Friday, March 10, 2006

Are you there God, It's Me Leesa

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I am getting a few e-mails from a few people. And I try to respond. I mean, for $30, I have mailed back worn panties. Not sure why Joe wanted them. But with a debit card number and expiration date, I pretty much send Joe what he wants.

Crap. I started off on this really serious post, and I have gotten less than serious.

Anyway, more recycling follows. Here is what I wrote (in italics), and I want to add to it.

I don't dislike hearing from you – we just have very different perspectives. Sometimes it is like a chasm which is two far to cross – you can't take two jumps, if you know what I mean. Funny thing is that at the exact moment of me typing this, you mentioned your lack of hearing God on my blog. And that's the chasm I am talking about. Now this doesn't make me a good person or you a bad person. That's not the point. It is more like trying to explain sight to a blind person. A completely foreign experience, when both the sighted and the blind are not necessarily good or bad.

God is extremely personal to me. And some of my thoughts and beliefs come from my love of God. Not just my belief in Him, but my love of Him. And when I try to explain this to someone who does not have a similar belief, it is very hard to explain.

But sometimes differences in people's past makes discussing certain issues difficult. Without shared experiences, talking can be more difficult. I wonder, at times, if this is the problem with Peace Talks. Different sides, growing up in different cultures, can't effectively communicate.

But this is getting way off the subject.

One of my favorite books is written by Judy Blume (catch the title similarity?) – and nearly every girl growing up when I did read and loved that book. About a girl during puberty and what she was going through. And I think all girls going through puberty ought to have a direct line to the Man Upstairs, don't you agree?

I have heard God referred to as a crutch. After shaking my head and knowing the person just is on the other side of a very deep chasm, I ponder the statement. Does the person mean that God supports? God aids? God helps? Then perhaps God is a crutch after all.

A Prayer Away from Healing
On a totally unrelated topic. ~Deb is coming out with her first book. It's all about our illicit affair. No, I mean it's all about ... hmmm. Well, instead of me re-hashing what is already said, visit ~Deb and read about it for yourself. A Prayer Away from Healing. Personally, I will wait a week for to carry it – I would rather have Ms ~Deb in my hot little hands than an electronic copy (the version available this week).

Here is a side note. Okay, a disclaimer, I know little about cause and effect, but ponder this. ~Deb's significant other (I like to call her M) read the book, loved it and then they had hot sex. Look at the potential cause and effect. Read the book. Love it. Have sex with hot ~Deb. I am not saying that this works all of the time, but let's say 6 people have read the book, and of the six, one person got the hot sex with ~Deb. I would say that average is a lot better than one would have going clubbing.

Just a thought.


Miranda said...

First off...omg I so loved that Judy Blume book, I think every 12 year old should read it. lol.

I was looking at that book to, it looks interesting.

Monica said...

hmmm... :) Nice thinker post.

Not wordy today...sorry.

Mike said...

I was actually going to e mail you a couple of days ago and satisfy a curiousity you had....but alas...I don't have your

Mike said...

I was actually going to e mail you a couple of days ago and satisfy a curiousity you had....but alas...I don't have your

Joe said...
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Joe said...

I told you that I needed them for...uh...research.

Great post. Feel free to use the debit card to buy yourself something nice.

normiekins said...

i've read all of judy blume's books, she is awesome....

love the odds on Deb's book but what happens when it becomes a national best seller......damn odds.

Grant said...

I would like to have hot sex with ~deb, but she won't let me bring my bees into the bedroom. What's hot sex without hordes of bees?

Leesa said...

miranda: agreed. Universal book.

monica: first, I hate MSN; it is still not letting me post. Loved the "Inconvient year" post (as a Catholic), and, well, my other post today explains the other.

mike: ~deb made me blog you, sweets. She thinks I am going to steal you. As if.

joe: thanks for the Prada shoes.

normiekins: beat the odds, buy early.

grant: You asked, "What's hot sex without hordes of bees?" The answer would be hot normal sex.

Miranda said...

I think blogger is having a day. If you do get a chance, I did post a lil story, not sure if you'd like it, lol as it is kinda kinky.
I'd read a few of yours the other day, and dayum, I shouldn't be reading them at work. lol

Mike said...

lol...that wasn't what I was going to e mail you goofball.

Camilla said...
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~Deb said...

Oh take my husband Leesa! He only wants his remote control and for me to fetch him his beer! MEN!

So what's this tidbit on 'hot sex with Deb' or 'sex with hot Deb'? Ha!!!!! You are so funny.

Hey, you might have something there.... Write a Christian-based book and get laid more often!

I can see the light!

Hey---I appreciate you waiting for Amazon to come out, but you can get it now with the 'print on demand'. Or did you order it already? I don't believe you have to wait for it though.

Anyway, I wanted to comment on the above writing. Your relationship with God is personal; whether or not you choose to share your thoughts and beliefs with others is your business. But "in my opinion" I love hearing your side as well.

Any time I get a reader that logs on to a religious post of mine, sometimes it wreaks havoc and it gets a bit controversial. People fight, bicker and bitch and moan, yada yada fricken yada, ........and then some get offended by what another commenter says. It's awful sometimes! You've seen it. *sigh*

Just be "you". I love your writing---whether it's about God, your love for books or your risque erotica. You're talented and I can't wait for YOUR book to come out sweetie. Please let me know when it's available.

I want an autographed copy too!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

How cool....I'm gonna go over and visit her blog now!


kathi said...

What a great example of a believer explaining their faith to a non believer (or just trying to explain it to anyone period) "like trying to explain sight to a blind person". I love that!

Leesa said...

miranda: thanks for reading and commenting on the stories.

mike: I know, sweetums.

~deb: I am luckier than you, since I don't have the same audience. Most people here don't tar and feather me with my religious posts.

kathi: thanks, sweetie. I was trying to describe it to a friend.