Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday YouTube Gem #4: jenluv37 and geriatric1927

Again, I am not sure how this YouTube thing is going, but I will continue. I think I will talk about a YouTube "Star" and a YouTube relative unknown. Personally, I like the unknown people better.

YouTube "Non Star": jenluv37
I can't embed this next video, but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite VLOGgers. Her name is jenluv37. Jenluv37 is a teacher, and you know, if you watch her, you can see that "teacher" mentality. She is extremely active, and I probably would not have mentioned her at all, but she started making more personal, introspective vlogs.

Don't get me wrong, I like her cooking videos (though, I can't believe she does not like mushrooms). She looks like she enjoys mushrooms. Ah, well. And she is funny, but seeing her introspective videos will, I predict, be a real treat. Plus, she is using a black and white effect for her different type of videos. Extremely clever. And I love clever people.

YouTube Star: renetto

I don't subscribe to renetto, but I know he is extremely popular. I think he looks cool; love his glasses. And he seems real. He calls himself a YouTube leader, and, you know, he sort of is. He has a boat-load of subscribers and he is in tune with whatever is going on in the community. But he is a prick.

Can I call him a prick? I think that is the first/second time I have ever used this work on this site. Now, that's saying something. Oh, and he has a new video, and he is less prick-y in it. Crap, not a good reviewer, am I?

YouTube Star: geriatric1927

Since renetto is a prick, I want to recommend a user worth watching – geriatric1927. The guy is from England, and his voice is so soothing. He is really an interesting chap (and you have to call him a chap, him being British and all). And he is wildly popular. I think he is popular because he is almost like a grandfather to many young people on here (YouTube, not Blogger). He even was the focus of a hoax concerning his own death.

Geriatric1927 has an interesting perspective. He is more than 40 years older than me (I guess, if his 1927 is the year of his birth), so he has the experience on me. By the way, I would have complained if he put stinky socks on the radiator. Well, Geriatric1927, or Peter (his real first name), seems to be extremely active on YouTube. You have got to love this guy!

He even has an ET doll, with fresh new batteries. Man, he is a really cool guy.


Georgiapeach said...

Jen was great Leesa!
Watching Geriatric now. I can already tell that I am going to like this! Great post Leesa!

Georgiapeach said...

LOved it Leesa. You gotta love the wisdom. Who doesn't need it! He made a good point at the end. And I definitely will take heed to what he said about remembering the good times more than you remember sad events that take place in your life. I feel ten steps ahead

Leesa said...

gp: have you been blogging somewhere else lately?