Thursday, January 04, 2007

An Open Letter to Blogger

Dear Blogger,

When I first read about the "beta Blogger," I was apprehensive. Some of my virtual friends were early adopters and their blogs disappeared. Based on this, I wanted nothing to do with blogger.

Then one day, I logged on to my Blogger account, ready to compose the best blog entry ever. Okay, I just wanted to type a page and get on with my day. Upon entering blogger, I was asked, begged almost, to switch to the new Blogger. I did some research that day, and thought, "No way in hell."

So I kept posting. And Blogger kept reminding me to switch to the new Blogger. And still, I did not trust you, Blogger. You have burned my friends, and I did not want to be likewise burned.

Then Blogger, you threatened me, sort of. You said, eventually, everyone will need to change. Eventually. And like someone who just wants to see if you would screw with my blog, I ended up trying to change to the new Blogger. And Blogger, you told me that my blog was too big. Thanks for nothing.

A week or two later, I tried changing again. And Blogger, you converted me to the new Blogger sort of flawlessly. Well, you orphaned one of my blogs (recently I got it back). But other than that, my main blog converted after about eight hours.

A week or so after changing over to the new Blogger, and the blog looking the same, I decided to treat my blog to a facelift. And I love the new tools you have now. I still figured out how to do the drop-downs (tricky Blogger, always wanting to hide the good stuff), and I may change the look a little bit, but I like a simple look, so I am not hiding my words. And my blog is about my words.

One thing, dear Blogger, that I initially hated was changing to G-mail. I had to change to read a private blog of a friend. I really did not want to change. Now I am transferring most of my emailing from Yahoo to G-mail. And I initially felt guilty about it. I have used Yahoo for-freekin'-ever. Now Yahoo was great, better than most webmail that I had seen years ago, but now, many webmail applications are better. G-mail is pretty awesome.

And I have recently found YouTube, one of your recently adopted siblings. In fact, I have been playing around with dedicating one day per week to featuring a YouTube site. Critiquing the YouTube site, almost pimping it. I could get lost in YouTube, but I have work to do. It seems, dear Blogger, that you, G-mail and YouTube, all children of Google, have really had an impact on my life. What the heck are you trying to do, be the Microsoft of the Internet? But why exclude China? Can you see them as consumers as well?


Favor - YouTube Request
Okay. Breaking news folks. As you may or may not remember, I wrote a script based on one of my posts for someone on YouTube. It is performed by a 16-year-old girl in, er, I think New Jersey. Katie is a thespian in high school, and for you guys, thespians and lesbians are not necessarily the same. Sorry, guys.

It is a cute video that is football-related, just in time for the NFL playoffs. I would appreciate you watching it. You can even sign into your YouTube account and list it as a favorite. I know you would like to make a lesbian happy today. I mean a thespian happy today. Darned typing skills.


Monica said...

na na na na na na! I'm fiiiiirst!
(I have to stop hanging out with gradeschoolers)

Monica said...

Okaaaay....I am too close to highschool. I was a thespian, and remember the over rehearsed, not yet natural recitations of script too would make a great state speech presentation...stars galore!
Very cute though.
And I too had the blooger switch pushed on me...and now I have to use my WHOLE EMAIL ADDRESS TO LOG IN!

sorry....had to get that off my chest.

Monica said...

Okay, am I the only one worried about the safety and security of this girl? She put her NAME online...and the name of her high school...what about her they have a clue?

Bing! Mother warning system- Bing!security breach! Bing!

Prata said...

You don't have to use your whole e-mail address. That's not true. ^_^

You only need the userpart of it. The whole e-mail address (as much as blogger may or may not tell you that) is overkill. I login without the domain everyday.

Girl Next Door said...

I'm a little worried about moving to the new blogger. My blog is small and there's not nearly the volume you have, but still, it's the headache and moving to the new email address that bothers me.

BTW - I liked the part where that girl grabbed her boobs, and even though she's 16, what she said about who was watching was spot on!


Leesa said...

monica: thanks for being first! And I emailed her about her name and school being on her YouTube VLOG.

prata: thanks for pointing that out.

Girl Next Door: actually, I think a lot of her classmates watch her. But, yeah, she has nice boobs, and that's probably getting some attention as well.

Heather said...

Cute skit..

She is adorable.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Leesa said...

I don't want to transfer either, but even when I tried to transfer my other blog, it wouldn't let me.
I do like the new look!

Leesa said...

heather: she is a doll.

leesa: yeah, it did not let me at first. I bet they are only transfering a certain percentage per day. Easier on the servers.

kathi said...

I'm where you were. The ONLY reason I won't change is because it's trying so hard to get me to. Stubborn, uh, yeah. The changing of email...thought about g-mail too, but my email addy is on my business cards and I don't want to have to order new ones.

Yup, the girl is a cutie!

QUASAR9 said...

So you decided to stay online
and keep on blogging

So, how's the new job
I can imagine you with black stockings, suspenders, not too short skirts ... and that perfume hmmm intoxicating

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Leesa, if that is all you saw
in Paris, begs the question what you were looking for.
Trash is an almost 'inevitable' result of human activity - and the pursuit of gratification if not happiness - but you could have noticed that there is now fish life even in the Seine

Leesa you must come to Cambridge.
Even the parks in Cambridge are full of trash after a busy night, but we have a special squad takes it all away so as not to offend your eyes on the way to work in the morning

Leesa said...

kathi: I can be stubbern too. I really did not want to change.

quasar: I have been to Cambridge. The place is full of smart people and they have lovely places to eat. I did not notice the trash.

Tony said...

thanks for the tip on the VLOG. I think female ref's would be great! Especially if they wore tight black shorts and tight black and white striped shirts during the indoor games. (or if the weather permitted during the outdoor games) I think it would go a long way toward making the game more interesting. Of course, there'd be an increse in penalties just to see the ref on the Jumbotron, but hey, it's worth it.

Leesa said...

tony: it is all about attracting eyeballs. Soon, there would be sponsors for the really hot refs. Then calenders, and so forth. I am all about moving product.

Muhanned said...

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