Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life as a Sit-Com Character

I have been reading one of my favorite bloggers – sorry guys, no URL on this one. Anyway, between her veiled attempts at seducing me, she is writing about her life. She is a bright woman, an attractive woman, and her marriage is crumbling. Not her fault, but it is crumbling still-the-same.

I am not going to dwell on marriage or fidelity or "working things out." What I wondered when reading her last post was what a wonderful world it would be if life were like a 30-minute situation comedy.

Now I don't watch a lot of television, so I apologize if my examples are outdated. But I sort of think it would be easier if my life were a TV show. I mean, my hair would be perfect, my house spotless, my hubbie strong and handsome (without any maladies), and my children a hoot. The oldest would be the smartest in school, the middle a bit of a tramp, and the little one, precocious.

That being said, I wonder about what sit com I would like to live in/on. My first thought was Gilligan's Island. I mean, always warm temperatures, tropical island, lots of food (fish and fruit, how wonderful for a diet), nice accommodations (surprising, considering they are on an island), and no one gets sick, despite a lack of medical or dental care. The only thing they are lacking seems to be any real sex. For me, I would hook up with the professor, if I could bend his neck. There is going to be a problem with books, though it seems that they had one heck of a lot of books (the professor, the Howells) for a three-hour tour.

That would be my first choice, I think, although because I am less familiar with television than many, I probably have missed some really good situations. Part of me wants to be Mary Tyler Moore in the Dick Van Dyke show. She was who I wanted to be – though I like being in color better than being in black-and-white. That would be sort of a drag. But to have a funny, handsome, famous husband – that would be nice. I just would not want to move next to Rhoda after that part of my life was over. And I would probably move the furniture so hubbie would not trip over it every stinkin' day.

More on this later. I think I will try to fold a piece of paper ten times. Impossible, you say? Not according to Britney Gallivan.


Video X said...

You are a much better person than I. I think that if I were stuck on Gilligan's Island...I would probably be stuck doing all those guys eventually...even when I date someone who is not very attractive...I just force my mind to think they are. Doesn't work for very long. I would need lots of alcohol though.

Tony said...

I've never heard of a child being called precautious. Precocious maybe or more likely, precious but not precautious. Interesting.

Also interesting that you used older sit-coms that dealt with emotional/situational issues and contained a sense of morality AND didn't delve into an individuals sexual preferences or problems. I would be horrified if my life were like any of today's sit-coms and my kids probably wouldn't live through a 30 minute episode. I'd have to pull a Grant and toast everyone.

Edge said...

I don't know why, but I have ALWAYS thought Mary Tyler Moore was so hot in the DVD Show. Something about that 50's woman that is soooo sexy to me.


Oswald Croll said...

Life can be one big TV show, sadly, most of the time it's more "twilight zone" than "gilligan's island". Could be worse I guess though..... ever watch "Oz" on HBO?


Leesa said...

VX: Even Mr. Howell? His chin bothers me.

tony: I don't really watch current shows.

jef: there were plenty of sexy women and men in the 50s!

ozwald: I am just glad my life is not like Law and Order.

QUASAR9 said...

Life as a sitcom.
Treat life as a sitcom
You know they in the sitcom, they just play their part, walk away and hopefully receive a cheque, to cover their expenses in their real life sitcoms.

Its usually about control, wanting to control our life, what our partner is or isn't like, what our kids should or shouldn't be like.

See if you are the type that likes everything in its place just so, I'd drive you nuts. I move things not to dust them, but simply to move them to look at them from a different angle, just per se.

However I am neat and tidy, if you are not that would probably drive me a little scatty.

But the secret is to take it in your stride, the more, little things niggle us the bigger they become. You should make a list of some of the absurd reasons some had for leaving home -
or the more absurd reasons for ending relationships, as if reasons were needed. Byeeee have a nice life. Missed that bus, what you gonna do - Catch the next bus.

Of course we are all really just trying to become involved or get noticed by someone. We may want to be invisible but not wholly invisible, we all need to interact somewhere and with someone: work, gym, home, kid's school, and on and on ... but sometimes we forget we are just playing a role or killing time and get more involved.

And of course we usually like to be more seriously 'involved' with at least one person - though getting involved with more than one has immediate consquences.

Imagine having seven wives like Pharaoh or Sultans or movie stars, and all the intricacies that go on to be the first wife or favourite wife - I could have been more politically correct abd used the term partner, but multiple marriages usually involve men having many wives, not usually women having many husbands, at leat not at the same time.

But never say never. lol!

However remember the prophet said "have as many wives as you can afford, but remember its hard enough to 'please' one all the time"

QUASAR9 said...

PS - I forgot to mention if you want to win a few drinks down the pub with the folding puzzle. Try asking "you've heard about the puzzle, what is the most amount of times do you say you can fold something?" when they answer 10, 11, 12 ... proceed to pull out a long piece of thread or string and fold to your heart's content.

Cheating??? maybe, but you still get the fre drink

GW Mush said...

Marianne or Ginger? Dr John sent me to Gilligan's Island and I boinked both Marianne and Ginger.
That would be a cool episode:)

~Deb said...

GW Mush is such a liar! Marianne wanted me. We hooked up in a private hut while Giligan and the Skipper fetched us some dinner. And no, GW wasn't involved, and nowhere near that hut. ;)

Ginger's too drag queenish looking for me.

Just sayin....

Ian Lidster said...

Mary Tyler Moore on the old Dick Van Dyke Show. Leesa, I can picture you in those toreador pants that sexy-sweet Laura Petrie used to wear. And, even though Rob and Laura slept on twin beds, Rob once asked Laura, mid-afternoon, if she'd like to go and "rest." Subtle, but to the point. So, we know Rob and Laura had sex.
Great piece.


GW Mush said...

your prettier than Marianne and Ginger, how about a 3 hour tour, 3 hour tour with me? ha!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

With my luck, I'd end up marrying Carlton, Rhoda's doorman. Remember him? ;)

"Hel-lo, this is Carlton, your doorman..."

What a stoner...;)

Leesa said...

Quasar9: Interesting and long response. Thanks. I want to know about the 11th Dimension, though.

gm mush: I never really liked Ginger.

~deb: I can see Marrianne wanting you, dear.

ian: thanks, sweetie. Interesting information (and I used it today).

stacy: I forgot about Carlton. Probably was a stoner!

Grant said...

If Gilmore Girls counts, I wouldn't mind living there since I want to sleep with both generations of women, even if they're not Japanese. Otherwise, I would choose my current fave, Metalocalypse. I wouldn't like being crudely drawn in 2D, but the music is good and bloodshed abounds.

LisaBinDaCity said...

As far as living on a sitcom set, I would want to live at Gilmore Girls, (for different reasons than Grant though!) or Ally McBeal.