Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday YouTube Gem #3: Digital Soul

One of the most popular VLOGgers (YouTubers?) is digital soul. He gets a lot of press, and since I am trying to review VLOGgers, I thought I should mention him.

When I first saw his videos, I genuinely liked him. I thought some of his views were simplistic, but it seemed as if he has a good heart. And this is not a knock on him – I value good people more than smart people. And he is probably really smart. If you take any one of my blogs, you can find simplistic ones. Not every one of them is Shakespeare (and I am not talking about the plagiarism; plagiarism is the wrong word but I don't know the right word). Think Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere (Earl of Oxford), William Stanley (Earl of Derby), Roger Manners (Earl of Rutland), Christopher Marlowe. All have been credited with writing some of Shakespeare's works at one time or other. But I am not here to write about Shakespeare or to burry Caesar. Er, moving on to Digital Soul.

Anyway, he seems to really care about the YouTube community. Sort of how I feel about the Blogger community.

I guess I should critique the guy. He seems to know and report about many things that some of us would just have gone over our heads. But since I am not a YouTuber, not really, it doesn't affect me all that much. Google floating a trial balloon about paying for hosting videos. Or what YouTube wants to do what "the Fizz" is doing by putting VLOGgers on cable.

Perhaps it would be better to just let you listen to Digital Soul. He is going to do a Dirk Slade (or whatever the name of the guy is) set of skits. Dirk Slade: Security Guard. I am anticipating this. It may be really funny. Stay tuned.

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