Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday YouTube Gem #2: TheHill88

Okay, after the first week of doing a Friday YouTube that was not much of a success, I thought I would stick it out for Friday number two. Is that just my way of saying "FU" to my readership? Not intentional, I assure you.

I embedded a video of TheHill88 before, and some did not like her at all. She is young and sometimes immature; that comes out easy on film, probably less so on a blog (such as this) where I can edit and edit. Well, I don't edit my tripe, but you get the idea. I also have 20 years on the girl.

The video file I am embedding is actually from another user, but it has a small clip that was seen on 60 Minutes. I watched 60 Minutes as a child – my grandfather loved that show. I really did not understand the allure of the show. To me, the show was boring, and the tick-tock-tick-tock between segments was enough to put me to sleep. Clocks in general make me want to nap. Writing about clocks make me want to nap. [yawn]

But seriously, I don't watch 60 minutes now – more to do with me not watching television than anything else. But I am wondering how this has anything to do with TheHill88.

I love Harry Potter – love the books, really love the idea and all. And so does TheHill88. She is not the best VLOGger, but she is one of the most popular. I guess it is like "Survivor" used to be. It seems that everyone watched Survivor when it started out, not because they necessarily enjoyed the show but because they were able to talk about it at work the next day. Or that they were in a Survivor pool and needed to watch the show so they could bet better. So if you are getting into the YouTube experience, you have probably tripped onto TheHill88. And that's not a bad thing.


kathi said...

A cutie that seems to have her head on straight.

Video X said...

I can't really do the Friday Youtube thing because that is one of the sites specifically banned at work. Too bad for me...and since my computer at home is on the fritz right now...I can't really check anything at home either. So, maybe that is part of the problem for some people and not so much that your Friday YouTube being unsuccessful.

Leesa said...

kathi: I think she is an extra on some movies set in Austrailia.

VX: yeah, I know some block YouTube. I would if I were paying the bills.

Caitlin Hill said...

you wrote a blog about me??
aww... thats so cool! :D