Monday, January 08, 2007

I need my coffee

Oil Change
Right before Christmas, I got my oil changed. I pull up to this Jiffy Lube type place and give the attendant my keys. Or is he a mechanic? Anyway, after asking me how many miles I have on my car (can't he just look at the odometer; I am out of my car at the time?), he asks nicely, "So what type of oil would you like us to use?"

My first reaction was to think to myself, "How the hell do I know. If I knew what type of oil to use, I would probably be able to change my own darned oil." I was just about to say "motor oil" (it is a kind of oil), when I thought I would ask, "What kind would you recommend?"

And he started out by saying, "Little Lady, I would suggest . . . ." And I did not hear his suggestion because I was pissed at being called a little lady. It just seems demeaning. And I know, some people talk that way, but I don't have to like it.

Before I got really upset, I imagined two attractive women kissing, and the anger just subsided into the two pair of lips gently touching.

Where was I?

A fecking cold officeHard Nipples because it is freezing in here!
Okay, I am the first one in the office today, and of course, the person who has the knowledge and expertise with the thermostat controls is out this week. Who the hell takes the week after Christmas off, anyways?

So I am freezing!

I work with a bunch of men with bellies, and I swear their bellies keep them warmer and they can't tell it is freekin' cold in here. Luckily after complaining about the cold for months, I finally remembered to bring in a sweater. Actually, I should have said "re-bring in" the sweater. I have had it in and out of the office for years. I just take it home to clean it every once in a while. And the sweater helps.

It is actually the ugliest sweater I own. Not that it is ugly, but it is a simple white sweater. I call it my "Mr. Roger's" sweater.

Out of a Funk
I am not sure if you noticed or not, but I have been reflective recently. Translation: my blog has really sucked lately. By lately, I mean over the last six months or so. But for some odd reason, I am feeling better. Maybe it is because I am exercising more, or that the days are finally getting longer, or I am in the middle of a really good book. Actually, I would be in a better mood if I got laid last night. But it is not like it was seventeen months between events.


Pyth0s said...

I'll come over and keep your warm!

If you need to know how, that will be an off-line discussion :)

/sigh Yet another week begins!

Prata said...

I'd be happy to keep you warm. What I will need are soem supplies though. I'll need a boning knife (I will supply my katana for the hard part of the work), gasoline, coal, and plastic bags. Are you in a position to begin interviewing? *blinkles*

Side note, I have a video to put on my blog...yes I made one! However, I'm having a bit of a time working out a server directory structure. It'll come about momentarily. I am a little OCD-ish about my server's structure.

Leesa said...

pyth0s: thanks, sweetie, but I will just put on a sweater.

prata: let us know when it is available?

Ian Lidster said...

I'd be in a better mood if I'd gotten laid last night, too, but my wife's working out of town at the moment. Damn! Anyway, my dear, even if you have felt in a crappy mood, your blogs haven't shown it. I think you should consider publishing a collection because I always find you brighten my day considerably.


Monica said...

I think the funk transfered here...greaaaaaat.
I'm a bit bummed today, dunno why.
I have a Mr Rodgers sweater too, it's a men's sweater, 2 xl....but it's pink, so that makes it okay.

~Deb said...

Believe me, upstate from me all the mechanics have that "Lil Lady" type of talk as well as "sugar", "honey", and my LEAST favorite, DOLLFACE! Ugh. But, you have to take into consideration who you're dealing with and where you get your oil changes. Most of the time, around where I go it's one of those small mom and pop gas stations where they're carving wood outside waiting fer sum' customers to come strolling in. Imaginging two girls kissin is a great way to distract rude comments.

Hope you got lubed okay! ;)

Leesa said...

ian: always the charmer!

monica: Oh, and I have a men's sweatshirt that I absolutely love.

~deb: yeah, all lubed up just fine.

Prata said...

Is it really rude though if someone is not politically correct? Political correctness does not define polite. Little lady doesn't seem rude to me. It's your perception of the term, which again doesn't make it necessarily rude.

Looking throught he dictionary, I see no mention of politically correct speech making something rude or not. Ill-mannered or discourteous is mentioned, but if someone is helping you with something and being polite to you that does not qualify their statement as rude.

Your perceptions (not yours personally I mean in people generally) are 90% of misunderstandings between people.

mal said...

I change my oil monthly. It PISSES me off to no end when I get these High School drop outs trying to sell me stuff that has NO value. The hard core ones make comments like "like what does your husband use?" "and you know you really need to clean your fuel injectors" and my all time favorite "your car is recommended for XYZ at this mileage". I do love coming back with "no it doesn't, do you want to look at my manual? I did" The whole thing makes me want to climb out of my car and slam their heads into the car hood to see if there is anything inside to leak out

I am fortunate that we have hooked up with a pretty good mechanic who has never talked down at me. Not surprisingly, most of his clientele is women.....

jsull28fl@yaho said...

sugar if you are in Savannah then i suspect you get called all kinds of things that are just terms of endearment to the speaker. But i also suspect that the oil dude (no chance in hell he was a mechanic, i mean not even a prayer, was attempting to upsell you. The last actual fist-a-cuffs i engauged iin was when one of those dudes talked my bride into get this, $190.00 woorth of bs, they didnt do that the next time.
I wish you would have gotten laid so you'd feel better!
ole js

Leesa said...

prata: I will have to think about this one; I just felt belittled. Initially, I want to disagree with you, but you may be right.

mal: You know a lot more about cars than me.

jsull28fl: well, I normally say "no" to all of their upsells. Then I go home and tell hubbie. Sometimes the work should have been done, often not.

Heather said...

LOL.. Little lady *snort*.. just so you know.. it was 19 months...19!!!

but I'm much better now...

WOW.. I just typed that out.. it still doesn't look right... 19...

I gotta recount.. Oct to Nov.. Nov to Dec.. Dec to Jan.. yeah.. 19 LONG months...

how I went that long I will NEVER know...

p.s. Glad you are outta your funk..

Leesa said...

heather: 19 months it is. I bet you had already looked at leading a religious life. I would have seen if you could have been a part-time nun! 19 months should count for something.

Ryan said...

Depending on the car, they either put something from 5W/20 - to 15W/40 (if you drive a deisel pickup)

It generally says on the oil fill cap what the oil weight is, and buddy boy knew that - he just wanted to talk to you.... to bad he didn't do it in a nice way.

The great thing about a funk is, it always ends. Even at your worst, your still pretty damn good.