Thursday, October 26, 2006

Creativity and Bald Cats

I have no thoughts today – really. You know, I am so glad that breathing does not involve the cognitive functions of the brain, for if it did, I would have passed out two minutes ago.

I read a comment this morning which I absolutely love. Mal wrote:

we did not have fetal pigs...we had bald cats...or as one wag put it "shaved pussys"

I have done a great deal of technical writing over the years. My work is concise, clear, broadly understandable and boring as hell. It is not creative and it has actually stifled my attempts at creative fiction. I am so good at it that I think I understand what "muscle bound" really means and feels like.

Okay, the bald pussies were not where I was going. I wanted to talk about being muscle-bound. Now, I don't have many muscles – or at least reasonably developed muscles. I heard this week that woman weight lifters have an extremely hard time becoming pregnant and carrying a baby to term because of strong abdominal (or if you are a postal carrier reading this, "tummy") muscles. I am not against a good workout, but too much structure has side effects.

The same may be true in other areas. I talked a little bit about creativity yesterday. Some probably thought it was a veiled attempt at contacting my muse. Perhaps. But I really appreciate creativity. I see books or blogs and love when I find creative ideas. A different way of looking at things, or the turn of a phrase.

I have not been reading other people's blogs much lately. Sort of burned last week, you know, but I always enjoy finding a wonderful phrase. One of my favorite bloggers of all time – Ddot. He always has a gem nestled in his entries.

One of the lines that I saw him use recently, is actually the tag line for Post Expression: "Death ends a life, not a relationship."

Post Expression is a website that sends messages from you to others after you die. Sounds a bit creepy to me, but I love the tag line. Those of us who loose loved ones continue a relationship after death; I can see that.

Back to creativity – I think we should revel in creativity, but not randomness. There is a difference, one of those things that is hard to explain, but you know when you see it. Creativity is not just good, original writing. I have seen creative furniture, creative car design, and creative iPod accessories.

Tomorrow, I may write about creative voting practices. Now that is an interesting idea! I am sure you would rather me talk about that than bald pussies!


Leesa said...

"Death ends a life, not a relationship.". Perfect :)

Tony said...

There is structure in creativity. There is intent and purpose. There is an attempt to convey meaning and emotion.

When a child is learning they are all about randomness. They color all over the page, sometimes it looks good sometimes it doesn't. Someone helps them out and provides a set of lines and says "if you color within the lines you'll get a pretty picture." This is usually correct. Granted, the cow may be purple, but that can be summed up to the creative properties of the child. Coloring within the lines doesn't hamper creativity as much as it lays the foundation to allow an expression of creativity which will be understood by others.

GW Mush said...

I can tell that Leesa reads a lot and stuff.

QUASAR9 said...

"Death ends a life, not a relationship."
Leesa I agree, perfect!
and I'll say no more today gw mush has more or less told me to put a sock in it in previous post - some people might call that stifling my creativity.
I'll take it on the chin as
"not wanting me to rant all over your comments box"
I can always e-mail you or say more in the comments box at my place if you are interested

PS - I too do like some melodic classical music, but not classical music per se, though next to you I'm sure anything would sound good

QUASAR9 said...

PPS - Tony
I think you said it better than I
Or perhaps it just looks clearer

Anonymous said...

Bald pussies is fine too you know

Mrs. Joseph said...

I don't know if creativity has an inherent structure as Tony suggests. Some creative moments emerge from absolute chaos and randomness. However, I do find that there are definitely times when structure helps creativity to flower.

GW Mush said...


dont mind me, I just play, hehe

mal said...

awwwhhhhh Shucks! *L*

GW Mush said...

BALD looks better on pussies than it does on men:)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hmmm...what a coincidence....The PK and I were talking about shaved pussies just last night. Must be a Halloween thing...;)

Leesa said...

leesa: thanks, sweetie. I feel like I am talking to myself.

tony: some make structure subconsciously.

gw: really funny comment. As long as I don't quote Voltaire, you are safe. Never quote French playrights/philosophers.

quasar: I thought that line was so perfect.

joe: using Google to find bald pussies. For shame.

mrs joseph: I think creativity is fairly personal. Some like randomness, some structure.

mal: you are wonderful!

gw: I like nicely trimmed men!

stacy: er, you shave cats at Halloween?

QUASAR9 said...

gw mush, no offence taken
after all I was only messing too
but it does show that one is free to flow, but it doesn't always appeal to One or All

QUASAR9 said...

Leesa, If it sounds like I'm coming on too strong, don't worry
I'm only here for a song, on your blog from your mind reading, for what more can I see, and what I see (read) I like
certainly more than the pics of elephant behinds in some places to be found.

A flirt I am, if & when irksome you must let me know. If and when cute, does it bring me closer to score? Not often cute, but I can be as cute as you like, cuter still

As for shaven pussy, pussy is pussy shaven or unshaven, I don't spend much time contemplating pussy I'm more into 'playing' with pussy, for pleasure and some fun.

As for bald cats, don't tell me you've got one of them, nothing against them but they are eerie.
PS - Debs might like one of those if she's allergic to cat fur. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

Ooops Synchronicity Leesa
How I looooove synchronicity
I answered the question on Stars