Monday, October 23, 2006


I was looking at other people's blogs on Friday, and I had just clicked on one and was scrolling down to read content. Then someone walked around to talk with me. And staring them in the face was a woman clad in spandex, bound. Yes, it looked like some S&M honey. I was freekin' mortified.

So I had to take her off of my "Blogs that Impress Me" list, which sucks, because I will loose touch with her. One thing that makes it easier is that she was on myspace – I really dislike myspace; that blogging universe seems so high school or pedophile. Not sure which is more prevalent. Someone said that some senator or senator candidate has a daughter that has pictures in lingerie on myspace. What a wonderful world we live in!

I was mortified – like my coworker sees me looking at some bound woman, and instantly, my reputation is shot. I wonder if the senate candidate was similarly mortified? The kicker for me is that I was not looking for images of bound women – it just appeared on my screen.

A few months ago, I was surprised by an image of breast self-examination, but that is easy to explain away. This however, was different. Embarrasing.

I think I may lay low for a while. I am still in a bit of shock.


Prata said...

You engines never get their searches just right! There are a hundred excuses you could use for that. Alas, such is life.

That is funny though! *snickers*

Tony said...

ACK!!! At least there wasn't nudity or some hardcore shot. This way you can explain it as a blog you stumbled on and it might go over well. Was the coworker mortified as well? Or were they just as mesmerized?

GW Mush said...

Please post the link of the bound spandex wench, God told me to go there and do a exorcism on that blog.

Anonymous said...

OH SHIT! That sucks! So sorry Babe.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason I should be happy that I have no internet access at work huh?

QUASAR9 said...


Yours is safe to open - no pics
Hope mine is safe too - unless space or my ugly mug are too sensitive for your eyes. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

"Get married so you can fuck him" sounds pretty empty to me Leesa

Get married to the one u love to procreate is sound advise in any religion or lack there of.

Priestly advice is good
I'm a Jesuit on my days off

KYCM said...

Yeah.....what Alma said. Sorry Leesa......same type thing happened to me the other day. My Boss who walked in was not real pleased. The days of good clean fun are over....dammit!
Hope the week gets good as you are.... and for me, that is DAMN GOOD!!!

Video X said...

Ouch! I have tried to be more careful as well, but then I haven't added any new blogs...kind of sticking with what I have since I know what to expect...sort of. We just had a guy get fired the other day...there were other reasons..but they needed a reason reason if that makes any sense. So they checked his internet usage. Myspace. See ya later by. He's out. They dont monitor here NOW but they will be soon as a result.

Advizor said...

It's always mortifying (sp?) to get "caught" even if you were there innocently. The workplace environment is a very hostile and unforgiving place these days. People are fired before being given a chance to explain anything. I hope that you'll be OK Leesa, I've always enjoyed your posts and I hope you don't "lay low" for very long.

Grant said...

You can always take the high road and say you are searching for that kind of thing as research, and that you represent a citizen's group that fights that kind of stuff on the Internet. Kind of like how censors invariably seem to have kiddie porn.

Was she Japanese?

Monica said...

Unless you're afraid of some kid and house picutes, Castle Thompson is safe. And Charming dosen't have any pics (or dirty stories either...well, not really)

How've you been?

Cinderella said...

Awwwwwww the sucks!! I would have been so embarrassed...your fingers just go into shock and you cannot press the X button fast enough!! lol

Cinderella said...

that* not the....bad fingers!! Bad!! =)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Exactly why I got me one of those screen protector thingies at work...they're expensive but if anyone comes into my office, they have to come thru my door, walk around my desk and stand DIRECTLY behind me to see what's on my screen. Not that I bring up naughty sites (our computer program here won't let me) but so they can't see that I may be blogging.

Bad, I know, I know...;)

Prata said...

Which reminds me. If you want to close something quickly, learn not to use the mouse.

If you are a windows centric person this key combination below will also help you in quick situations.

Super_Logo (windows key for you windows users) +d

And there's that. Windows..the bane of existence.

Leesa said...

prata: I needed your brain yesterday.

tony: but it looked bad.

gw: bless you, my Christian friend. Your concern for the welfare of the soul of the wench is touching.

alma: thanks, babe!

mike: no Internet access at work? Wow!

quasar: at work, if they saw me reading your blog, they would question my sanity. Hey, why are you learning about gravity or sun spots or whatever.

kycm: thanks!

VX: yeah, myspace your way out of a job. Yuck.

advizor: I just wish I was doing something worthy of catching, if you know what I mean.

grant: if she were Japanese, I would have included a pic. Joking!

monica: I like your work-friendly sites.

cinderella: Is it the Esc key? I don't know what the X key is.

stacy: what a nice piece of equipment!

prata: nice advice!

Cinderella said...

X meaning the 'X' at the top of your screen in the red box..see it now? I didn't mean escape..