Thursday, October 12, 2006

Google Error

This morning, when trying to post, I got a new error. A Google error. Truth-be-told, it is the same error, but it looks differently now. So will I really post today? Depends on this 500 error.

Update: looks like my work does not work Internet does not work. I mean, you work somewhere, expecting free Internet service so you can blog, and "the man" screws you every time. Darn the man.

Okay, white skinny-ass woman does not come across as a hard-ass, street smart woman. Outrage, manufactured, is just not the same.

This leads me to ~Deb. I know, a girl crush you think. Maybe so, but I was thinking of a recent post of hers. It involved ménage à trios. Either that, or was it duck-chicken-chicken sex. I was distracted by the picture that accompanies the blog entry she wrote.

Okay, if you look past the veiled attempt at getting me in bed, she was talking about all of the various different emotional aspects of threesomes. Okay, this is an area that I have no experience, but it occurs to me that in many threesomes, there has to be some manufactured passion. Simple group dynamics.

You have three people, generally two of them married, and one single one (man or woman). Clearly all usually don't have similar feelings towards each of the other participants. One probably does not have the same amount of passion for each of the two participants, and if one wants a "good threesome experience," one would want about equal passion between all.

I have faked orgasm, but it is much harder to fake passion. Of course, on occasion, I have faked passion as well. My mind, as times, wanted to be more passionate than my heart was – whether I was tired or somewhere else.

Moving outside of the bedroom, though I can see my passion in other areas. I don't necessarily like to cook, but I do so, most often willingly, because of my passion for my husband. Actually, I do all sorts of "stuff" because of a passionate love for that guy. Sometimes it defies pure logic, but love sometimes does defy logic.

Let me get this posted before tomorrow. Crap, how I hate relying on my employer for my Internet connection.


Tony said...

Could it be that passion and emotion are sometimes confused for each other? Can three people be passionate about sex and engage in a threesome thus fulfilling the desires of all involved while only two have strong emotions for each other? While engaged in the threesome could the two seek to fulfill their passion for sex while saving their emotions for each other to a more suitable opportunity?

KYCM said...

Amen Sister to the "Crap, how I hate relying on my employer for my Internet connection." My problem exactly and it really curtails my enjoyment of bloggage and the net. I'll be back at home soon and will be able to enjoy my puter life again. Thanks for your words and humor..... Happy Thursday!


~Deb said...

You've faked it before? Ooooh. (Me too.) But WAIT! Have you ever 'admitted' to faking before?

Ooooh. (Me too.)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"Crap, how I hate relying on my employer for my Internet connection"

You and me both! ;)

I couldn't do the "threesome" thing with my hubby...I'd be too worried about if she were better than me, if he liked her more, if her ass was smaller than mine...stuff like that.

Of course, now if it were my husband and another GUY with me...well...hmmmm. ;)

Yeah, The PK would consent to THAT. NOT.

But a Peanut Queen can always dream...;)

~Deb said...


What if a man faked an orgasm? Would women be that gullible to believe it?

mal said...

dunno, it did not seem all THAT veiled..

yup on falsifying the Big O...I think we all have done it at one time or another. I am just happy to get laid....

Tony said...

In some circumstances, men can/do fake. At least, I have. Not that I'd admit it. Wait, I just did. Damn!

~Deb said...

Tony? Isn't "obvious" when men have an orgasm? Or am I just being a naive lesbo here?

Prata said...

I've only known one woman to fake an orgasm...and it was all because she thought that was the way it worked..she had no idea that it was a real thing. She thought something was wrong with her when she had one for the first time. *cracks up* Sooooo funny. I just busted up laughin' in my office people are lookin' at me funny lololol I gotta jet.


Prata said...

Oh..and I wish I had passion. *nods sagely*

GW Mush said...

The stain on Monica's blue dress proves that Bill Clinton doesnt fake.
Our Presidents shouldnt be fakes:)

~Deb said...

There are some women out there who have never had an orgasm before. I find that so strange! But it's true.

~Deb said...

Where the $*&^@ is Leesa?

QUASAR9 said...

It is very obvious when men have an orgasm when you have your bagsfull ...
but after about the tenth orgasm in one night, even the most loaded gun becomes empty

Doesn't mean you cannot have further orgasms, just that nothing obvious shows after that.

QUASAR9 said...

I have faked orgasm, but it is much harder to fake passion. Of course, on occasion, I have faked passion as well. My mind, as times, wanted to be more passionate than my heart was – whether I was tired or somewhere else

It is a little harder for men to fake orgasm, but we are good at faking passion. lol!

PS - Who is after who here. Deb trying to bed you, or you trying to bed Debs. And if you are married, would you be jealous orconcerned if hubbie was definitely interested in a menage a trois.

Laters ... Q

Anonymous said...

I'm too old and frail to consider threesomes...or something.

Leesa said...

tony: isn't passion a component to emotion.

KYCM: Yeah, I know.

~deb: now I wonder if you would fake it with me.

stacy: I think my employer is trying to keep me from blogging.

mal: sometimes the attention is better than the O.

tony: I would have the same question as ~Deb.

prata: Men and orgasms. They are not as obvious to someone who has not had one. Good feelings don't mean orgasm.

gw: but does he fake with Hillary?

Quasar: 10? A man?

mike: I would not want one now for the world.

~Deb said...

Never Leesa....."trust me". ;)

Advizor said...

Faking an orgasm is really easy for a guy, especially if they are wearing a condom. Believe me, it's been done before....