Monday, March 27, 2006

Bitch Slapped by Merciless Minx

I was recently bitch-slapped by Mercilless Minx. Since I Talk too Much takes their reviews off of their site frequently or makes them hard to find - I can't tell which one - I thought I would post my bitch-slapping on here.

3. Leesa’s Stories

It’s the standard white Blogger template, so it’s readable with nothing special about it. The focus then is on the content. A lot of the posts are vaguely philosophical, which really annoys me. I’ve always hated philosophy. It’s way too much thought given to things that are going to happen regardless of your deep thoughts about it. Either accept it, do something about it, or move on. Some of it is a little thought provoking when it isn’t annoying me.

The post called “Technology”, however, just contradicts itself and makes me think this person is full of crap. It says if you buy something while listening to music from your iPod, you lose connection with that person (the cashier). Once is okay but all the time is bad. Why? They don’t know me, I don’t know them, we don’t care about each other. What “connection” is there to be had? I’ve got more important things to do (maybe even people I wanna do). Maybe I listen to music because I don’t want any connections with strangers. Then later in the same post she talks about email and how it brings you closer to your family when maybe you don’t really want to be. So let me get this straight. I should be spending more time talking to strangers than communicating with my family? Thanks for the insight. I’ll be going now.

I give it

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