Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Costumes

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody screm
In this town of Halloween

- Lyrics from "Nightmare Before Christmas

Last Saturday night, hubbie and I went to a party. As I am getting older, I go to fewer and fewer parties on Halloween. I mean, this is the first year in three or four years we went out. Not on Halloween night, but the nearest weekend.

During the evening, I was looking at the different costumes. And costumes have changed over the years – though the intent has stayed the same. So I thought I would go over some common costumes and what they mean about the person. Just for fun.

Cat Costumes
I have dressed up as a cat before, but it has been a while. Black cat costumes are fairly common – a black leotard, a tail, a pair of ears in your hair and some eye liner for whiskers, and you are there. Okay, now-a-days, most use costume makeup instead of eye liner, but you get the idea.

I saw a couple of cats at the party, and I remember why I will never be a cat again. You have a tail on your ass, and everybody looks at your ass. When I was 22, I liked men looking at my ass. At thirty-something, my ass has some miles on it and it is not nearly as firm. In short, gravity is a bitch.

Cat costumes are for young women – as a way of saying, look at me, I have a hot body and I may or may not focus any attention on you, like a cat. Very finicky.

Witch Costumes
Witch costumes come in three varieties: (1) Sexy Witch, (2) Funny/Good-natured Witch, and (3) Scary Witch. Sexy witch wants to be seen as a sexy bitch – someone who is both sexy and evil. And, yes, I have been sexy witch more than I would like to admit. It is an easy costume to put together. We all have (LBDs) little black dresses. That, a witch's hat and a cackle, and you have sexy witch.

Funny/Good-natured witch is a witch I am less familiar with. Think Witches of Eastwick. No, that is not the movie. Another movie with three witches. Oh, well, it is my amateur opinion that funny/good-natured witches want to be sexy witches but they hold back. They don't want to live the fantasy because they are a bit scared.

Scary witch, is normally a really nice person who wants to be nasty for a night. It is like all of her hostility from helping others needs a release. Boil some children in the kettle, turn handsome men into frogs, and change weather. Create havoc because you normally create an atmosphere of cooperation.

I have not actually seen many women dress as prostitutes lately. Perhaps sluts have taken over the type of costume. Again, nice women wanting to express their sexuality. I have never wanted to dress this way – though I lived it (not prostitute but slut) for a while. I never want to go back to slut, and even when I was one, I did not want to communicate that to others. Closet slut, I guess.

Sexual Innuendo Costumes
You have seen bricklayer and brick – sexual partners who are communicating who is getting laid that night. Come to think about it, with carpenter, the sexual innuendos are so much more – a good carpenter "nails", "screws", and can even "measure." Either the pair is making bold statements about what will happen later, or professing their sexual relationship publicly, though they can explain it away if confronted. "It is just a costume."

Cute Animals/Characters
I was Belle the other night – gold dress, wig, etc., the Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I got my costume from a shop, so it was not original. But it was fun playing dress-up.

Part of me loves playing dress-up, perhaps helping me remember when I was a little girl. A time in my life when I had almost no responsibilities, lots of love and played a lot. I almost forgot big dreams. I sometimes wonder if people who dress up this way for the same reasons. It is comfortable, reassuring.

Well, tonight is Halloween. Just remember what costume you wear may tell something about you. What will it say about you?

Oh, and some helpful hints – for those who will not be at home, leave a bucket of candy. Yeah, it will get ransacked, but it shows effort. Now, we will not be giving out big candy bars – love to give out the minis. But the houses that give out the full candy bars – I would like to say thanks in advance. I won't be "trick-or-treating," but I know there will be lots of kids that will be happy. Poor parents with kids bouncing off the walls. A small price to pay for the gift of kids, though.

Happy Halloween!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I dressed up as a cat for Halloween ONE time. My two roomates and I were the "three little kittens that lost their mittens"...and we then proceeded to go bar hopping trying to win the costume contests (usually, for bar tabs).

I've never been called a "pussy" more in my ENTIRE life.


(I still love Halloween though...it's my most favorite holiday! :)

Leesa said...

stacy: oh my gawd! I remember once dressing up as a belly-dancer, and I was unaware that my nipples showed through the material until it was too late.

Yeah, I heard about being a "nice looking pussy" - got old fast.

kathi said...

You failed to mention my favorite costume. When I was bartending, I'd always dress as a dead punk rocker. Lot's of fake skin hanging off the face, some fake bugs stratigically placed, and safety pins through a lot of the fake, rotting flesh...
Yeah, I've always been a looker. Sad thing is, the punk rocker part of it didn't take that much effort...loooonnnngggg time ago. :)

Tony said...

"I'm Jack the Pumpkin King!....."is a shared phrase amongst my kids. They love that movie. It's one of those movies that will carry on for a while. Kinda' like "The Point".

I'm going out tonight as A Dad. Do you think anyone will notice?

Leesa said...

I remember now why I never dressed as a cat ;)

Leesa said...

kathi: you continuously surprise me, sweetie!

tony: and Disney does not like to associate itself with that movie either!

leesa: yeah, chickie, you are smarter than I am. I did not connect the dots.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Leesa, I'm probably the only person visiting this blog, who has never 'trick or treated' but, alas surprise surprise, Halloween is not a universal unholy festival or holiday.

But All Saints Day & All Hallows I do know something about, lighting a candle to remember (invite) the departed loved ones to come and visit.

After all if I'm going to invite someone from the spirit world, I'd surely want them to be friendly spirits that were watching out for me and meant me well ... not evil hellbent on chaos. But so as not to put a damper on the kid's panto or costume party, let me just add I am into dressing up and toga parties and good wine and the fineset of fine women. Not being snooty or anything, know what I mean .. life goes on and on and on.

We just choose whether we live it in light or prefer the darkness.
Debs has got some surprisingly deep insights for one so young, on these things at her place.
So Happy halloween to you & hubbie and the neighbourhood kids who are out trickortreting tonight, not knowing what it's really all about.

~Deb said...

When someone dresses up as a cat for Halloween---I RUN LIKE HELL!

I'm so allergic!

GW Mush said...

I think you are to hard on your ass. An Ass doesnt have to be perfectly firm to be beautiful. I Have a hunch you have a nice tushie.

Advizor said...

I love Halloween but I've been so busy this year that we've barely pulled out any decorations. A couple of years ago I made a full lion costume and we did the Wizard of Oz theme. I've been a dead pilot (kind of like the dead punk rocker, but with part of a wing sticking out of my head), a vampire (boring, I know, but I got to die my hair black and shave my head into a great widow's peak), and last year I went as a Quiditch player and Broom Salesman from Harry Potter (I made my own broom and it was the hit of the party).

This year, like others, I'm going out as "Dad." No costume this year. We've gone to two Halloween parties and I feel like the holiday is done already.

We are trying something new with our kids this year. Last year they were very disciplined and only ate one piece of candy a day, but they had candy all year (literally, we still have some of last years candy in a zip-lock bag). This year they get to eat as much as they want for the first week. They don't have to ask permission at all, they just get to eat, eat, eat. The second week they have to ask mom or dad for permission, and then at the end of two weeks we throw it all away. It will be interesting to see how much they get down the 1st week before they get sick of it.

Part of the fun of being a parent is conducting psychological experiments on your kids.

Leesa said...

quasar: yeah, I love ~Deb. And she is way smart.

~deb: I am allergic as well.

gw: I think most women are hard on their own asses.

advizer: so do you have to fill out any paperwork for human testing?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

If it's slutty, it's good.

Anonymous said...

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch