Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Princess Panties

During my Christmas break, I did some house cleaning. I know, sounds like a party to me. Well, I organized my dresser drawers (does anyone born after 1980 do this, I wonder less-than-silently), drawer-by-drawer. Top drawer is my unmentionable, and, well, I am going to mention one item of clothing: a pair of princess panties.

These panties are very special to me, and embarrassingly, I purchased them while in college. Me and some of my girlfriends were shopping, and one store (not Disney) had them on display in adult sizes. White cotton panties, with a cursive "princess" written in pastel colors, adorned with similarly colored flowers. There were four of us shopping that day, and each of us purchased a pair.

I know, I know. You want me to tell you that we went to Brenda's dorm room, tried them on together, had a pillow fight and that led to a night of wrestling and lesbian moments. But that did not happen.

We bought these panties as a joke, more or less, but I put my panties to good use. I wore them on almost every real first date I had while in college. Stupid as this may sound to my mostly male readership, they made me feel, well, like a princess. By wearing the panties, it reminded me that I should be treated well, having the gentleman open doors for me (even the car door, and many men actually did open car doors – hard to believe, I know), engaging in polite conversation, et cetera. And, another embarrassing to write reason for wearing princess panties is that it kept me in my princess panties. No way did I want a man knowing that I owned a pair, let alone wore them on a date.

After college, I retired my princess panties. I was not engaged nor married, but by that time, I thought to myself, "I want to fuck on the first date." No, that's not what I thought. I thought to myself, "I am an adult now." And I retired them into my top dresser drawer.

Since retiring them (no ceremony, actually), I have worn them three times:

1. Laundry emergency. The first time I wore them was when I had no other clean panties in the house. I actually first changed into a dress and tried going around the house panty-less, but it was uncomfortable. So another fact I am revealing to you – I am no Britney Spears. Instead of finding a short skirt and going panty-less (and no doubt having to exit limousines with paparazzi focusing their cameras up my skirt), I decided to wear my princess panties. That was one good day.

2. Death of my grandfather. When dressing for the funeral, I slipped on my princess panties. He called me his little princess, and it was more of a tribute to him than me wanting to feel good about myself. Also, you know princesses don't cry, and I did not want to cry at his funeral. Princess look solemn and distraught at times, but you rarely see a princess cry. I cried that day for my grandfather; the panties did not work. But I could hear him calling me his little princess, something he did not call me after I hit puberty. I guess he did not think princesses had breasts.

3. After a week of fighting. Many of you who have read my writings know I cheated on my husband. After I told him, he yelled, I cried, he yelled, I fought back, and we were less-than-civil. I was completely spent, my emotions going through so much, and after a week of feeling awful, I wanted to feel worthwhile again. Again I put on my princess panties. I breathed easier; I thought I was not the she-devil; and I began to heal.

Funny how such an insignificant piece of fabric can mean so much to someone. Or how one can write about it for more than a paragraph. And finally, no, I will not pose in the panties on this site. I am sure you can find other sites for that purpose.


KYCM said...

HNY Leesa,
I loved your post. Having certain momentos I also treasure, for reasons unknown to anyone but me, I was touched by your words. You are a princess and I love your bloggage. Thanks for opening up and allowing my an insight into your world. Hugsssssssssssssss!


Edge said...

Ya, I love my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader boxers. You can guess what I like to think of and do when I wear those.

Interesting talisman you have kept around. Seriously, I have 2 cans of tuna I keep in the fridge from college. I keep them because it reminds me of how I started out on my own. You and I are contemporaries so that should give you an idea of how old they are.


Monica said...

You didn't toss them did you?!
No no no KEEP things like that...who knows when you'll need them again....someday you'll be a little old lady and get invited to an old lady tea party...just like when you were little and played princess...then you can get away with princess panties again...and a tiara too...I can't wait to be an old lady....

Video X said...

Hmmm...scrapbook your princess panties? That would be interesting...I suppose it would have to be a very personal scrapbook.

I love cleaning out drawers! Always feels refreshing.

Leesa said...

Cute post :)
I have something almost similar. Day-of-the-week panties, given as a joke. I never wear them, but they do come out on laundry days.

d_pasquella said...

Okay, major disappointment here. No photos to share?

But, I can totally relate to having an object as a very sentimental thing. It's normal.

Don't throw those out though! I think it brought comfort and luck to you- right?


Leesa said...

kycm: you are quite welcome.

edge: wow, old tuna. that is, er, unique.

monica: I would not toss them, even if they don't fit some day.

VX: scrapbooking them. Now that is funny!

leesa: thanks, hun. Reminds me of the movie, "When Harry Met Sally." Days of the week underpants, and the jealous boyfriend asking, "Where is Sunday."

"They don't make Sunday", Sally said, "on Account of God."

~deb: you may want to use your blogger login so that we can't see your real name.

Ian Lidster said...

What a charming story, Leesa. Aside from the fact I adore panties (on or off women) for a host of reasons, your story of your Princess Panties and their role in your life was a sheer (no, they're not sheer, are they?) delight. Keep up your fine work, my friend.


Prata said...

You fought for a week over cheating? That's excessive. Really. I have my buddha necklace that I wear everyday. Not because it brings me luck, but because when someone tests my limits of patience I can hold it and not snap and kill them right there on the spot.

My watch. The object of my affection gave me a watch. I never take it off, save to shower. I wear it to bed and everything. I'll probably lose my left hand in some freak sleeping accident though lol. I left my watch on the bathroom sink this morning, I feel naked without it. It is unsettling.

Greg said...

Leesa, I love your stories! And now you write a story about panties.

Can it possibly get any better? :)


kathi said...

I organize my dresser drawers, but yeah...way before 1980.

I like your story of princess panties. We all need our own 'princess panties'.

Leesa said...

ian: thanks, sweetie. I enjoyed sharing this.

prata: the loss of trust has a high price. If it were only a week of fighting, it would have been much better.

greg: thanks, sweetie.

kathi: thanks, sweetie.

GW Mush said...


cool story! It makes me want to sniff your princess panties, hehe

Steff said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by today. And you're more than welcome to steal the mail happiness resolution. It's a goodie!

To answer your not-so-silent question...yes I organize my dresser. Panties in the top, followed by bras, then socks, next stockings and slips, and finally scarves and belts. And yes...I was born in 1981.

I think most females (and maybe even some males) can identify with having a favorite pair of panties. I have a couple of pairs that are guarenteed to boast my confidence. Great list!

Cinderella said...

OMG, I loved reading this post!!

You are too cute for words. I think that is a brillant idea. (With reguard to wearing the princess panties on first dates to remind you that you SHOULD be treated like a princess)..AWESOME!

I have guitar ones...but I have no idea why I picked them out. I guess they make me feel like a rock star or something..ohh well, different strokes for different folks I guess haha.

Thanks for sharing that!

Leesa said...

gw mush: naughty boy.

steff: thanks for the note.

cinderella: thanks for the note. You really made me feel good this morning.