Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dreams, Tapes and Absároke

Sorry. Got into work really late today. And I am not sure exactly what I will write about today.

I had a dream last night concerning a blogger. How creepy is that? I keep telling myself that this whole blogging experience is just so I can force myself to write every day, and that it means nothing. And then I have a dream about a blogger.

Okay, the dream. I actually dreamt of Prata and his significant other. You see, she need help buying him a present, and she elicited my help. I love to shop, not to buy but to shop, so this was right up my alley. But then, the reason for the shopping – to purchase a weapon. And I wanted to remember the name of the gun that I recommended for Prata. I really did. But ten minutes after I woke up, the dream started to fade. I hate that.

If I could invent anything, I would invent a recorder for dreams. Wouldn't that be so cool? Plug your head up to some machine that looks like a cross between a VCR and a 1950s hairdryer, and then you can save your dreams to tape.

That way, I could just fast-forward to where I was helping purchase the weapon. I remember it was two shades of blue, and I had the impression that there was no metal in the gun (is that what a Glock is? Short for glockenspiel, I am pretty sure; joke). You know, when you have to go through metal detectors with your piece.

Anyway, for your information, Prata's significant other got Prata a very nice, stylish gun in my dream. And she is a very nice girl.

Dream Recorder Thing
But wouldn't that dream recorder thing be so cool? I mean, you could have a whole bunch of videos for your personal enjoyment. For me, I would have a bunch of videos labeled "weird stuff." Think Leesa on LSD (I assume). I mean, some of my dreams are pretty weird, where stuff melts into other stuff. Not sure I would want to save those videos, or if I did save them, I wouldn't want anyone to see them.

Then I would have my videos where I would predict the future. I guess I could send Kerry one of the videos – not the one of him winning the election, but the one of him being sworn in as president. I guess he dreamed of that as well.

Then I would have my porn videos. I wouldn't want anyone to see them as well. But my porn videos would be rather boring. I mean, nice for me, but not nice to watch. In the moment. I just lost my own train of thought.

Then there are my falling videos. Crap-ola. Not sure I would want to watch those videos. I don't even like watching movies where you "feel" like you are on the rollercoaster. Or whatever. Or the I-Max videos where you are zooming over the countryside. Okay, those I-Max videos are pretty cool, but not falling to my death. Not a good thing.
I am going to stop talking about dreams. I forget they are a door to our souls. And quite frankly, I want to be a little mysterious.

Learning Something New
I did not know that Absároke and Crow were the same. I learn something new every day.


~Deb said...

Now someone's going to steal your idea! Hush!!!

Bruce said...

I could definitely use that dream recorder, because I haven't had a dream in about 6-7 months. Yeah, I know; the prevailing sentiment is that you dream every night, but I've never subscribed to that theory. I guess that's my Jungian background showing...

Pyth0s said...

I hope that never happens!!!

The internet is already a strange and bizarre place as is, the last thing I'd need to see are people's screwed up dreams on YouTube.

I think of some of the wacked out dreams I have, some of them would most likely have me arrested. It would be like that movie with Tom Cruise.. Where they arrest you before doing the crime based on your thoughts/dreams.

The world is already phooked up enough as is, let us not get into Dream recording :)



Tony said...

Ooh. And what if the dreams became true, you know, like predictions. Would the person then be considered a prophet? I mean, think about all the possible dreams there are and all the possible actions there are. You have to think that somewhere someone is doing something you dreamed about.

So, is eating Absaroke any less demeaning?

Leesa said...

~deb: that's okay! I don't mind people stealing the dream idea.

bruce: if you stay up most of the night and go to sleep, then you may remember your dreams. You are in REM sleep (when you dream) for about the same amount of time no matter how long you sleep. So the less sleep you have, the higher the proportion of REM sleep and the more likely you will remember your dreams. I am a dork.

pyth0s: now that would be a cool sequel to the Cruise movie!

tony: Absároke is the name of an native American tribe, widely known as the Crow.

Edtime Stories said...

I love the idea of a dream recorder that is cool. I too had a blogger appear in a dream last night. I wonder if there is something in the air....besides coldness.

Prata said...

What did the object of my affection look like?! I wanna know! And, that's odd. I haven't had a direct dream about you, but I have once thought to myself (in my dream..which involved killing someone that did something bad to a friend of mine) "Leesa, wouldn't understand this at all..." Then I murdered the person. =-/ I instantly felt better about being me.

Ian Lidster said...

I had the same thought many years ago about videotaping dreams and then playing them back. But, as you suggest, it should only be for private viewing. I also have too many dreams about being naked in public places, peeing in public places, or having sex in public places. I don't know if I want to share to that extent. Added to which, also as you suggest, some of my dreams would scare the hell out of me on second viewing.

Tony said...

Correction; WE learn something new every day.

Thanks for the knowledge.

GW Mush said...


I would be nice if you could dream about me once in a while.

Leesa said...

ed: I am not sure what is in the air.

prata: the object of your affection was Asian. But I got the impression that her family was from an island, not the mainland.

ian: I guess I had the thought when I was in high school and we were trying to interpret our dreams. Yeah, I went to a weird (progressive) high school. Or they hired a few nuts.

tony: you are welcome.

gw mush: sorry sweetie, I have a hard time guiding my dreams.

Prata said...

An island? How...peasant like. ;) Just teasing. I like the peasants anyway lol. Go figure.