Friday, January 12, 2007

Randomness Friday

What a Load of Crap

Okay, people, repeat after me, "What a load of crap." I think people need to get comfortable with that saying. Again, "What a load of crap."

I really wish people would say that phrase more often. Case in point:

The other day, I was on YouTube, and there was this boyfriend-girlfriend LVOG. And the guy was so annoying. He was saying things like, "I am not annoying you. You are choosing to be annoyed."

Okay, girlfriend, repeat after me, "What a load of crap." And if you want to vary the saying up a bit, you can try, "What a load of psycho-bullcrap."

I remember when I was seven years old, traveling with my family across several states. My sister would invade "my side of the car" and place her arm on my arm. She did this to piss me off, and well, it pissed me off. Mission-freaking-accomplished. And in today's age, a psychologist would say, "Leesa, you are allowing your sister to upset you." And all I can think, and could have thought at the time is that my sister is a pain in my ass. And when I was seven, I had a very tiny ass – and like the princess and the pea, even a little annoyance was felt by my little ass.

Now, I don't hate my sister. Well, not for what she did when she was five, but the point is that when people are saying, "I am not annoying. You are choosing your reaction to my stimulus." Please. Sometimes you are just annoying. And when someone is just excusing their own actions, not taking any credit for them, and blaming the person who is the target of said annoyance. Psycho-babble.

When I was in school, we talked about words that sounded alike that are spelled differently. Remember, (1) to, (2) too, and (3) two? I remember learning about the differences for years. Years! But there are two words that are one letter different: fiancé and fiancée. And I think the words sound alike as well, but the words are critically different. One of these words includes a penis that seems to always be on the go, and I have a clever way of telling the two words apart. The word that includes the penis is a tad longer. And we all notice penises that are a tad longer. Maybe that's why we never learned this in school. The memory technique is dirty.
Additional Note:I had actually checked out some site to make sure I was right, and I read the definitions wrong. I googled fiancée, and it said, "The first is male, the second female." I thought it meant that fiancée was male and fiancé was female (sort of the opposite of what I thought, but I was not sure). Since I googled it, I assumed the first was the term I googled and it wasn't. So this argument holds no water. I am keeping it simply because it deals with penises.

Okay, I am usually the last person in Georgia to hear about anything new, but do you know about Pandora? It is this music site where you basically create your own radio station by telling the website what songs/artists you like.

Okay, it is too much work for me to really spend time on, but I wonder why would you buy music after some sites are giving music out for free. My guess is that you hear it on here, and you buy it. But why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

Then there is this Yahoo Video, where you can watch free videos. By the way, I like Stacie Orrico, and I do not know who the heck she really is. Okay, I just figured out that Yahoo is charging $6.00/month. Even before this, I am moving from Yahoo to Google. Did I say that out loud? But I was able to see Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" video. I love that song. Shakira is smart, I love the way she sings, she is pretty. A girl crush. Damn. Well, this is the "extra post" for Friday. For those of you who don't care for YouTube.

Please notice the other post below (two for Friday this time).


kathi said...

My grammar has always sucked and I majored in jounralism...yeah well. I'm a big fan of (merriam-webster OnLine), it's on my favorites. :)

mal said...

on long trips, it was a constant battle with one of my sibs for "space". My parents did not want to show favortism, so of course I had to put up with it. GRRRRRR

"Bull Shit" has been my expression of choice for years *S*. It is impressive when you drop that in a conversation when you normally use no profanity.

Monica said...

I LOVE Pandora! I found it a couple days ago (through a link from your site) and have been listening to it ever since. I have a few stations to match my mood (which means I'll have to go make a new one today since I've cheered up)
I wanted to blog about Pandora yesterday, but I couldn't find the site I linked to from your site, and it didn't seem right to say-
"hey guys check out this cool thing I found"
like I found it all by myself.
Okay...that just sounded really dumb.
Anyway...merry blogging!

Newly Single Guy said...

I'm not one to usually go around and correct someone's spelling of words, but I think you were a little confused.

Fiance (one e) is a man. Fiancee (two e's) is a woman. Hence the shorter one includes a penis.

Rick said...

I always take full credit for my annoyance. I own it. But I do rent it out on occasion.

Prata said...

Actually...the line of thought that you choose to be annoyed or choose to be angry isn't modern psycho babble. It's been around long long long before any of the readers here was born.

cha'an, zen, mahayahan buddhism in general has always pointed out that we choose (in an instant) to be angry or sad based on filtered thought.

Similar to when someone says something "demeaning" to you. You take offense to it even though they meant nothing offensive at all. That is your choice to do so. "Little lady" remember that? ^_^ You chose to be upset by this, because you assumed (and there is your failing) that he was being demeaning to you and not respecting your knowledge, which as any one in the service industry knows, you can never exepct your customer to know anything about what they are asking about.

Prata said...

Oh, and Pandora doesn't have any of the music I listen too. =-( I cried on the inside.

Leesa said...

kathi: my spelling sucks. Grammar is okay, not great, but okay.

mal: I normally use no profanity, and it can be powerful. People understand.

monica: Pandora is cool.

newly single: thanks for the correction.

rick: you are special that way.

prata: I forgot about ancient wisdom, but it is the psycho-babble people who have popularized this with the 20-something crowd.

Pittchick said...

I have comcast rhapsody, that's basically a make your own radio station thing. It was free with my email account. Well, I guess it's not really free, since I pay for my cable internet, but whatever.

Leesa said...

pittchick: sounds cool to me! Have a wonderful weekend!

Video X said...

okay well, my brain must be done for the day (was it ever there really?) because I got lost on the fiance fiancee penis thing.

Leesa said...

VX: sorry. Guess mine did as well.