Friday, January 26, 2007

Randomness - Must be Friday

Having random Friday three Fridays in a row makes this a trend, not a random occurrence. I love random occurrences. But the first and second time had randomness as well. I am so confused.

Public Services Announcement
I was using sitemeter the other day, seeing which of my non-front-page views are most common. And one page looked fairly weird, Well, I went on to see what In Blogs, the root directory, was all about. Apparently it is a way to view blogs from work sites that block Blogger. So for those of you who just read me on the weekends, because boss man is cruel, this may be a way to circumvent boss man for a time.

Airport craigslist
Last Friday, Larry responded to my blog entry with the following comment: I also have a proposal for those people that live in caves and dont know you cant take switchblades on an aircraft. At the security checkout, when you have to drop off your knife, machete, stun gun whatever is the object du-jour, they give you a coupon stating that you dropped off a (INSERT ITEM NAME). Then when you get to the airport your traveling to, you get to rummage through that airlines confiscation box for a similar, or lesser item in return. Sort of like a free craigslist without the internet.

craigslist in General
Okay, I will admit I never heard of craigslist until reading Larry's response. So then I googled it and found search craigslist in Savannah. They have craigslist in lots of cities.

Under the personals, I saw something called chance encounters. Something like that. So I looked at Female to Male and Male to Female. Anyway, I was not sure exactly what chance encounters were, but I originally looked at Female to Male, me being female. Well, I should be looking in Male to Female, because if some guy saw me and our eyes locked, etc., but he was too shy to say something, I could find out about it there. I was not looking for someone who was looking for me per se (I would stay the heck away from such a person/stalker), but I did find one response a bit interesting:

You were a pretty brunette standing in front of Barnes & Noble on your cell phone. I was a walking towards the store when we saw each other. I saw you smile. I looked down. Some guy turned on loud rock music in his car behind me. I looked at him then looked at you. You laughed then I laughed with you as I walked by. I thought you were very pretty but I didnt stop to say Hi and I wish I had. It was one of those random encounters that you think about for days wondering "What If?" If you read this and find yourself thinking about it too then please reply.

Chance Decisions
Have you ever wondered if some seemingly inconsequential decision turns your life up-side-down? The Abba song, "The Day Before We Met." Well, that is probably not the title, but it is in the chorus. And come to think of it, it deals not with chance decisions but wondering what one was doing the day before someone entered their lives.

You have all heard the stories about missing a train to find the person you married. Or getting arrested at the same protest. Or on a lark, taking a cooking course because you were bored. Okay, the third example sounds better than having a lonesome, desperate man take a cooking course because he was the only man in the class.

I wonder if anyone ever meets from craigslist chance encounters. Maybe not in Savannah.

Restroom Confessions
There are two types of public restrooms: ones that you lock when entering (you have the toilet and the sink all to yourself) and the ones where you enter a stall. When I enter the restrooms where you can lock the door (you are the only one in the restroom), if it stinks like poop in the restroom, I don't enter. I don't do it because the poop smells and it is unpleasant. Well, it is unpleasant. But I don't enter the restroom, because I don't want to be exiting the restroom and have someone come in behind me and think I stunk up the place. I don't want to be blamed for foul odors my own colon did not make.

Am I weird that way?

How come the food always tastes better at restaurants where they serve peanuts in shells and don't mind if you throw the shells on the floor. For that matter, how come peanuts taste better when you have to shell them?

Error Messages
I am getting alot of Blogger error messages. Something like this:
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
Please copy in the following error code when contacting Blogger Support or posting in the Blogger Help Group.

This code will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

I sort of want to write back and just say Bite Me. But would they care?

You know, when I read about astronomy and such, I don't really understand the magnitude of it all. The weight of our Earth - can't carry it - and the weight of the Sun - again, can't carry it. I know the styrofoam balls are different sizes, but I have not a clue about relative terms. Hard to comprehend.

One light year verses a drive from Savannah to Boston. I know my ass would be sore with both trips, and that's about it. I am pretty sure the light year means more potty breaks. I tried posting this response on Quasar's blog, but I couldn't. Some darned problem. And I was going to be witty.

Name that Pecker
Leesa has a contest for naming one of the birds that frequents her yard. Here is how I wanted to respond, but since Blogger is acting up, I am not sure I can respond: Well, this is a Pileated Woodpecker, considered by most to be the largest woodpecker in the US (the Ivory-Billed would trump it, but it has only been seen reliably in Cuba). So this is one big 'pecker.

I would consider "Simon," after the American Idol judge, because he fancies himself a big 'pecker as well.

Can I mention that I hate server problems?

Monday Idea
Oh, and I thought of a good post for Monday - but if I don't write it down here, I will forget about it. Think IRS. If I remember to write it, it is going to be very entertaining to me.


Georgiapeach said...

Too funny Leesa!!! And no, you are not weird at all. I do the same thing when the restroom is dirty like that!!
***this maybe a litte t.m.i- but if I have to do the number two (only when restroom is empty) and it's in one that has stalls, I hurry up and do most of it and then I go to another stall. Which still smells fresh and walk out of that one, just in case someone comes in while I am washing my hands, they will at least see me coming out the other

kathi said...

I want to write blogger saying 'bite me' all the time, lol.
And, I agree with the peanuts tasting much better when you've got to work for them, even if you hate doing it.

I'm looking forward to something entertaining regarding the IRS..write on!

Leesa said...

I loved that comment about the pecker :)

And i'm the same way about the public restrooms.

Prata said...

Public Restrooms, I never defecate in them. Disease and all. I'm very much opposed to disease. I don't touch anything in a public restroom with my bare hand. I'm weird that way lol.

Video X said...


I tried the inblogs thing.

I was worried that it would only work for sites that were blocked due to being "blogger," and that wouldn't help me.

Blogger sites aren't blocked, but we have the Lightspeed thing that filters out sites based on porn, language, etc. Yours was not blocked, but a lot of blogs I read are blocked.

SOOO! It lets me go back to my previously blocked blogs due to content! yay. hell, I could even hit some porno sites up now.

Leesa said...

gp: I have missed you! And, yeah, that is TMI but I love that I am not alone in my weirdness.

kathi: oh, no, now I have to write about the IRS.

leesa: thanks; I like naming things.

prata: yeah, I am against disease, but I still use them.

vx: I actually found the inblogs thing for you. Did I write that before?

~Deb said...

Everything tastes better in its original form- meat tastes better on the bone, fish tastes better with the skin (in my opinion), oysters are great on the half shell and so on.

Blogger error messsages don't taste good at all.

Tony said...

On Peanuts:

A man walks into a bar to find he's the only one there besides the bartender. As he's sitting there drinking his beer he hears "Nice shirt".

He looks around but there is no one except the bartender on the other side washing glasses. He goes back to drinking his beer and soon hears "Nice hair, too".

He asks the bartender, "Did you say anything?"

The bartender looks at him and says "Nope. It might have been the peanuts, though. They're complimentary."

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Have a good weekend.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Blogger has been making me mad for months!

Georgiapeach said...

Hey Kathi!

Leesa you know that took a lot out of me, because I totally dislike talking about that And I was going to erase it a hour later but I pushed myself not

Georgiapeach said...

Hey Kathi!

Leesa you know that took a lot out of me, because I totally dislike talking about that And I was going to erase it a hour later but I pushed myself not

Leesa said...

~deb: and most things taste better with melted cheese on them.

tony: yeah, I have heard that before.

dr. ~deb: I would hate to make you mad.

GP: I know; it does take a lot out of you.

Shadowdog said...

Well Tony, I hadn't heard that joke before and it made me very angry! Here's my revenge:

A skeleton walks into a bar and says "I'd like a beer and a mop!"

HA HA HA HA HA HA - ... sorry Leesa. :-(

Anywho, on to the actual post.

I had heard of the Craigslist encounters dealio but never really thought about it until reading your thoughts. Now I'm going to have to check it out because I'm always in my own world when out in public and have probably blown off dozens ... or twos anyway ... of interested women. Though my encounters would probably read like:

It really hurt when you stepped on my foot and didn't notice or excuse yourself. Jerk!

Public bathrooms are freaking nasty. (shudders) Also, guys really do need to stop peeing next to me when there are open urinals further down the wall. (shudders)

Oooo, an IRS post! Goodie! Let's hope they don't have the internet and don't surf blogs! >:-P

Leesa said...

shaddowdog: you know, on Friday, I thought I was going to write a great IRS blog this morning, but I have a splitting headache and I cut it short. Sorry!