with some bloody funny URL's. But I have been distracted now by Shannon's top. My have to pop over to view her profile.


Joe said...

I woke up this morning and realized two things.

1. You're very entertaining and
2. I have a crush.

Oh, I see you've already figured out #2.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I have always thought that the word "therapist" was misnamed.

The rapist.

I thought I was the only one who thought this. I am so glad that I am NOT alone in this wordplay!


Georgiapeach said...

That Tamar situation was hillarious! Atleast he admitted that the post was better then That was the funniest part!..rofl.

You just made me respect my job a lot more just from reading that first paragraph.

I could see why you said that about the promotion. Maybe you will get another raise review time.

I try so hard to have some sort of ritual Leesa. I know that sounds weird, but I wish I could be discipline is some areas. Like keeping my house clean and staying on top of my finances. I have been trying to imitate people with OCD (weird right) because I thought that would help me stay off track, but I can't do it because I forget and don't stay Seriously. Nothing is worse than a person trying to have a disorder. But I promise you my reasons are legit. I just want to be a better human being. But again it doesn't work for me.

those Urls are hillarious. Too funny. How did you think of those?

It neat that you are compelled to blog everyday. But you can not do it forever right? What happens then and how do yo stop? When do you stop?

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