Monday, October 09, 2006

How to Drive Blogging Traffic

I got a comment from Quasar9 on Friday. Here is the gist of the comment (I don't read other people's comments either):

Hi Leesa, interesting what people like to talk about, what people put out there.
There are general interest blogs: sitcoms, tv, stat trekkies, film buffs, mtv, latest music vids, ...
There are personal interest blogs: cats, dogs, horses, boats, cars, women, men, women, more women, ...
There are personal blogs: me and my baby, me and my pussy, me and my friend, boyfriend, you know ...
There are more educational and information exchange blogs: climate sciences, biology, astronomy, art, cosmology, physics, history, literature, national geographic,...
There are self-help and healing blogs: how I beat cancer, how I was abused, how I discovered anal interests, how I found myself, how I dealt with mother's passing, how I survived break up and divorce...
There are bloggers who wonder why no one visits them, uhh really? and there are bloggers in their own little niche wonder how people find them, hello! you are in the blogosphere, click next blog
But most of all there are blogs for all sorts of interests, like cliques in the street or pub, but with anonymity which allows you a candidness and/or falseness until some bloggers themselves forget where the line between what is true or false is, and some who will rant about whatever attracts an audience. Like experimental stand up comics.
Then there are other blogs which I find personally interesting either because the blogger is interesting or the posts are ...
So, you say Debs skinny dipping in moonlight can have an effect on peple maybe even 'raise' tides. lol!

Okay, when I read that, the first thing I thought was "this guy takes no breathes when he talks." Then I thought, I will include this comment in today's blog entry because it is easier than writing stuff myself. Just kidding.

I have wanted to do "How to Improve your Blogging" for some time. In the past, I have introduced some blogging rules. More accurately, I wrote a couple of Blogger Etiquette Posts (1) (2), and I occasionally write about rules in other posts. I am not saying that these were good rules or accurate rules, but after I wrote them down, I had people spouting these as actual rules. Sort of funny.

I actually don't know how to improve blogging; but I do like writing stuff and have people disagree with me. It is sort of fun.

I have said before that sometimes key phrases drive traffic, mostly because there are so many people surfing for porn. And some bloggers have gotten wind of this. When you hear someone relying a story of how her kitty cat is such a photogenic animal, you sort of wonder if she is wanting to draw traffic. She says things like, "I have the prettiest pussy. I love playing with my pussy. I would never do anything to harm my cat; I would never shave my pussy." If you run into a blog that does this, they are looking for traffic.

If you really want to drive traffic, don't have my sort of blog. I am not very focused. At all. I looked at Quasar9's blog on Friday, and his blog is very focused. He writes intellectually, and he writes about the same subject. He sort of makes me feel dumb, but he has some sort of elite following. Smart guys and girls who want to score with smart guys. Me, I like my hubbie dumb and at work. He makes money for us, and he is easy to train.

Focus. Focus. See, off the mark again. Where was I? Blogging and driving traffic.

If you want a cheap way to drive traffic, I have some suggestions:

1. Focus on writing about and evaluating strippers. Nothing attracts eyeballs like strippers.

2. Don't let your audience guess when you will blog. Blog on a schedule. I blog each day, and when I was really popular, I would have my blog available by 7:30 am. You don't have to blog every day, but if you are on a schedule, announce it somewhere prominent on your blog. Can you imagine a department store that had varying hours? It would frustrate you, right? Same thing with blogging.

3. Answer comments individually. When I get a comment, I answer it. Once I did not answer each comment, and Grant busted me. Don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that Grant is right about anything; I am saying that people who make comments like to be acknowledged. And they come back to make sure of this.

4. Visit other blogs. Not to steal their ideas, but to enjoy their work and leave comments. If you want others to view your tripe, you should view theirs. Personally, I don't look at people who I find boring – but just because I find something boring, does not make it so. And my tastes change, just like anyones. Hardly anyone wears mood rings and tank tops anymore, and there is a reason for it. Or are tanks popular again?

5. Be brief. Most people can't read more than one page on a computer – so don't write more than one page. Besides, the commenting folks are just looking for one thing to disagree with, and simes most of us are ignorant anyway, that is pretty easy to do. I am usually brief, aside from this post. And I am not brief with erotic posts. A shame this is not an erotic post, huh?

6. Post naked pictures of ~Deb. Self explanatory.

7. I can't believe I am up to #7. I need to come back and write something down here. Note to self: say something profound and quote Ghandi.

8. Have a plan and stick to it. Don't follow my example. I am completely off-base, wondering how I will wind this up and compare something to random cum stains, but I am not sure how I will do this.

9. Be professional. Again, don't look to me for this. Don't call your readers "dicks and whores". I don't have a problem with the name-calling, but I do have a problem with being professional. Misquote famous dead Greeks. They aren't alive to defend themselves.

10. Don't talk about trading links in the comments. If you are good enough to link to, people will link to you without asking. Or if they do link to you, and, well, how to delicately put this, your content sucks, then they will unlink from you the next time they update their templates. Just don't look lame that way.

11. Post naked pictures of ~Deb. Did I mention this already?

12. Link to some really cool bloggers. I do, and sometimes they even stop by to ask me to unlink from them. Damn them, the cool kids.

I could go on forever, but how many readers made it this far. Darned few. Most have already started writing their comments or have figured out that there are no pictures of my privates. Or ~Deb's privates.


Prata said...

Wow. I'm not sure if I should be insulted at being called "people" or pleased that I was irritating enough to get a link in the post!


Don't think that I disagree with the things you say based on principle. Well, actually you probably should because I do disagree with you based on principle..that is..when I do disagree with you. I do not disagree with you for the sake of disagreeing with you though. I suppose I'm just not sure if that's good or bad....*snickers*

I believe our disagreements are rather entertaining as well!

Prata said...

Oh and...FIRST POST! *winks* Sorry, it's the gamer in me.

Bruce said...

My blog is one of those "eh" types; meaning "Eh, I guess I'll write about this today." Most of my visitors are those who've been reading me for a while, whatever the subject matter might be. I like that I have a circle of regular readers, although even if I had none, it'd be fine because I pretty much write for myself, anyway. In recent weeks, I've had a lot of hits(a lot of hits) after my post on the "art" of freeballing, so it makes me wonder why are so many people so interested in going commando? As Jim Morrison sang, "people are strange..."

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I made it this far...:)

I try to keep my posts from rambling but usually mine a pretty damn long...I know better than to do that but I am SO wordy!

Oh, and I loved the following comment....
" Don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that Grant is right about anything"

Except Ninja Bunny Dentists and funnel cakes, of course...:)

~Deb said...

"...Don't call your readers "dicks and whores".

Damn it! You took the words right out of my mouth when I was about to call you a..............never mind. Remember, I'm a good lil' Christian gal.

Tony said...

Wow, I bet your traffic count it through the roof, even this early in the morning.

So if you visit another blog and it inspires you to write in your own blog regarding their topic is that considered theft?

Don't forget, Grant is right about Giant Atomic Chickens.

I'm still looking for ~Deb's pics....she's cute.

I already do link to some really cool bloggers. Thats why I'm here.

Leesa said...

prata: you really agree with everything I say. I know you do. You just have a disagreable personality. And I would not have it any other way.

bruce: I notice that when I get a lot of hits (100/day more than normal), then it lasts about a week.

stacy: you picked out my favorite line as well.

~deb: thanks, sweetie!

tony: you won't find pics of ~deb's on the Internet. She sends them out via email to her "special friends." Or so I have heard.

Ian Lidster said...

Some really good hints, Leesa. I know I am remiss in not answering individually, and you are really fastidious in that regard, and I appreciate it. Nude pictures of Deb? Oh, OK.
Be well.

~Deb said...

It's called a lot of photoshopping! Most of my nude activities are 'live and in person' with my gorgeous girlfriend. ;)

The one video (or webcam view) that I have had of you Leesa, was stunning!!! I think you should "youtube" that puppy! You can make a whole lotta' money babe!

Joe said...

How funny. I googled "naked pictures of ~Deb" and I wound up here. I guess your strategy works.

~Deb said...

You can also end up here if you Google: "Leesa's naked pictures".

Just a thought! Try it!

Rick said...

Huh. Nude pictures will drive traffic? Whoda thunk.

QUASAR9 said...

Well I hope ~Deb has the same sense of humour.
However I'm thinking on your post you could try pics of you and no you can't have nude pics of me, especially now that I know you would post them all over your blog

PS - I try to keeo my posts to the bare essentials, people with deeper interests can follow the links. And more seriously interested people actually wrote the link.

But yeah if you want to drive 'good' traffic, or traffic you wanna read, visit other people if you like their post and comments box leave your link
If not - don't
well I guess if you don't go back there's less chance people follow you up anyway.

And I'm trying to keep it brief

Here's looking at you, smiling at you. So How did I do?

QUASAR9 said...

PPS - I'm disappointed that you reference me at the top of the page without actually offering the link to mine.
Were you being polite, waiting for permission. Go for It. You cannot offend if no offense is intended

Grant said...

FYI - I am right about everything. I know this because I am right about everything. Use me as your guide to normality.

And you committed the cardinal sin - no mention of J-usagi. Although I won't be offended if you mention them without including the bit about the dog sex.

J R Estelle said...

STOP TEASING WITH THE NO NAKED PICTURES, can't a girl get a break, come on now. "sniff"

Leesa said...

ian: thanks for the compliment!

~deb: I thought you were keeping that webcam vid for blackmail money.

joe: I thought I would snag you. Nice to see you again.

rick: blinding flash of the obvious, I know.

quasar9: Sorry about the lack of a link. I did not link Deb either. Bad me.

grant: I don't know what J-usagi is.

QUASAR9 said...

Thanking you kindly
I don't think you could go blonde even if you tried - especially with that beautiful hair

Video X said...

Well, I don't know about focus...but your posts are generally thought provoking and/or sarcastic and I like that stuff. Uh...that's not entirely true...thought provoking can make my brain tired...but they are written in such a way that they keep my attention and I actually think it's fun when they make me think.

I have never seen a naked picture of ~deb...I feel so left out.

My blog is about nothing the majority of the time...but that's fine with me.

Not sure if tank tops are popular again...most likely not since I wear them frequently in the summer...mostly for running...but not always.

GW Mush said...

You are a pretty good writer, creative and a touch of humor.

~Deb said...

Leesa, I keep that on the nights when I get lonely.

Tony said...

So, Leesa, does this mean we can look for you on You Tube soon? I'll keep an eye out for "intelligent hot girls" in hopes of catching you or ~Deb. Smart chicks get me going.

And yes, tank tops were back in style here on campus this summer. They were worn at least one size too small and usually braless. I'm going to miss summer.

Leesa said...

VX: Thanks for the compliment.

gw mush: What prompted this?

~deb: so you must not view it often!

tony: not me on youtube, though that site is so addictive. And I could never wear a tubetop without a bra!

QUASAR9 said...

Yep, and with google buying up YouTube for 1.6 billion they are promising to make everybody and anybody a famous film director

But it is addictive, the digital video cam means anyone just about can make a short 30 sec or 3 min film. And there are some real gems. Mind you like everything there are "horses for courses"

GW Mush said...

What prompted my compliment?

Do you not think I am capable of giving you a compliment? :)

GW Mush said...

If we ever get a naked picture of Deb, we should put it on a calendar or something, and sell it for big bucks.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Has the NYT picked up this post yet?


mal said...

uh oh,,,,I think you violated #5! *L*

Leesa said...

quasar9: 1.6 Billion? OMG!

gw mush: I was just surprised, that's all.

dr. ~deb: Not yet. You flatter me!

mal: yeah, I try not to violate #5.

~Deb said...

LOL GW-------I loved it!!!!! Gotta see what GW sent me via email Leesa. Email me and I will send it to you!